Tips on how to be a Confident Single Parent

I have been a single parent since 2003, and during that time I have had some very dark moments when I felt that their was no light at the end of the tunnel. There have been times when I felt like a bird trapped in a cage with no way out. There have been times when I felt like a bad mother when the children where playing up, when people made negative comments about single parents and when I could not afford to buy my children the latest toy or clothes.

Their have been other times when I have felt confident and happy, when I have celebrated my achievements and that of my children thanks to the help, support and encouragement of family, friends and organisations such as Gingerbread, The Samaritans, Mind, Premier Life Line, my Church and the Grand Gravesend. With their help and support I have been able to overcome a lot of the obstacles I faced and now when I look at my children, I smile because despite it all, they have come out very well.

Here are some of my tips which I hope will help you to become a Confident Single Parent. Start everyday with the intention of having a good day knowing that whatever the day unfolds you can handle it, and ven if you can’t it’s ok for tomorrow is another day. Your children will grow up and they will be a credit to you.

I am so proud that I was able to write this my self improvement book sharing a bit about my journey of being a single parent. I alo and share tips on the practical things which helped me during these years. I hope they will help you too. Get your signed copy now from this link

How to be a woman with Unstoppable Confidence

This course is for you, if you are in need of regaining your confidence to bounce back from set back and take control of your life. The course is also for you too, if perhaps you want to do something, but fear is stopping you. This course will help you to unwrap the Gift of Confidence which is within so that you can have the courage to take a leap of faith and take action which will lead you to achieving your goals and aspirations.

Course Module : Put on your Crown of Confidence  and be unstoppable

Module1 :  The confidence assessment – Just how confident are you?

Module 2: Believing in yourself – What do you need to believe in yourself?

Module 3:How to overcome your negative thoughts

Module 4:How to overcome negative comments from others

Module 5:How to feel confident all of the time!

Module 6:Your confidence plan – How to lead a great, confident life


During the course, you will make your own Gift of Confidence Tool Box with items you can use and refer to on a regular basis to help you maintain your happiness and confidence levels as you go through your amazing life’s journey.


*You will be inspired and energised

*You will be more positive and believe in your self

*You will have tools and resources to help you in your journey of being more confident

*You will be able to achieve more and live a life of limitless possibilities

*You will have your own Gift of Confidence Tool Box with  tips and things to help you sustain your confidence and happiness levels.


Book Half Hour  free consultation – email me now

Attend Workshops of two hour durations face to face or online for 6 weeks

Attend 1day’s intensive workshop online one day course 10am to 3pm

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Purchase the training course and study at your own pace with support from me Confident Queen

CONFIDENT QUEEN GENNY – your Confidence builder and trainer

I deliver my the course loaded with my training as a life coach as well a my own life story of a time in my life where I suffered low self esteem and confidence so much that I could not look at myself in the mirror. This was because I let the negative comments of people drag me down into a period of depression and anxiety. Delivering this course is a way of  helping you to overcome challenges you may be facing and to be inspired as you focus on a better and brighter future. I have used the course materials by life coach Sean Mcpheat over the years for various organisations and individuals. I have also been able to add my own real life examples of occasions where I have had to unwrap my Gift of Confidence; one of those occasions being when I appeared on Britain’s Got Talent.


The Life Changers Award, a Global Women Innovators and Inventors recognition for Gift of Confidence Programme, as well as a certificate of Achievement from Barclays Bank Trading Awards which celebrate those individuals who have overcome adversity and use their experience to help other,

Please complete the form below and let me know your requirements.

March into the new month with Confidence

Confident Queen activities for #WorldBookDay

On world book day, I personally feel children should dress up  as character that reflect our diverse community, and we can do that by also making sure the books children read reflect this. Raising my children I remember one of my son’s coming home one day from primary school upset because he had dressed up as a character from one of the books, and a few of the children had laughed at him and said to him that he could not be the character because he was black. I must admit I was quite upset and decided to do something about it through writing my books and researching other authors.

‘Confident Queen’ is a fun loving modern day superhero who helps children to unwrap he Gift of  Confidence which is within them by using the contents of her special ‘Gift of Confidence’ toolkit which contains a creative array of items which can help to boost and maintain a child’s confidence from childhood through adulthood. Research in numerous fields including Education, Health, Psychology and Sociology, highlight the importance of confidence building in our children and young people and Confident Queen is on a mission to do just that.”

