How to feed your mind on the good stuff

When we set our intentions to focus on the good things and actively practice focussing on them at various times of the day, even in the most difficult moments, we can fight painful situations, trials, and all the difficult things we face. It’s a way to reclaim and live out our lives with love, hope, faith, and gratefulness in the full blessings and love of God.

Every bit of good information that you feed into your mind is a good seed that germinates, takes root, and grows in you for the rest of your life, so get into the habit of making time to feed your mind with the good stuff. You could listen to positive podcasts, put on your favourite music and dance to it, enjoy the beauty of nature, you can even visit my blog and feed on my positive stuff.

One Minute Smilence

I created the One Minute Smilence routine to help me reclaim the good side of life at a time when I was recovering from a period of depression, anxiety and low self esteem after my divorce. I made it a habit to do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night and it did make a difference to my life. I also use this anytime I find myself in stressful situation. I encourage you to make this part of your daily routine as it will help you to get those happy juices flowing. To do this, make sure you find a quiet space so you can relax and set your intention to think happy thoughts or recall happy moments.

Please also contact me for a free call to help lift your mood and to see how I can help you to live a lifestyle of happiness filled with happy vibes only.

Do not let fear stop you.

Yesterday I had my first swimming lesson. It is such a great achievement for me as when I was younger a friend of mine drowned in swimming pool and I developed a phobia of swimming in a pool. My children are both great swimmers, and when they were younger I loved to watch them swim, and I would always stay at the shallow end on the odd occasions when I ventured into the pool.

My main motivation of learning to swim was because I wanted t learn to row and you had to know how to swim.

I spent days before the class preparing my mind to do this. I kept visualising myself swimming safely in a safe environment with life guards and others to help. I wrote down some affirmations which i read out daily and as I read them, I started to believe them.

On the day of the class, I informed the instructor about my fears, and she was very good, caring and supportive. We started the class with water confidence and this helped me to feel safe.

It was good to know everyone in our group was a beginner. The lesson went much better than I expected and we had such great moments of laughter too. I am really looking forward to progressing every week,

Finish the year happier #Happiness

Looking back at the last three months, I feel that I am in a much better place having recovered from some challenges during the first half of the year. Even though I still have some of these challenges, I have learnt to focus on the positive and do simple things everyday that bring me peace and joy. I have learnt to live a good life even when things are not going as planned.

About the sessions
The sessions are held via zoom the 1st of each month as this will help us to review the previous month and plan for the new month. I will share with you some of my tips of how I stay positive even when things are not going as planned, and you too will have the opportunity to share some of your tips with my self and others attending the session.

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What you will get at the end of each session

  1. Action plan for the month
  2. Happiness tips for the month
  3. Have a positive outlook in life
  4. • Avoid procrastination and take action
  5. • Have long term tools and strategies to maintain your life of happiness
  6. Invitation to join our facebook accountability group
  7. Invitation to book one free 30 minutes call with me

About Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen
I am happiness and wellbeing consultant with a passion to help, empower and equip as many people as I can with the tools and tips they need to maintain a happier lifestyle with a positive mindset. I am passionate about this because their was a period after my divorce when I spent find years locked up in the cage of depression, low self esteem, low confidence and felt their was no way out. Having recovered with the help and support of so many organisations, family and friends, I decided to make happiness my passion and mission. I must say that I have been so fortunate to be able to run my happiness and wellbeing sessions which have benefited so many. I have also been on various TV and Radio shows promoting happiness and wellbeing. I was also humbled to be nominated for the pride of Britain Awards and also to become the Uk Laughter Champion 2022,

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Tips to help you remember things

I must say over the last few months I was getting a bit worried about my level of forgetfulness and it was causing me stress, Sharing with others, I realise this is common as one is getting older, so now I am not worried I am concerned. Being concerned means I accept and acknowledge what is happening and I am now taking steps to help me manage this. Please fee free to share how you cope if you have similar experiences.

Some very useful links

Coping with a boring life

Life isn’t supposed to be boring, but sometimes being bored can serve the purpose of showing us that our life needs a little bit of change. Rather than denying boredom, look at it as an opportunity to evaluate your life and make it better.

If you just sit back and keep complaining that your life is boring and that it is the same old thing, that’s exactly what you will attract to your life.

Life is not meant to be a boring, repeat cycle of the same thing day by day. Life, as the Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang said life is a feast to be enjoyed, with all of its wonders and fears and joys and pains alike.
Let today be the day you decide to go out and do something different, you never know you may just discover something great or meet someone. You see.

