Fun ways to celebrate National I Want You to Be Happy Day! 

As Confident Queen, my mission since 2009 has been to help as many people as I can to have a reason to smile each day through the various activities I run. This is because there was a period in my life when it was all dark and I felt like a bird trapped in a cage with no way out due to some personal challenges I was going through. I am happy that after some time, I had the courage to ask for help from family, friends and various organisations which helped me regain my zest for life. Even just before Christmas I lost my mum and two two other very close family members. Though it has been devastating and for the last 3 months, things have been tough, I am slowly getting my smile back and I continue to go around various organisations spreading laughter and good vibes.

National I Want You to Be Happy Day is here to celebrate the idea that the world is a better place when we all work together to make other people happy. Although its not possible to change someone’s entire life in just a moment, but it’s certainly easy enough to make their day a little brighter by simple gestures  It can make all the difference between having a completely hard day and turning up as a ray of sunshine on their cloudy day.

Scientists have even shown  that when people help others. Oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin are all released in what’s called the “helper’s high”, which is the good feeling  someone gets from helping another person and watching them be happy.

Why I want you to be happy

I want you to be happy  and confident  because I  care about you and want the best for you.   I know  from my own experience that our happiness and confidence can have a positive impact on others around you, creating a more positive and uplifting environment for everyone.

Feeling happy and confident can have many positive benefits. It can improve your mental health and well-being, increase your productivity and creativity, and help you build stronger relationships with others. When you’re happy and confident, you’re more likely to have a positive outlook on life and be able to handle challenges and setbacks in a better way.

Fun things to do to make you feel happy

Say these affirmations our loud a couple of time make sure you mean what you say, you can even use your own.

Create a laughie and send to someone to cheer them up

Try the One Minute Smilene

My Happiness and Confidence Programme

Through my coaching program, I’ll empower you with the tools and tips you need to unwrap the gift of confidence and happiness that’s already within you. 

I’ve been through tough times too, including divorce, redundancy, and debt, multiple bereavements but I’ve learned how to bounce back and become resilient. And now, I want to help you do the same.

Whether you’re feeling lonely or lacking purpose, I can help you gain the confidence you need to build a life you’ll be happy to wake up to each day. With my coaching, you’ll learn to develop inner and outer confidence, and I’ll guide you on an Escape to Happiness Island activity that will leave you feeling refreshed and stress-free.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s work together to unwrap your gift of confidence and happiness today! Complete this form to book a free discovery call.


8th June #WooHooBoomBoomDay (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day  which falls on my birthday, as part of my mission to encourage us all to  take time out of our busy schedule to lighten up, have fun and share a smile with others.


Some fun things you could do

( Please feel free to let me know how you will be celebrating. You can post on twitter using  #WooHooBoomBoomDay

1.Start your day with a smile

As soon as you wake up join me and say ! I’m alive and I feel happy boomboom, I feel like laughing out loud boomboom. Now  I am laughing and feel good boomboom!

2.Do the one Minute Smilence!

3.Share a Smile

So many people are feeling lonely, and unhappy, so lets try and smile to as many people as we can today, and remember it’s ok if they don’t smile back.

4.Get or make your own WooHooBoomBoom Tshirt

5.Put on your WooHooBoomBoom fun glasses

6.Get a copy of my book – Crown of Smiles

May the Smile be with you! #WooHooBoomBoom


8th June WooHooBoomBoom Day (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day for every year, as part of my mission to encourage us all to have at least one reason to smile each day!! Come on friends, be part of it and let’s ‪#‎WooHooBoomBoom together. It will also be my birthday! ‪#‎woohoo!





What you can do:-

If you are around Gravesend Ken (UK) Join me for breakfast at our local Toby Carvery from 8.30am to 11.ooam breakfast is £4.99

At lunch time I shall be at the Bench Cafe situated in the Grand Gravesend Town Centre from 12.30 to 2pm and you can choose the Pay what you can menu  and help a great project

Check my events page for regular updates



  1. Take a SMILEFIE – you smiling holding your WooHoo Boom Boom sign #woohooboomboom
  2. Youtube – Make your own WooHoo Boom Boom song and dance
  3. Tshirt – Get an old Tshirt and with fabric pen, write WooHoo Boom Boom
  4. Make someone feel good – Share a smile, Share A Kind Word, so something good for someone.
  5. Take a few minutes to be grateful that you are alive – appreciate the good in your life and hope for the best


Purchase my  self help book  ” Crown of Smiles” and help me in my mission of spreading happiness and good vibes.

