Smiling through the tears – loss of 3 family members just before Christmas.

Over the last 8 weeks, I have been locked in the world of grief due to the unexpected death of my mum. my cousin-in-law and my uncle. At times I find myself jus running on autopilot as I found myself having to suddenly prepare for the funeral of my mum. It took me so long to accept she had gone. The funeral for all 3 was one week after each other, and it drained us all and made this our first Christmas very sad and different,

I felt so sad about my mum’s situation, as the night before she was happy when I called her as I had gone away for the weekend to attend the single mums’ business awards. My son told me that he and my mum were both dancing and having fun that night after my call.

It was therefore so sad the following morning when I got phone call from my son asking for my mum’s medical records. I asked him what was going on, and he said he woke up to some groaning noises and when he went to find out what it was, it was my mum on the floor. He then had to call the emergency and they told him what to do, including him giving my mum CPR. The ambulance than came and took my mum to the hospital as she was unconscious. I felt so helpless as I raced to catch the train. It was the longest journey of my life and the tears just kept flowing. My son was keeping me updated. When I eventually got to the hospital I was just devastated and shocked to see my mum in the lifeless state.

Please listen to this podcast interview with the inspirational Rachel Smith as part of her coping with loss series as I discuss my experiences.

My mum used to work for the Commonwealth secretariat as a senior secretary and this involved going to the Commonwealth meetings where she had great moments meeting Nelson Mandela, Prince Charles and the Queen as well as other common wealth heads of government, I am so proud of my mum and her achievements as she used to tell me stories of being in England in 1969 and the hardships and racism she and her friends faced. She sold milk bottles, cleaned toilets to survive as she was also studying for her professional secretarial qualifications which she eventually completed as was able to gain a job at the commonwealth secretariat where she worked through the ranks to become a senior secretary.

Right now, I feel I am in a better place as i have slowly come to accept that my mum is gone and painful as it is, I have to get on with life the best I can.. I am grateful that this moment has brought our family together united in grief.

How to live wisely and well #wordfortoday

This morning, I was doing my usual early morning inspirational reading, and I am sharing the article here as it did get me to think about my life. UCB word for today 17/10/2022

An elderly lady says, ‘One benefit of living so long is sharing what I’ve learned. So make my day by letting me share three secrets that can make your life better.’ Then she offers us some great counsel:

1) ‘Time is precious; don’t waste it. After my husband died, I was staying with friends. One evening they started arguing and eventually stopped speaking to one another. Now, I know arguments happen; my husband and I had several doozies. But at that moment, I understood as never before that the time we have together is precious. Don’t waste it bickering about things that won’t matter when your loved one is gone. Do everything you can to live in harmony and show your love. Why? Because no matter how long you have together, it’s never enough.

2) You’re making memories; make them good ones. Looking back, I thank God for so many unforgettable moments. The day my husband died we kissed (as we always did when we parted), at noon. By five-thirty that evening, he was dead. I’ve always been glad about that final kiss. So create memories – not regrets!

3) It’s not what happens, but how you respond that counts. Every day holds new challenges that will test your love and resolve. You have the power through Christ to make each test an occasion for growth. Life is full of seemingly unpleasant events. Try to handle them in such a way that when you’re old, you will be able to look back and say, “I thank you, God, for that experience; it helped me grow.”’ And that’s how to live wisely and well!

Jeremiah 24-26, 1 Timothy 5

Take it one day at a time

It’s good to have long term goals and plans, but for everyday living, you just have to focus on the now and making the most of things. If you are worried about the mountain in the distance, you might trip over the molehill right in front of you.. Small daily happenings make life spectacular…. start enjoying the small things in life.

What are your priorities at this stage of your life?

As for me below are my main priorities and I try to make sure that I schedule my day with this in mind

  1. Taking good care of myself  sprit, body, mind and soul
  2. Spending  quality time with my family and friends
  3. Putting my house in order
  4. Focussing my business on the things that I enjoy doing
  5. Inspiring the next generation
  6. Making a difference in my local community
  7. Trying new hobbies and experiences
  8. Spending time on my own
  9. Travel and explore different places

I find that by making sure that I include the things that are important to me, I feel more fulfilled and happier. I have also been able to schedule my day so I work smarter and not harder. I also have clear boundaries about my time for work and time for my other priorities of life.

How to feed your mind on the good stuff

When we set our intentions to focus on the good things and actively practice focussing on them at various times of the day, even in the most difficult moments, we can fight painful situations, trials, and all the difficult things we face. It’s a way to reclaim and live out our lives with love, hope, faith, and gratefulness in the full blessings and love of God.

Every bit of good information that you feed into your mind is a good seed that germinates, takes root, and grows in you for the rest of your life, so get into the habit of making time to feed your mind with the good stuff. You could listen to positive podcasts, put on your favourite music and dance to it, enjoy the beauty of nature, you can even visit my blog and feed on my positive stuff.

