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Their was a time in my life when i lost my reasons to smile and for 5 years I felt like a bird trapped in a cage as i struggled to cope with the after effects of divorce, redundancy, debt and having to raise two children in my own.

My life changed when one day i had a dream that as a bird trapped in cage, I saw a hand opened the cage door and I somehow changed into a eagle and could hear a voice saying to me – Go ahead and fly as high as you can, you are free.

This was such an emotional moment, and it gave me strength and courage to get help from various organisations and family members. Soon i regained my smile,and decided to do something to  give hope to others and help give them reasons to smile.

“A good Hearty Laughter gets rid of stress, worry and depression. It touches the emotional core and alleviates feelings of loneliness and isolation.”



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About me – Genny Jones  

A friend of mine invited me to one of her laughter yoga sessions and that really helped  on my journey of finding inner, peace and happiness.  I then researched  into laughter yoga and  decided to train as a laughter yoga leader so that I can help as many people as I can to enjoy the benefits of laughter yoga through my workshops in a fun, interactive and informative manner.

Check out a review of a session i ran for world mental health day  “My Experience of Laughter Yoga”

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