Crown of Smiles

Crown of  Smiles – Paper Back Version £4.99 +  postage £2,99


Crown of Smiles – Kindle Version £2.50


Thank you and may the smile be with you!



Behind my huge heart shaped glasses!


Power of Positive thoughts

positive quotes

We all have times in our lives when we feel  like giving up and say a lot of negative things to ourselves which if we are not careful can lead us to sadness and depression.

It  during these moments that we have to try and  change our thought pattern and switch to being positive.  Being positive takes a lot of practise so that in time it becomes part of our lifestyle choice.

How I overcame negative thoughts

I remember years ago I was totally consumed by the negative things my ex was saying about me such as  {You are no good, You are a bad mother, no one will want to be with you after I finish with you.} I used to cry so much and on the occasion when my children played up I used to really feel like a bad mother.  I was in a sorry state, but  was somehow determined to do something about it.  I got out my  personal development books and started to read about the power of positive thoughts. I then wrote out positive affirmations  – like  {You are a wonderful mother, You are doing a good Job, You are Loved and Special.} I would read them aloud looking in the mirror and slowly, I started to believe and see myself as that wonderful confident mother. Even on the occasions when I would have negative thoughts, seeing my affirmations on the wall and reading them out loud also helped. I also use to have an elastic band round my wrist, so when I felt negative I would pull it and would remind me to distract from being negative to being positive.


 A useful tool to keep yourself from slipping into negativity as I mentioned earlier is to use external reminders. You can, for example, use written notes posted at places you can’t avoid seeing several times each day – your workspace, fridge and mirrors – or put a bracelet on your wrist.   I find seeing these quotes around me helped to lift my mood back to positivity. You could also have a small box of positive affirmations which you could carry around you every day, and then take time out to read and focus on them.



8th June WooHooBoomBoom Day (International)

I am so excited, I have created my own international day for every year, as part of my mission to encourage us all to have at least one reason to smile each day!! Come on friends, be part of it and let’s ‪#‎WooHooBoomBoom together. It will also be my birthday! ‪#‎woohoo!

What you can do:-

Take a SMILEFIE – you smiling holding your WooHoo Boom Boom sign #woohooboomboom

Youtube – Make your own WooHoo Boom Boom song and dance

Tshirt – Get an old Tshirt and with fabric pen, write WooHoo Boom Boom

Make someone feel good – Share a smile, Share A Kind Word, so something good for someone.

Take a few minutes to be grateful that you are alive – appreciate the good in your life and hope for the best



Day 5 of the 20 days #happygravesham challenge


“Happiness is not about permanent positivity or pretending things are fine. It’s about learning to cope well with whatever life throws at us.”

Welcome to our 5th day in our mission to spread happiness by giving people reasons to smile inspite of their challenges in #happygravesham #happykent. We hope you can be part of it. This is all part of the activities to celebrate the United Nations International day of happiness on 20th March 2015.


Review from yesterday (One minute smilence)

I hope yesterday you were able to take one minute out of your busy day to be grateful and thankful that you are alive and SMILE as you appreciated all the good things in your life for at least a minute.


Today’s Challenge Nominate your company for our Happy Company Award


Do you work for a company that motivates, inspire and encourage their employees to be the best they can? Do you also have time to do fun things? Do you enjoy your working environment? If so its time to nominate your company just by sending us an email to with the Name of your company, Address, Email and your contact details with not more than 150 words to explain what makes your company a happy place to work.