Tips on coping with boredom

1.Quit moaning and complaining that your life is boring

2.Set you intention to make the change for better

3. Make a list of the things you could do to change your life.

4. Set your self a challenge of at least 3 things you will do consistently for a month to bring the change you desire

5. Connect with people who are go getters and learn from them.

6. Try something new or pick up an old hobby again

If you need further help, do contact me for a free initial chat via zoom

Tips on how to stop overthinking

Constant worrying and overthinking is really not good for our mental health and  well-being. Do you  find yourself at times, overthinking about a situation? This was me yesterday. I started thinking about a  challenge that I was going through and went through various scenarios in my mind, that it lowered my mood and I  just felt bothered and stressed. After about two hours, I decided to distract my mind through meditation, and I then started to search for articles online on how to cope with overthinking, I must say this helped me quite a lot and I decided to share some of the tips here.

Distract yourself. -When you realize you’re starting to ruminate, finding a distraction as it can break your thought cycle.  Exercise, engage in conversation on a completely different subject or get working on a project that will distract your mind from a barrage of negative thoughts.

Meditate to quiet your mind –Research has shown that developing  regular meditation routine is a good way   to help clear your mind of nervous chatter by turning your attention inward. All you need is 5 minutes and a quiet place. I use a lot of guided meditation I have found on youtube which I can use anytime.

Focus on finding a solution –  Dwelling on your problems is not helpful and not good for your wellbeing, instead look for the solution If it’s something you have some control over, consider how you can prevent the problem, or challenge yourself to identify five potential solutions and then take actions. If it’s something you have no control over—like a natural disaster—think about the strategies you can use to cope with it. Focus on the things you can control, like your attitude and effort.

 Useful links – these are two great articles which have more details on how to cope with overthinking


I am a proud member of the Single Mums Business Network who have been so supportive to me and many others personally and in running my two businesses.

I encourage you to read this article which will truly encourage and inspire you even if you are not a single parent.

5 Tips to cope with negative people in your life

There are people in our lives who we love, but at times their constant negativity can cause us unnecessary stress and anxiety which is not good for our overall wellbeing and happiness.

Here are some of my tips on how to try to deal with this. Please feel free to share yours too.

  1. Accept that they are negative and that you cannot change their negativity, but can change the way you respond to them.
  2. The way people act has nothing to do with you.
  3. Limit the time you spend with them.
  4. Counteract their negativity with positivity.
  5. Before you go to visit a negative person set your intention to be positive and send positive emery to them before you meet them.

Being a Laughter Champion

One of the funniest things I have done this year happened on Sunday 24th April when I took part in the UK Laughter Championships. Their was a time in my life where for 5 years, I lost my joy and sense of happiness because of personal challenges I was going through. At times I felt like a bird trapped in a cage of low self esteem, sadness and depression. I am happy with the help and support of so many people and organisations I was able to set back and now use my experiences to help others.

I entered the competition as it is part of my mission of spreading good vibes and positivity around especially during these times with so much uncertainty, anxiety, stress and negativity around.

The first stage of the competition was to send my laugh for consideration. I was then excited to make it to the finals.

Below in the image of what we had to do.

The most challenging one for me was doing the silent laughter, as you were not allowed to make any sound. The minute I had to do this was so long, and at the end I just had to let the laugh out.

Here is the link to the event on facebook

The other competitors were amazing and had very good laughs. I was surprised and excited and felt honoured that the judges selected me as the winning laugher. Now I look forward to representing UK in the world championships on 15 May 2022 via zoom.

You can find out more here about the World Laughing Championships

Grateful for the write up in my local on line magazine

Learn to relax and let it go.

One of the hardest things is learning to let go of a situation that is causing you stress but is beyond your control to change or do anything about.

For peace of mind, you have to learn to let go and accept it for what it is, though to start with it can be painful.

I had a situation where I wanted certain people to just forgive each other and get on, but no matter what I said, it was like hitting a brick wall. This was hurting me as I love the two of them and found myself in the middle of things. After months of stress and trying to figure out a solution, I got fed up and decided to just get on with both on different levels and leave it up to them whether they wanted to get on or not. I feel so relieved and now have one less thing to stress about.

Here are some tips to help you too to learn to let go.

  1. Accept that there is nothing else you can do to change the situation.
  2. Express the pain and hurt you are feeling.
  3. Determine and decide to let it go.
  4. Trust that you will be ok as you adapt to things.
  5. Learn the lesson and move on.
  6. Visualise your self letting go and enjoy the feeling of freedom.
  7. Pray for divine intervention.
  8. Remember that health is wealth and don’t let things you cannot change steal your joy and happiness.

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