Wake up and feel happy #MondayMorning

Due to popular requests I am back to doing early morning 15 minutes Facebook live the aim is to get us all to start the day on a positive note even if life may not be going as planned. Let’s get those happy juices flowing and then set our intentions to have a good day.


What to expect

I will firstly check in with you to see how you are feeling and then guide us through a series of activities to get our happy juices flowing.

  1. Grateful for waking up to see another day

2. One Minute Smilence – recall happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minites

3. One Minute Laughter

4. Move your body – dance and feel good

5. Setting our intentions for the day – It’s a good day and I am going to have a good day.o

6. Sending love and good vibes to everyone

7. Feel Confident t start the day

A bit about me

I am Genny Jones aka Confident Queen, UK Laughter Champion 2022, Happiness Coach and Wellbeing Consultant. Having recovered from a period of sadness, depression and low self esteem after my divorce, I made it my mission to equip myself with tools to help as many peopls as I can to have a positive attitude to life even through life may not be going as planned.


Let’s put some colour and fun into #BlueMonday

This  middle Monday  of January according to researchers is Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year which is  based on some scientific calculations which takes into account things like the weather, the fact that we are recovering from christmas,  worrying about at our debts from overspending at christmas  and now with COVID19, Lockdown and tiers.

As a happiness spreader, I really don’t like this idea of linking depression or sadness to a particular day. I want to encourage you instead to try and make it a habit of having a reason to smile each day. Start with being grateful and thankful you are alive to see another day.

So, I invite you to join me on my Confident Queen Facebook page for my live 15 minutes of positivity and good vibes which includes, singing, dancing and laughter.

Please also print out and learn the words of the booboom song



Continue to put colour and positivity into your life by connecting with me here. Thank you.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/confidentqueen
Twitter: – http://www.twitter.com/#!confident_queen
Insta: https://www.instagram.com/confidentqueengenny/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ConfidentQueenGenny/about


You can also order a signed copy of book Crown of Smiles – Crown of Smiles Book


Tips to avoid a blue christmas

This year, because of COVID19, we see so many people struggling to cope with everyday life because of the effect of it has had on each of our lives. Doing voluntary work in the community, I get to hear so many stories of shattered dreams and lost hope, that affects me to my core.

I sometimes wish I have a magic wand to help people. The other day, whilst delivering lunches to our elderly in the community, I just happened to ask one of the ladies how she would be spending Christmas this year. she revealed to me that she was sad as the cafe that usually puts on christmas dinner and celebrations for them this year would not be able to do so because of the restrictions we have being in Tier 4. This was the highlight of the year to most of them. I felt so sad, I asked the lady for the name of the cafe. When I went home i contacted the owner, and he then informed me that they had set up a crowd funding page and will use the funds raised to do deliveries this year. I donated happily to the fund and excitedly, I booked some of the elderly residents to have their Christmas dinner delivered. When I told them of this, they were so excited and appreciated what I did. I really felt happy and good I was able to help.


Some Tips on coping

  • Accept that Christmas is going to be different and plan to adapt.
  • Don’t be sucked into the hype that everyone is having fun except you. Right now so many people are going through challenging times and are trying to be positive and to take one day at a time.


  • If you are finding it hard to cope, reach out and let people know. Don’t suffer in silence, Their are lots of organisations and people who genuinely care. People can only help if they know you need help. If you are too embarrassed to speak to family or friends, reach out to organisations like the Samaritans who are trained to listen, help and signpost you whilst being non judgemental.
  • Focus on the message of hope and joy the Christmas story gives us.

*Be grateful and thankful you are alive to see another Christmas despite the fact that things may not be going as planned. The more you are grateful, the more life will give you situations to be grateful for. Stay positive and keep hope alive.

  • Plan to celebrate the day doing what makes you feel happy and good. You could dress up, put on your favourite music and dance like nobody’s watching.
  • Recall some of the happy memories you’ve had and be grateful you have those memories
  • Take the focus off yourself, volunteer to help others, or go though you list of contacts  send messages to friends and surprise those you’ve not been in touch with, by a quick phone call. This e may be the last thing you feel like doing, but it is therapeutic, it will restore your perspective and brings a sense of well-being and gratitude.

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” — Calvin Coolidge

Remember that Christmas may not be the way you want it to be, but  look forward to something fresh and different. Who knows, you could start new traditions that last generations.



How to cope with grief during christmas

Two day’s ago, I heard the devastating news that 2 of my friends had died. This really shook me to the core as they where both very kind people who made a difference to so many people including me. Reflecting back it reminded me that we tend to have a lot of family deaths during this time of the year, this brought a flood of tears as I started to recollect then names of our family members. I was so scared I could not sleep properly yesterday as I remember the word sof a little girl – ” Daddy will be having Christmas in Heaven” words failled as I could only feel the pain of a little girl missing her daddy

I was then prompted to write down these few ideas that I hope may help you. Please feel free to share your comments too.

