Tips on how to be a Confident Single Parent

I have been a single parent since 2003, and during that time I have had some very dark moments when I felt that their was no light at the end of the tunnel. There have been times when I felt like a bird trapped in a cage with no way out. There have been times when I felt like a bad mother when the children where playing up, when people made negative comments about single parents and when I could not afford to buy my children the latest toy or clothes.

Their have been other times when I have felt confident and happy, when I have celebrated my achievements and that of my children thanks to the help, support and encouragement of family, friends and organisations such as Gingerbread, The Samaritans, Mind, Premier Life Line, my Church and the Grand Gravesend. With their help and support I have been able to overcome a lot of the obstacles I faced and now when I look at my children, I smile because despite it all, they have come out very well.

Here are some of my tips which I hope will help you to become a Confident Single Parent. Start everyday with the intention of having a good day knowing that whatever the day unfolds you can handle it, and ven if you can’t it’s ok for tomorrow is another day. Your children will grow up and they will be a credit to you.

I am so proud that I was able to write this my self improvement book sharing a bit about my journey of being a single parent. I alo and share tips on the practical things which helped me during these years. I hope they will help you too. Get your signed copy now from this link


Completing the Big Fun run for charity

I went out last night, so today I was not feeling too good, but I was still determined to do the  Big Fun Run  to raise  funds for the single parent charity  Gingerbread who have been so supportive to me and my children over the last 15 years.  This is my little way of saying thank you.

Raising funds for Gingerbread

The event was in Victoria Park in London, and I was fortunate to get free parking space next to the park. I was a bit late and missed the warm up session, but I did my own quick stretch.

Funniest moment – Half way through I wanted to use the toilet and had to wait  for what seemed liked hours before I saw that much to my relief.

New Friend – I met a lovely lady Lana and her daughter. She was struggling a bit as she had a huge backpack and her daughter was getting tired. I decided to encourage them so we walked and jogged and made it to the finish line in style. It was great fun to see the smile on her daughters face.


Fundraising Target – my target is to raise £150 and I am nearly their, so do please donate what you can towards this great cause. Thank you – please follow this link

Another new friend Lana


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