Happiness Hour Tour

Why a tour?
Confident Queen has a passion, mission and a vision to spread happiness to both children and adults especially in this day an age when people feel down because of the economic conditions and so many bad news around! Confident Queen with her positive outlook to life and positive vibes, has teamed up with members of the Happiness Project kent to bring happiness to all!

Benefits of Happiness
“Happiness is a gift that can benefit you and everyone in your life. Happiness studies prove that happiness is more than just a pleasurable emotion; it has essential properties that bring out the best in you. “Being Happy” can help you to be genuinely friendly, forgiving, loving, altruistic and kind. In short, happiness is good for you. And it’s good for everyone else, too. “BY:ROBERT HOLDEN, PHD

What can you get out of The happiness Hour
Participants can get happier! It also provides participants with the opportunity to socialize, meet new people and form friendships. You can have a wonderful time, smile, and laugh a lot! Nice people do so much for everyone around them; they need to become happy within themselves so they can better give to others. It’s about time we spend more time connecting with one another face to face.

Happiness Hour can include:-
*Laughter Yoga –
*Do something different – Learn our fun song and dance routine
*Happiness Craft – Make your own Gift of Happiness

Reasons for you to join us!
*Come and meet Confident Queen who featured on Britain’s Got Talent 2012 and get a free CD of the Confidence song to uplift you.

*Make your own Gift of Happiness – which you can use everyday to remind you to be happy and positive!

*Come and meet fun and like minded positive friends!

*Experience Instant happiness and feel good factor

*Relax and have fun

Escape to Happiness Island


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