One Minute Smilence

I created the One Minute Smilence routine to help me reclaim the good side of life at a time when I was recovering from a period of depression, anxiety and low self esteem after my divorce. I made it a habit to do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night and it did make a difference to my life. I also use this anytime I find myself in stressful situation. I encourage you to make this part of your daily routine as it will help you to get those happy juices flowing. To do this, make sure you find a quiet space so you can relax and set your intention to think happy thoughts or recall happy moments.

Please also contact me for a free call to help lift your mood and to see how I can help you to live a lifestyle of happiness filled with happy vibes only.

Do not let fear stop you.

Yesterday I had my first swimming lesson. It is such a great achievement for me as when I was younger a friend of mine drowned in swimming pool and I developed a phobia of swimming in a pool. My children are both great swimmers, and when they were younger I loved to watch them swim, and I would always stay at the shallow end on the odd occasions when I ventured into the pool.

My main motivation of learning to swim was because I wanted t learn to row and you had to know how to swim.

I spent days before the class preparing my mind to do this. I kept visualising myself swimming safely in a safe environment with life guards and others to help. I wrote down some affirmations which i read out daily and as I read them, I started to believe them.

On the day of the class, I informed the instructor about my fears, and she was very good, caring and supportive. We started the class with water confidence and this helped me to feel safe.

It was good to know everyone in our group was a beginner. The lesson went much better than I expected and we had such great moments of laughter too. I am really looking forward to progressing every week,

Stop putting things off – Start now -#NewMonth

Wake up and feel happy #MondayMorning

Due to popular requests I am back to doing early morning 15 minutes Facebook live the aim is to get us all to start the day on a positive note even if life may not be going as planned. Let’s get those happy juices flowing and then set our intentions to have a good day.

What to expect

I will firstly check in with you to see how you are feeling and then guide us through a series of activities to get our happy juices flowing.

  1. Grateful for waking up to see another day

2. One Minute Smilence – recall happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minites

3. One Minute Laughter

4. Move your body – dance and feel good

5. Setting our intentions for the day – It’s a good day and I am going to have a good day.o

6. Sending love and good vibes to everyone

7. Feel Confident t start the day

A bit about me

I am Genny Jones aka Confident Queen, UK Laughter Champion 2022, Happiness Coach and Wellbeing Consultant. Having recovered from a period of sadness, depression and low self esteem after my divorce, I made it my mission to equip myself with tools to help as many peopls as I can to have a positive attitude to life even through life may not be going as planned.

Finish the year happier #Happiness

Looking back at the last three months, I feel that I am in a much better place having recovered from some challenges during the first half of the year. Even though I still have some of these challenges, I have learnt to focus on the positive and do simple things everyday that bring me peace and joy. I have learnt to live a good life even when things are not going as planned.

About the sessions
The sessions are held via zoom the 1st of each month as this will help us to review the previous month and plan for the new month. I will share with you some of my tips of how I stay positive even when things are not going as planned, and you too will have the opportunity to share some of your tips with my self and others attending the session.

Book your space now

What you will get at the end of each session

  1. Action plan for the month
  2. Happiness tips for the month
  3. Have a positive outlook in life
  4. • Avoid procrastination and take action
  5. • Have long term tools and strategies to maintain your life of happiness
  6. Invitation to join our facebook accountability group
  7. Invitation to book one free 30 minutes call with me

About Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen
I am happiness and wellbeing consultant with a passion to help, empower and equip as many people as I can with the tools and tips they need to maintain a happier lifestyle with a positive mindset. I am passionate about this because their was a period after my divorce when I spent find years locked up in the cage of depression, low self esteem, low confidence and felt their was no way out. Having recovered with the help and support of so many organisations, family and friends, I decided to make happiness my passion and mission. I must say that I have been so fortunate to be able to run my happiness and wellbeing sessions which have benefited so many. I have also been on various TV and Radio shows promoting happiness and wellbeing. I was also humbled to be nominated for the pride of Britain Awards and also to become the Uk Laughter Champion 2022,

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Tips to help you remember things

I must say over the last few months I was getting a bit worried about my level of forgetfulness and it was causing me stress, Sharing with others, I realise this is common as one is getting older, so now I am not worried I am concerned. Being concerned means I accept and acknowledge what is happening and I am now taking steps to help me manage this. Please fee free to share how you cope if you have similar experiences.

Some very useful links

Coping with a boring life

Life isn’t supposed to be boring, but sometimes being bored can serve the purpose of showing us that our life needs a little bit of change. Rather than denying boredom, look at it as an opportunity to evaluate your life and make it better.

If you just sit back and keep complaining that your life is boring and that it is the same old thing, that’s exactly what you will attract to your life.

Life is not meant to be a boring, repeat cycle of the same thing day by day. Life, as the Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang said life is a feast to be enjoyed, with all of its wonders and fears and joys and pains alike.
Let today be the day you decide to go out and do something different, you never know you may just discover something great or meet someone. You see.

Tips on coping with boredom

1.Quit moaning and complaining that your life is boring

2.Set you intention to make the change for better

3. Make a list of the things you could do to change your life.

4. Set your self a challenge of at least 3 things you will do consistently for a month to bring the change you desire

5. Connect with people who are go getters and learn from them.

6. Try something new or pick up an old hobby again

If you need further help, do contact me for a free initial chat via zoom

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