Book Review



“A great read for the younger ones. So uplifting. It made me smile.” Angela Steele (grand mother)


“We thought the book was really good. Joshua, who’s 6 really enjoyed it, I read it to him first and he’s also read it by himself too since. I think it’s a great story and really is beneficial for children who experience a lack of self esteem/confidence. I have also read it to my foster girl who’s a little old, however, is probably about the same age as Joshua with regards to learning and she thought it was really nice too!” Sarah Webb (Mother  and foster carer)


“I have just read your book, its wonderful.” Jade Webster (Nursery worker)

I can blow up a balloon” great book and resource by Genny Jones to teach children to develop their Confidence. – Jane Williams – (Mum of 2)


“As a childminder, I see a lot of little people in my day to day life. Whereas there are a few who are confident, the majority of them are less so. I think this is a lovely way to speak/teach the children about this topic, and allow them to open up with any questions (and believe me, they have ALOT of questions at this age!!) I can’t wait to buy a copy, as I think it will be an absolute asset to have this in my childminding setting and I for one am confident it will become one of the favourites…. Well done, Genny xx Helen McKee (childminder)


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