Here are some of the things you could try to help you cope:

  1. It’s sad, and we have to slowly accept and adapt to the fact that Christmas will never  be the same – let the tears roll
  2. Let others know how you are feeling
  3. Accept that other members of your family may have different ways of mourning
  4. Honour your loved one – they are with you in spirit
  5. Look after yourself
  6. Do what’s best for you without making others feel bad:- example

*Visiting the Cemetery if you can

*Recalling those happy moments and know its ok to cry

*Do some voluntary work – help someone else

*Go out for a walk


Listen to some relaxing christmas music

Tears of Happiness during the festive season

This has been quite an unusual year for a lot of us as we try to take one day at a time coping the best we can with the effect of COVID19. A lot of us have shed so many tears of sadness. Now with the festive season, it’s time for us to take in this season of hope and joy. Lets shed tears of happiness knowing that better days are coming. #KeepHopeAlive #KeepSmiling


A friend of mine explained to me that she was not in the mood to celebrate, as the business she has worked hard to develop for nearly 15 years is in the brink of her closing it as she has got no orders for her products and looking at her cashflow projection it seems all doom and gloom. She was in tears. I felt so bad as I did not know how to help her or what to say. She said it was ok that I could just sit down and listen to her vent out all her anger and frustration at the situation.

That night going home, I felt so bad for her, I could not even sleep as I tried to think of ways to help her. In the early hours of the next day I called her to see how she was doing. She was in a state as she had spent the night drinking herself to sleep. I was able to call one of her children who I know to go and check on her as she lived closed to her mum, but was not aware of how bad things where. My friend is now trying to take care of herself and getting help from her grown up children and coach to help her through this period.

Like many other self employed, I shed a tear as I saw the blank diary with not much paid work for a while. But I have decided to take December as month of taking stock of my businesses and to fill my days doing voluntary work and making time for my family. and friends, Doing voluntary work helps me a great deal as i get to help others and give them hope and a reason to smile during this festive period and beyond.

I will still dress in my Christmas outfit and go about spreading Christmas Cheer

Tips on how you too can shed tears of Happiness during this period and beyond,

  1. Know that this situation you are in will pass.

2. Focus on the things that you can do something about

3. If you can, volunteer your time to help others – can be a simple thing like sending cards of hope to your neighbours,

4. Do something each day to make you feel goo – I have created my own advent calendar so that each day I am doing something to make me and others feel good.

5. Join a safe online group where you can connect and network with others

6. Create a playlist of your favourite songs, and have a part just for you – woohoo! Now dance ance like nobody’s watching

7. Get in the festive move – put the Christmas Tree with lights on and make your home look festive

8. Wake up everyday and do the One Minute Smilence – this is about recalling happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute

You can also order some of my festive goodies to bring smile to your face – Prices from £5 to £10 do complete the form below with your order.

Feel good Christmas Gift Ideas

This small jotter at £3 is ideal for you to use everyday as part of your daily routine, recording everything you are grateful for. The more you are grateful the more life will give you things to be grateful for.

Just take 2 minutes out of your busy day especially as part of your morning routine to write down all you are grateful for at that moment,

This large door hanger at £2 is ideal for reminding us to focus on the positive.


Now, this is a must have at only £5 to help you lift you mood in an instant.

 ● Large 27cm yellow glasses to brighten you day

• ● Put it on and take some fun photos

● Made from durable plastic. One size fits all adults

Please complete this form to order your gifts.

15 Minutes – Feel good Lunch time sessions

It can be tempting to view lunch breaks as a time to throw down some food before cracking on with work again but a lunch break should really be exactly that – a ‘break’. Ideally, lunch breaks would be viewed by busy workers as a chance to get away from work, refresh their minds, socialise with colleagues, and sit and enjoy a meal.

“Only by having a proper break from our work, and good, healthy food, can we really have a hope of being productive and fresh throughout the rest of the day.” http://fitforwork.org/blog/lunch-break-benefits-wellbeing-and-productivity/

Benefits of the session
My 15 minutes Feel good Lunch time sessions is a good way for you to get away from your work, clear your mind,refresh and recharge so that you are ready to be more productive and improve your mental wellbeing.

What the session includes:
• Breathing and meditation
• Laughter

• Dancing and singing
• Tools to take back to help you maintain the feel good factor
• Feel good photo booth accessories– option for you to take fun photos

Book your 15 Minutes – Feel good Lunch time sessions

Email: genny@confidentqueen.co.uk for more details

Show casing my 2019 #ChristmasHat

My love for Christmas hats – this year I decided to use some of my left over decorations to create my hat. It has been a talking point at various events I have attended. One lady even offered to but the hat from me. I just couldn’t     part with it ,so it will be part of my existing hat collections which I hope to display at a gallery one day.


My Christmas Hat Creations #HappinessSpreader

I do love hats,and every Christmas I do like making my own creations. I get the hats and then add my own special touch to them. I am just finishing my 2019 hat and I shall share this with you over the weekend, So do come back and check.

I love wearing my hats going shopping and I can always see the smile on people’s faces as they look at my hats, it is one way of me doing what I love – spreading joy as a happiness spreader.




Check out my Wellbeing and Laughter Assembly for schools

Though sessions are free – their will be a charge to cover my travelling costs if outside Gravesend Kent.  

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