Celebrating my achievements 12 years after divorce!

One of the most important times in my life was when I got married in 1997. I had waited so long! It was like a dream come true. It was therefore very disappointing when, five years later, and with two children, it ended in divorce.

When I sit back now, I wonder how I managed to get through without breaking down. There have been times when I felt like giving up; when I felt there was no light at the end of the tunnel. You wake up one day and feel all right, yet the next you feel as if the world is going to cave in. You project this image to the outside world that all is well, but when you are in your own house behind closed doors, you feel very miserable.

I could go on now and recall every bad thing that happened to me in detail. But I choose not to, as I believe there is no point in reliving the old story. It is time for me to tell a new story, which is full of inspiration and a hope for a better future.



Today I feel a different person than I was then. I have been able to accomplish so much. I work full time from home, I have a part time business, I have set up a support group for lone parents and a charity called confident children.

I have been able to share my experiences and help others by being on TV and Radio.

I have a new strength and motivation, and have been able to reach goals in my life that previously I would have thought impossible.

My main goal now in life is to be an inspiration to others. I believe that everyone is unique and special. We all have special gifts and abilities, which if developed will help us to maximise our potential and be the best we can.


Independent on Sunday Happy List Party

I am grateful and humbled to be included in this list, and it has been quite an evening making so many inspirational people.


Being on the Independent on Sunday Happy List


I am so honoured and thankful to all those who nominated me for the eighth  annual Happy List, a collection of 100 inspirational heroes and heroines whose kindness, ingenuity and bravery make Britain a better place to live. Everyday, I just try to do my little bit to give people hope and a reason to smile each day as I know too well how it feels at times to sometimes wanting to give up when we are face with life’s challenges. I am also truly inspired just reading about everyone on the list.

The Happy List was founded in 2008 as an antidote to the lists that celebrate wealth as an end in itself, the Happy List is based on a different set of values. It honours individuals who give rather than take; the great Britons doing the very best work who go largely unnoticed and unrewarded. The Happy List is backed by the Prime Minister.

Read  more about this http://www.independent.co.uk/happylist/independent-on-sundays-happy-list-2015-the-full-list-of-people-who-make-life-better-for-others-10299707.html


Read more – http://www.independent.co.uk/happylist/independent-on-sundays-happy-list-2015-the-full-list-of-people-who-make-life-better-for-others-10299707.html

My Ideas, Creations and Innovations


2014 A Great year


Fun Sunglasses – Gift of Happiness Box

One of the other tools we have in the gift of Happiness  box is this special  fun glasses check it out. As you put the sun glasses on, you’ve you gotta say to yourself “I am happy  and I’ve got many reasons to smile.


So glasses on, “I’m happy and have many reasons to smile” and keep smiling and be happy,



My week on ITV’s “Who’s doing the dishes”

Brian and team

I have had an amazing week being one of he guests on ITV’s “Who’s doing the dishes”  with my aim of spreading happiness and smiles. You can catch this now on youtube.

Please continue to vote for me to spread happiness and smiles as part of my Vodafone First Happpiness Tour – You could also win a video camera www.firsts.com/content/vodafone-firsts/gb/voting.html and please share through your network for me.


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Monday September 22, 2014



Who’s Doing The Dishes (Tuesday September 23, 2014)



Who’s Doing The Dishes (Wednesday September 24, 2014)


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Thursday September 25, 2014)


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Friday September 26, 2014)


Vote #HappyGenny #first – Vodafone First



Hello friends, please, please vote for my Vodafone first – happiness tour Thank you




The aim of my Vodafone is to help people to feel good by delivering to them happiness Gifts and Cards which they can refer to at any time they feel low and want to boost their confidence and happiness levels.

My Vodafone First  #first

                       Delivering Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Smiles.


Happiness Activity Sessions to include:-

One Minute Smilence Challenge

Happiness Paper Plate Dance

Escape to Happiness Island to relieve stress

Make your own Gift of Happiness Gift Box

Learn the Happiness Boom Boom dance and song

Learn 7 Daily activities to boost your happiness and well being


My team and I will deliver Happiness Gift Boxes  and Feel Good Cards

To lift people’s spirits, help them smile and feel good












Confidence Queen by Jade Freeman


When I met Genny Jones (Even without her Confidence Queen disguise), the first thing I noticed, was her genuine and contagious smile. I have known her for just over a year, and her joy is purely effervescent! Despite being one of Gravesend’s treasured celebrities, she is a very humble person, whose childlike personality, reaches out and touches even the most poorly in health.

Her main purpose for going on Britain’s Got Talent, was to encourage people to be the best that they can be. She wanted to show them how to be confident and happy, despite negative criticism. She also wanted to showcase her sense of happiness and confidence, while being seen as a role model, who truly inspires others.
Since her memorable appearance on Britain’s Got Talent, Genny has been interviewed by various radio stations, including Premier Christian Radio. After BGT, she was asked to be the Patron of the Stacey Mowle Appeal, in which she is called to raise funds for Stacey, aged 8, who is in need of Cancer Treatment. http://www.thestaceymowleappeal.co.uk/6.html

Genny was nominated for the Pride of Britain Award, for the ITV Meridian Region, as well as, being given an opportunity to work in partnership with The Beat Project, on the World of Confidence Series of workshops in Kent. She is involved in raising funds for various charities, such as The British Heart Foundation and Children In Need.

From the age of 9, Genny became confident, as she found that when you encourage someone to think positively, to feel loved and to know that they have a purpose, their confidence will increase and the person will have a new lease on life. Her Mum’s friend, Ma, taught her these most important life changing skills, as she was looking after Genny, when her Mum went to work abroad.

Genny wants to share her confidence with the world. Her goal, is to teach others the mind-set, that when you are confident, in who you are as a person and the talents that you possess, you can be the best person that you were created to be.

Likewise, this happiness activist wants The Confidence Queen, to be a globally known and household name, whose mission is to share her Gift of Confidence and Happiness, with everyone she encounters. She desires to have a bigger network of people, working with her, so that Confidence Courses can be run all over the world, her own chat show, branded products, a huge range of confidence books in audio and written form, as well as, create a cartoon version of one of her confidence books.

Her parting words, to the readers of this news piece, are:
“Every day, look in the mirror and say: “I am unique and special. There is no one in the world like me! Focus on your dreams and surround yourself with people, who will help and empower me, with the confidence to make my dreams a reality!”

Dartford and Gravesham Business Awards 2014



It has been quite a journey in the last 5 years trying to develop my Confidence and Happiness business on a part time basis. Now its time for me to step up to the next level. I have now entered for the Dartford and Gravesham Business Awards 2014 and hope to use the opportunity to promote my business and get people to learn about my aims and aspirations of helping people to be more confident and happier in themselves so that they can maximise their potential and be the best version of themselves.

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