Ditch your new year’s resolution

Sometimes we start the year with a new year’s resolution filled with stuff which at the time of writing seems exciting and attainable, but half way through January we realise nothing has really changed. Ditch those New Year’s Resolution and instead spend some time re-evaluating your life as a whole, and start finding real and meaningful reasons to change, not just because it’s a New Year and that magically inspires you with Will and determination you didn’t have the year before.

We have to set our indentation to  start living our lives the best we can,   being satisfied with who we are, and if we really aren’t genuinely satisfied with life as it is, we need to have a reason to change, and not because a new calendar has flipped over! So ditch the resolution, set realistic goals and start taking action each day that will help you achieve those goals.

Setting an Action Plan to lose weight and be healthier

Now that you have ditched the new years resolution, now its time to create an action plan  as it will force you to think about what you need to do to  achieve your goals and then to take  action.

Step 1 – Write down one goal you want to achieve

For example  main goal – to lose 281bs  starting 1st February  and finishing on 30th April 2021  so that I can be healthier and fitter.

 Step 2  – Create a vison board

Create a vison board of the new you looking fitter and heathier. Your vision board can include images, words, and positive affirmations. Once you have created your Vision board, make sure you put it somewhere you can see it everyday and spend a few minutes imaging you have achieved your goal every single day.

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Step 3 –  Create an action plan based on your vison board – here is an example

Main goal –  lose 281bs by 30th April 2021

Actions  I am going to take lose 281bs

Smalls steps – I am going to lose 7 lbs each month by:

  • Exercising at home 3 times a week using videos
  • Go out for a walk 30 minutes twice a week
  • Cooking and eat healthier meals each day
  • Drinking 1 litter of water in the morning, afternoon, and evening
  • Visualising myself being slimer, fitter and healthier each day
  • Affirming that I am enjoying my daily exercise and healthy eating which is making me energised, fitter and healthier.
  • Celebrating with a happy dance and saying woohoo as I achieve my goals
  • Sign up with Gingerbread FitnFity healthy challenge starting in February

Some Affirmations you could say each day:

– I enjoy walking  for 45 minutes every day as I discover new places and meet interesting people

– I enjoy eating healthy foods and do have the occasional treats which makes me feel good as I see the results

– I enjoy drinking  2 litres of water each day as it refreshes me and fills me with so much energy


Do contact me if you need help with this- genny@confidentqueen.co.uk

It’s never too late to achieve your goals

Start right now

  1. Take time to write down at least one thing you would like to achieve.
  2. Research others who have already achieved it and learn how they did it.
  3. Make a plan of steps you will take each day to achieve your goal.
  4. Get an accountability partner who will help, support and encourage you.

I can also help you achieve your goal – just email me genny@confidentqueem.co.uk


Escape to a happy place and learn valuable tips to keep you smiling #gravesend #kent






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Share your smile – Join in my #ISmileBack campaign

Go out and share a smile #ISmileBack

In this world where there are a lot of people suffering, feeling lonely, living on the edge, frustrated and having no purpose, the least we can do is to share a smile – smiling is contagious and when you share it with someone it can change their mood. I love wearing my Tshirt walking down the road, and watch as people read it and most smile back

Smile even when someone does not smile back just because you don’t know what they are going through. This should not stop you from moving on and smiling to to the next person you see.



What you can do-

Design your own Tshirt or badge and walk around and smile at people and watch their reaction too as they read your Tshirt

Upload your photos showing us your smile on social media using #ISmileBack









The secret of turning your dreams into reality

Do you have at least one dream that you wish will become a reality?

Would you like to learn about steps you can take to make it a reality?

Are you willing to spend a few minutes each day doing something to make your dreams become a reality?…….

Now I want you to believe and have faith that it will happen – so read on

I was just reading my daily word for today and this inspired me to write this short article extracting some of the information i read and I hope you find it useful especially if like me you want to make at least one your dreams become a reality.

DARE  TO DREAM – Be a doer not a dreamer

“Your dream is worth only what you’re willing to pay for it. Inspiration without perspiration is just a daydream.

40% of the people you meet have great ideas, but all they do is talk about them.

Another 40% work hard and would be willing to give their all for a great dream – but they don’t have one.

Only the remaining 20% have a dream and the faith to make it come true if you believe and are willing to take daily actions to make your dreams come true and use any challenges you may face as experience to learn from. So go ahead – dare to dream.


What you can do to  help you to start achieving your goal

Get a dream book and pen and use your skill of writing  to answer the following questions and when you have finished feel free to share with me.


  1. What is that one  dream that you want to make come true?
  2. What do you need to do to achieve your dream?
  3. Who do you know who has achieved your  dream? Contact them and learn from them or just use google to search on people who are doing things that are similar to what you want to achieve.
  4. What is going to stop you from achieving your dream?
  5. What can you do about the things that you feel are going to stop you achieving your dream?
  6. Why do you want to achieve each of your dream?
  7. How would you feel when you have achieved each of your dreams?
  8. Now spend a few minutes just imagining in detail that you have achieved that one dream

Hope this has been useful, it is down to you now to have a daily plan of how you are going to achieve that dream o if you need help with all this please contact me and enrol on my Confidence to Achieve my dream programme.



