How to review the first 6 months of this year.

I just cannot believe that we are half way through the year! It seems that time is flying so quickly these days. and before your know it we will be back again trying to make new year’s resolution.

I really encourage you to start today by taking stock of where you are currently in your life, where you would like to be, and start to plan how you are going to get their.

I challenge you to get a book  or folder and complete the tasks below:-



What have been the low points so far this year ?

What have been the high points so far this year?

If you made  new year’s resolution this year, have you kept them?

If you haven’t kept them what are the reasons?

What experiences have you treasured so far this year?




What things would you like to happen in your life by 31st July 2018??



Thanks for taking time to answer these questions – come back and read my blog this Wednesday 27th June so that I can explain your next steps towards achieving one goal by 1 July 2018.


You can turn your life around


To be satisfied with life, you need to change and adapt to changes. The good news? No one can do it for you but you. The first step is always the hardest, but with determination and the right mindset you can overcome just about anything. If you’ve had enough of how things are right now, what lies around the corner can (and will) be completely different.


Be Patient

Remember your current circumstance did not manifest overnight. There are years of thoughts feelings and actions behind what has been in place in your life, so be patient as you work to turn it all around.

Be inspired by others

Reading stories by other people who have turned their life around through hard work talent grit and good choices encourages us to realise that it’s possible to overcome just about anything, from parents passing away, to extreme poverty, and more


Oprah Winfrey turned a life of hardship into inspiration for a multi-billion-dollar empire

Oprah spent the first six years of her life living with her grandmother wearing dresses made out of potato sacks. After being molested by two members of her family and a family friend, she ran away from home at age 13. At 14, her newborn child died shortly after he was born. She went back to live with her mother, but it wasn’t until her mother sent her to live with her father that she turned her life around.

She got a full scholarship to college, won a beauty pageant —where she was discovered by a radio station — and the rest is history. The Oprah name became an empire, and according to Forbes she is worth $2.7 billion.


Do Won Chang worked three jobs to make ends meet before starting Forever 21

Do Won Chang and his wife, Jin Sook, moved to America from Korea in 1981. When they first arrived, Do Won was forced to work three jobs at the same time to support them, as a janitor, a gas station attendant, and in a coffee shop. Eventually, they were able to open their first clothing store in 1984.

That one store grew into Forever 21, which pioneered fast fashion and is now a multi-national, 480 store empire that generates around $3 billion in sales a year. It’s a family business, with the couple’s daughters Linda and Esther helping to run the company.


Never give up!


Confidence to Achieve your goals Week 1 (Ask yourself)


How are your new year’s resolution going?

When we all started this year, a lot of us made wonderful resolutions and plans about things we will do to change our lives.   The reality is that for some of us we are now celebrating the last day in January and we have ditched some of our plans!   If you find yourself in this position, take heart, you are not alone. I am here to help you through the process and together we can “Make it Happen”


If you really want to achieve your goals in 2015, you really must try to develop the belief that you will achieve them, and are willing to take small daily actions to help you as well as not allowing temporary setbacks to put you off.



To start with, I want you to spend the next few days writing your answers to these questions.

What do I really want to happen in my life right now?

What is happening in my life right now to stop me from Achieving what I want?

What is stopping me doing what I know I need to do?

What things can I do to change the situation?

Which things can I do myself, where can I get help from?

Who do I know that has gone through this situation that can help me?

Why do I really want to achieve this goal?

Why do I believe I will achieve my goal?

What emotions do I want to be feeling to know I have achieved my goals

What will I do to celebrate my achievements?

I hope the above helps, but if you would like me to help you to develop the confidence to achieve your goals then email me for your initial free consultation, after which it is £27 per session via email. Telephone or skype.


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