Confident Queen appeared on Britain’s Got Talent in April 2012 and was able to wow the audience with her fun outfit and got everyone singing “If you are happy and you know it clap your hands”. Since then she has delivered a lot of happiness and confidence sessions for schools and community centres!

Confident Queen on world book day.

“For world book day i encourage children to dress up with some of the Confident Queen accessories and sing and dance to the fun confidence song I wrote. Here are some photos of children dressed up in their various accessories.”

Listen to me reading my book – I can still play football

Sing along to my Confident Child Song

Make your Gift of Confidence Tool Box

About world book day

On World Book Day each year, children of all ages will come together to appreciate reading very loudly and very happily. The main aim of World Book Day in the UK and Ireland is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and reading by providing them with the opportunity to have a book of their own.

To Book Confident Queen for your school or children’s programme, just complete this enquiry form!

Order these mood lifters today #Gifts

Glick on this llink to order your gift set

Inflatable Crown – The crown is a great choice to help you regain your confidence and smile.  Simply inflate the crown with air and put on your Crown and strut your stuff round like the Queen or King you know you are. Say out loud “Feel Confident, Feel Confident, everyday I feel confident. I am  unique, special and happy to be me. Wooohoo”

Novelty Glasses in four different colours – Fun glasses – Put it on and look at the bright side of life.

Gratitude Jotter – everyday take about five minutes just to relax and write down all you are grateful for now and be grateful for the things yet to come. The more you are grateful, the more life will give you things to be grateful for.

Crown of Smiles self-improvement book a pick me up especially if you are feeling a bit low. Read my story of overcoming my challenges and learn from some of the things I did to help me regain my confidence and have a reason to smile each day.

10 Tips on how you can be happier.

I do like this saying “Happiness is an inside job.” It means only I can create happiness in my life. It’s my definition of happy; it’s my rules on how to get there. I am sharing with you some of the things that I do to make me happier.

Remember that you are your own cheerleader. Believe in yourself, work on improving you, knowing you have what it takes to be happier. Accept too that life is about balance. Some days you can be feeling down and that it’s ok for its part of life, other days you will be up and excited to wake up and sing wake up and feel happy.

  1. Accept that things sometime happen for a reason we do not understand.
  2. Let go of the past by focussing on creating a better today.
  3. Everyday express gratitude for life
  4. Do not rely on others to make you happy be your own happiness coach.
  5. Do not isolate yourself connect with others through your hobbies and interest.
  6. Wake up every day with a purpose and a plan for the day.
  7. Fill the first 15 minutes you are up with positivity – One minute smilence, read something inspirational, listen to uplifting songs, record things you are grateful for, enjoy the quietness of the early morning.
  8. Go to bed with a positive thought each night.
  9. Make someone else have a reason to smile.
  10. Keep a diary of some of the funny things that have happened to you so that you can recall in moments when you feel a bit down.

How to plan to be #Fitter #Healthier and #Happier

I decided to share my simple plan with you, if like me you just want to be more consistent in your journey to becoming fitter, healthier and happier. I have created my plan with activities that work best for me and you too must do the same. I invite you to also join my free facebook group with my daily encouragement and you will connect with other like minded people.

Main goal –   lose 281bs by 30th April 2021

Smalls steps – To lose 7 lbs each month till 30th April 2021

1. Exercising by dancing at home 3 times a week using videos and my favourite songs

2. Go out for a walk 50 minutes twice a week

3. Cooking and eat healthier meals each day

4. Drinking 1 litter of water in the morning, afternoon, and evening

5. Visualise myself being slimer, fitter, healthier & Happier

6. Affirming that I am enjoying my daily exercise and healthy eating which is making me energised, fitter and healthier.

7. Celebrating with a happy dance and saying woohoo as I achieve my goals each week.

8. Sign up with Gingerbread FitnFifty  healthy challenge starting in February.

My daily Affirmations

· I enjoy walking  for 50 minutes twice a week as I discover new places, meet interesting people & connect with nature,

· I enjoy eating healthy foods and do have the occasional treats which makes me feel good as I see the results

· I enjoy drinking  1 litre of water each day as it refreshes me and fills me with so much energy



Everyday, I imagine my self being fitter and healthier as if I am in a movie where I am at my fittest, healthiest and happiest. I feel it, I see it, I smell it, I taste it and I enjoy the experience.