Smile even when someone does not smile back! #ISmileBack

Go out and share a smile #ISmileBack

In this world where there are a lot of people suffering, feeling lonely, living on the edge, frustrated and having no purpose, the least we can do is to share a smile – smiling is contagious and when you share it with someone it can change their mood. I love wearing my Tshirt walking down the road, and watch as people read it and most smile back



 Smile even when someone does not smile back!

The other day,  I went to a very uplifting event in London, and everyone looked happy and smiling, except one lady who just looked miserable. I made eye contact with her a few times, and she just seemed to stare at me as if to say “ oh for goodness sake stop smiling”. This really did bother me. But then I realise that she may be going through stuff and was not in the mood to smile.

Think about it – Do you always smile back at people? If you don’t, then think about it. Chances are you’re thinking about something else, or are distracted or don’t even see them. Same with other people. Remember that most people are friendly by nature, but right at that moment when you smile at someone, you never know what’s really going on in their heads, so don’t think or worry about it.

Continue to smile, continue to say hello, and when someone does not respond in kind, go on and share the smile with someone else.








When your goal seems unreachable and you are getting older

Sometimes it can be difficult to carry on when you feel you are getting older and that you still have not achieved that one goal. Perhaps you have been trying too hard on your own, and it’s time to sum up the courage and confidence to ask for help and learn from someone who has achieved that same goal.

What stops us achieving our goals

Not being clear about want you want

Setting up unrealistic goals

Giving up too quickly

Wishing things will just work out without you doing anything

Being distracted by other stuff

Taking on too much

Trying to do it all on your own

Having no one to support and encourage you

Focussing on the things you don’t have


How to motivate yourself to achieve your goals


Achiving your dreams at 40+

You can just use google to read stories about people who succeded against all odds.




I hope this helps, please don’t give up on your dreams. Do email me if you need some help.


Be willing to change your situation #21DayGoalChallenge

Sometimes we need to take time out to review our livesm find out what is going right, look at  areas of our lives where we seem to be stuck in a rut and try to find out ways of improving our lives for the better. The key is to be willing to change the things that we have control over and learning to live with the things we can’t control.

Take time to write down what areas of your life you need to change and then focus on at least 3 areas, and then take a few action steps each day to help you make the changes in your life that you so desire.



How to stop the same bad situation happening in your life #21DayGoalChallenge

The other day, I was thinking about certain things that keep repeating  in my life, and why they kept happening. I researched and  read a few articles about this online, I realised it was really down to what I was saying and my belief

This kept repeating in my life.

I am self employed and one of the problems I have had for years is that I will do work for clients, but when it came to them paying me, I had to keep chasing them and threatening to take legal action.

After reading various articles on the subject – of why the same things keep happening to  you! I discovered that the clients who paid me on time, where the once I was happy to do their work with no problem and I kept saying how good it was to work with them because they always paid me on time.


The clients who had a history of paying me late mainly did this because I had no proper payment terms with them, and some I no longer enjoyed the work I was doing and resented the fact they paid me late. I was also having serious financial setbacks which was causing me stress to the point that I was just taking work on just to be able to make ends meet.


I had to make some changes as I was getting I very frustrated with the while situation. I started to belief that my clients will pay me on time because they appreciated the great work I was doing for them and where happy with my work. I started to say “ I have good clients who  have the money in their account to pay me well before their due date of payment


I also made some practical changes:-

  • I gave notice to the clients who where constantly paying me late.
  • I put in place my payment terms which I sent to every client
  • I made sure every new client paid a deposit
  • I added interest will be charged for late payment of my invoice


The key to break the “same problem” cycle is to recognize and acknowledge your mistakes, learn the lesson, and move forward.  Whether you are younger or older, you can always learn something new. Problems are only life’s way of teaching you a lesson.

Check this article -4 Steps To Remove Recurring Problems From Your Life   http://www.finerminds.com/happiness/4-steps-to-remove-recurring-problems-from-your-life/


How to write down your goals #21DayGoalChallenge

Why you should write down your goals

A study was done by Gail Matthews at Dominican University which found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Here are some examples of how to write your goal as if it has happened.

Goal – to loose weight

It’s 21st July 2018 and I am so excited and happy as I have lost 20 pounds and I feel energised and confident  wearing my  lovely dress which fits me very well and everyone is complementing me..

Goal to go to the gym

It is 21st of July 2018 and I feel really proud that I have been waking up at 6,30 am each morning going to go to the gym 3 times a week, and now I feel energised and have signed up to do a 5k race.

Goal to be debt free

It is 21st July 2018, I feel relieved and happy that I have finally been able to make a list of all the people I owe, contact them and they have agreed my proposal to pay off my debts

Action Plan

When you don’t have a plan, you don’t know how you will reach your destination.

Once you have written down your goal, write a specific three-step plan on how you will achieve this goal. Taking small action each day  will help you to achieve your  goal, and it breaks the goal up into smaller manageable chunks making it seem much less daunting and much more achievable.

For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds of weight by 21st July 2018, you could write:

– I will walk for 45 minutes every day

– I will only  eat junk food and sweets only twice per week.

– I will drink 2 litres of water each day

If you missed my first blog about this topic check it out –  How to achieve at least one of your goals #21DayGoalChallenge   https://wp.me/p1aWbA-1C2

Do let me know what your goal is in the comments or email to me – genny@confidentqueen.co.uk


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