Confidence building sessions for schools #Confidence

As someone who was bullied in school and suffered from low self esteem and confidence part of my adult life, I created my personna Confident Queen as someone who is full of Confidence  so that she can go out and help especially children and young people to feel good about themselves and develop the confidence to be the best version of themselves. I was able to demonstrate my confidence by auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent singing my confidence song which proved very popular to the judges and audience and helped me promote my confidence message to the nation.

My books

I love writing and have used my skills to write 2 books in my “I can series” helping children to develop the “I Can” attitude.

I get invited to do varied activities in Nurseries. Primary and  Secondary Schools.

  1. Carrear days
  2. Helping with interview skills
  3. Deliver my unique Happiness and Well being activities
  4. Story Telling based on my “I can series” of books
  5. Confidence building sessions for small groups
  6. One to one mentoring and coaching

My tools to help children boost their confidence

I can and Gift of Confidence Boxes

These are boxes which I get children to make. The boxes have special items which children can use on a regular basis to boost their self esteem and confidence.

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Confident Child song –

This is a fun repetitive song which  can help children to boost their confidence as they sing the song especially at moments when they are not feeling so confident.

Wake up and feel happy song

This is a fun feel good song to motivate children especially when they wake up in the morning.

Some photos

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Confident Queen said of her visit to Molehill Primary Academy:

“Thanks for inviting me to do a story session with your school.  I found the whole experience very rewarding as both the children and teachers were open to engage with me and participated in listening to the stories, dressing up, singing and dancing.   I loved the fact that the children could ask me questions and had prior knowledge about Africa through the work they had been doing. I really loved my time with the school and look forward to doing some more sessions in the future.

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