Join us in our social media


Follow us Twitter @happykent then use #happygravesham to say hello and smile with your #happygravesham selfie


Join us in Face book


International Fun Day at Work day friday 30th January

International Fun at work day friday 30th January


Fun at work day is all about enjoying yourself; dress up silly, partake in office-based mischief, or just crank the music up loud while you work

Other Things you could do

Book Confidence Queen Genny ( Seen on BGT 2012) to spread some happiness:-

Part 1) Britain’s Got More Talent 2012 – Series 6 Episode 3: via @YouTube


½ Fun Time with Confidence Queen

Session includes

  1. One Minute Smilence – Share happy thoughts and share smiles for a minute
  2. Dance to the Paper Plate Dance
  3. Sing to the BoomBoom song
  4. Learn different types of laughter
  5. Enjoy some refreshing water or juice from your own happy cup
  6. Take funny selfies using our assortment of fun accessories

One Minute Smilence

One Minute Smilence

Give your employees a minute to think about things that make them happy and get them to smile for a minute.


Make a Happy Company News Box

This is a fun box where you can call put in good news, things that make you smile, etc

Company song

Get everyone to be creative and come up with a fun company song and dance

My company has talent

Put on a fun talent show


Take a “Happy team” selfie and upload to twitter #funatworkday


The 21 Days sadness diet© Day 7 (The Gift of a Smile)

Gift of Smileswithglassesnowebsite

Welcome back

Thank you so much for joining in our Sadness Diet and the journey to happier times

Method we will use is called “IGROWS” to help us find ways to happier days.

(Issue, Goals, Reality, Options, Willingness and Smiles

IGROWS model is a method of coaching I initially learnt when I did a coaching course at the Coaching Academy. The model was originally developed in the 1980s by performance coach Sir John Whitmore, , have also helped to develop it.

A good way of thinking about the IGROWS Model is to think about how you’d plan a journey (the issue) You decide where you are going (the goal), and establish where you currently are (your current reality). You then explore various routes (the options) to your destination. In the final step, establishing the (will or willigness), you ensure that you’re committed to making the journey, and are prepared for the obstacles that you could meet on the way then the (smiles) is where you will be celebrating your achievements.

Feedback from Yesterday

I hope you enjoyed celebrating taking part in our Sadness diet and remember you are not alone, if you need help and support please get help from family, friends and if you need outside help, please contact one of the organisation on yesterday’s list. Here in Gravesend kent where I live, I run the happiness project and we try to meet bi monthly for friendship, support and fun. Here are the contact details:-

Facebook Page:

FaceBook group

Twitter (@happinesskent

Today – we will focus on where you are now and then show you how to create your own Gift of a smile box. So going back to our IGROWS model, we will look at the letter R – which stands for REALITY what exactly is going on in your life right now that is making you sad?

In your book just right down your first thoughts and complete the following–

Activity 1

This is what is happening right now in my life

These are the steps I have taken towards e.g being happier

Gift of a smile Box

Activity 2 – I hope you managed to get your empty shoe box which we are going to use to create your special box. Which you are going to put various items that will make you feel good. (You will see the example in the image on this blog) Example of other things you could put in your box:

A small mirror – to remind yourself that your are unique, special and an original

A rubber band – to remind you that sometimes you have to come out of your comfort zone

A collection of positive affirmations – As you read these, it will help you to have a positive mindset

The idea is that you put the box somewhere you can see it, so that when you are feeling down you can use the items as a pick me up as you also do your instant feel good activity below:

Instant Feel Good

1.Sit down

2.Breathe in slowly and Breathe out Slowly ( do this a couple of times)

3.Say – I am so grateful and happy to be alive to see another day.

4.Think and focus on something that makes you feel happy or my favourite “wake up I feel happy boom, boom, I feel like dancing around boom boom, and now I am dancing line no one’s watching boom, boom”

5.Smile – Just spend a few seconds smiling, and then I want you to give out a couple of big laughs (hahaha)

  1. Get your Gift of a smile box, and make use of the items as you continue to feel good

See you tomorrow and may the smile be with you always.

Fun things I would love to do in 2015


I really try to enjoy my life and in 2015, their are some fun things I would love to do and if you can help with any of these, do let me know. genny @

Read the whether forecast on TV wearing a fun outfit

Do a fun  announcement on a train

Do a laughter flashmob in Trafalgar Square with Kent’s Laughter guru

Be in a pantomime

Do a duet with Peter Andre – to Mysterious Girl

Deliver happy cups to 1,000 people in Gravesham in my happiness van

Do a happy kent song and dance video to my “wake up and feel happy boom boom” song

Organise a fun happy carnival fancy dress party as part of the Big Lunch in June and in celebration of my birthday.


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