My weekly planner and reward chart – I hope you can use this to create yours also.

Remember, I am here to support and encourage you on your journey to become Fitter, Healthier and Happier.

Moving 2 Happy Music for fitness #FitnessChallenge

If like, me you have over indulge and need to get some of the heavy load off, why not join me on my facebook page every morning for 15 minutes of movement, fun, laughter and tips on how you can be fitter, healthier and happier.

Listening to music especially happy and uplifting once improves our mood. Studies show that listening to music and moving can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, create happiness, and helps us to lose some of those extra pounds.

I use simple movements for the session as well as encourage you to do your own free style movements. I will share some tips with you everyday from my own personal journey as well as share videos from various individuals to cover fitness, nutrition, mindset and more.

This is entirely free – You just need to make up your mind and set your intention to join in and have some fun.

Please like my facebook page so that you can join in the live videos and my tips

My tops tips before you start
1..Set your intentions to be fitter, healthier and happier
2..Plan the things you are going to do to become fitter, healthier and happier
3.Take Action – do what you said you will do.

  1. Be Accountable – come back here and let us know how your day went
  2. Celebrate your achievements today no matter how small


Stop putting things off, just make a start!

I woke up this morning, and walking down for breakfast, I could see some of the unfinished projects in the house. I also have some work related projects which I have been putting off and now as the deadlines approach I can feel stress and tension and all because I have put off taking action.

This got me to thinking, about why I have not finished them. This prompted me to get my cup of tea and write this blog, which I hope will help you too. I am going to spend time doing exactly what I have shared. I look forward to making progress bytaking action and hope you can share your experiences too.

Please share with me any techniques you have of getting things done.

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Ditch your new year’s resolution

Sometimes we start the year with a new year’s resolution filled with stuff which at the time of writing seems exciting and attainable, but half way through January we realise nothing has really changed. Ditch those New Year’s Resolution and instead spend some time re-evaluating your life as a whole, and start finding real and meaningful reasons to change, not just because it’s a New Year and that magically inspires you with Will and determination you didn’t have the year before.

We have to set our indentation to  start living our lives the best we can,   being satisfied with who we are, and if we really aren’t genuinely satisfied with life as it is, we need to have a reason to change, and not because a new calendar has flipped over! So ditch the resolution, set realistic goals and start taking action each day that will help you achieve those goals.

Setting an Action Plan to lose weight and be healthier

Now that you have ditched the new years resolution, now its time to create an action plan  as it will force you to think about what you need to do to  achieve your goals and then to take  action.

Step 1 – Write down one goal you want to achieve

For example  main goal – to lose 281bs  starting 1st February  and finishing on 30th April 2021  so that I can be healthier and fitter.

 Step 2  – Create a vison board

Create a vison board of the new you looking fitter and heathier. Your vision board can include images, words, and positive affirmations. Once you have created your Vision board, make sure you put it somewhere you can see it everyday and spend a few minutes imaging you have achieved your goal every single day.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is fitness-center-advert.jpg


Step 3 –  Create an action plan based on your vison board – here is an example

Main goal –  lose 281bs by 30th April 2021

Actions  I am going to take lose 281bs

Smalls steps – I am going to lose 7 lbs each month by:

  • Exercising at home 3 times a week using videos
  • Go out for a walk 30 minutes twice a week
  • Cooking and eat healthier meals each day
  • Drinking 1 litter of water in the morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Visualising myself being slimer, fitter and healthier each day
  • Affirming that I am enjoying my daily exercise and healthy eating which is making me energised, fitter and healthier.
  • Celebrating with a happy dance and saying woohoo as I achieve my goals
  • Sign up with Gingerbread FitnFity healthy challenge starting in February

Some Affirmations you could say each day:

– I enjoy walking  for 45 minutes every day as I discover new places and meet interesting people

– I enjoy eating healthy foods and do have the occasional treats which makes me feel good as I see the results

– I enjoy drinking  2 litres of water each day as it refreshes me and fills me with so much energy


Do contact me if you need help with this-

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