Celebrating Women of Northfleet – International Women’s Day

Come and join us as we celebrate our local Inspirational Women on this International Women’s day

For this International Women’s Day the theme is  #EmbraceEquity . This campaign theme seeks to get the world talking about why “equal opportunities are no longer enough” – and can in fact be exclusionary, rather than inclusive. The word Equity recognizes that each person has different circumstances, and allocates the exact resources and opportunities needed to reach an equal outcome. read more here https://www.internationalwomensday.com/EquityEquality

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Happy Business Women’s Day

Business Women’s Day is celebrated all around the world on September 22nd to commemorate the day when Hilary A. Bufton Junior founded the American Business Women’s Association on September 22nd, 1949 along with three other business women from Kansas City. This special day celebrates the contribution that women make in the business world and focuses on ways to give women more equality. The first ever Business Women’s Day was celebrated in 1983 when a joint Congressional resolution was passed

Business Women’s Day


Since the 1940s, women have been playing an increasing larger role in the world of business. These days, women have practically equal footing to men when it comes to business and there are a large number of female company owners and bosses.

A number of special events are held on this day, including seminars, meetings and other events that encourage business women from around the world to network and share their experiences

As a woman in business, today I celebrate my achievements and hope you will celebrate your’s too!

My two businesses:- Accountancy and Confidence Building and Happiness

My Birthday Pictures 8th June 2015

Thanks to everyone who made it a very happy day and we celebrated lnternational  WooHooBoomBoom Day which I created just as a way of helping to give people a reason to  wake up each morning and smile.

Building Self-Discipline




A few weeks ago, I was searching the internet for information about how I could be more disciplined as I realise that sometimes I tend to be busy doing so many things and yet still I don’t seem to complete some of the most important things I should. I came across this great article by Alexandra Merisoiu and got in touch with her so that I could share with you as it will help us in our journey to being the best we can.

Alexandra Merisoiu

With Woman’s Day around the corner what better time to talk about Self-Discipline. Self discipline is a weapon I believe everyone should have in their life, especially women who wear some many hats and deal with so many things: mother (sometimes taking the place of the father as well), daughter, sister, aunt, entrepreneur or CEO and whatever other roles you may play in your life.


Whether it’s related to health, business, diet or fitness self discipline or self control is what will get you the consistent results you are looking for and you deserve. And it will also keep you sane.

But no one is born disciplined. It is a behaviour we can learn, develop and use for success in any area of our lives.


And as with anything else we can also lose it in time if not practiced regularly.


  1. Makes it easier to create and follow a plan. A plan may be related to fitness, nutrition, a project or a business, or a product of your business. Self disciplined individuals stick to the plan and make progress.


  1. When you are disciplined you are in control of your world and life and you can make more rational decisions without feeling stressed, upset, frustrated or fall into depression.


  1. Self disciplined people get the results they are looking for. As my mentor Amanda Watts, founder of Clients in Abundance, always says: consistency is key. When you are self disciplined you are consistent with your work, your training and your goals day by day, week and month. You let nothing get in your way.


  1. Self discipline is training or control of oneself and one’s personal growth. It’s one of the 20% skills that contribute to 80% of results when applied to the right habits or areas of our lives.


  1. Daily chores will be less stressful and frustrating. Everything will become easier, faster and less stressful on the body and mind.


Here are some easy ways you can start to discipline yourself.


After you get the hand of these you can apply similar rules to some of your other areas of your life

  1. Make a schedule for the first hour after you wake up. For example mine is 20 min practicing Qigong or another type of exercise, 20 min working on my to do list and 20 min reading.


  1. Wake up at the same time every morning. No snooze button.


  1. Plan a to do list, decide how much time you will spend on each task and do them. Turn off any phones, laptops, email, facebook etc for 30 min or 1 hour you decide to work on your task. If you are not used to this level of discipline then instead of starting with 1 hour slots start small, 15 min for example, and slowly build up.


  1. To build discipline I ask my clients to do food diaries. Besides the fact that we look at their nutritional habits we also build self discipline which helps us later when we work on natural movement, meditation and personal development as part of the Six Essential Principles of The Merisoiu Technique


  1. Sign out of your facebook, email, twitter, linkedin accounts etc and only check them 3 times a day for 1hour maximum, or around those lines.

Ladies, I wish you a great Woman’s Day and I would like to offer you a FREE 1 hour Skype call as my gift to you.


Please click here and book a FREE call with me. We will talk about your biggest health, wellness, fitness struggles you are facing right now and come up with a solution to help you find the right family-personal-professional life balance. I call this your personal Sweet Spot in life.

So book your free call and let’s find your Sweet Spot, the right balance in your life.


Alexandra Merisoiu

I am the Founder and Coach at Urban Women Fitness where I work with professional women in their 30’s and 40’s to help them relieve stress and overcome depression.

I do this by taking them through The Merisoiu Technique and its Six Guiding Principles: Earthing, Zanshin (awareness), Natural Movement, Nutrition, Personal Development and Habits Transformation.

I take my clients from exhaustion and overwhelm to feeling excited, enthusiastic and transformed in just 12 weeks.

UWF is about technique and smart coaching which enables women to push boundaries for physical, mental and spiritual growth and development.

Alexandra Merisoiu Links:

Website: http://www.urbanwomenfitness.com

Email: alexandra@urbanwomenfitness.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alexandra.merisoiu

LinkedIn: uk.linkedin.com/in/alexandramerisoiu

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlexMerisoiu

International Women’s Day 8th March


International Women’s Day 2015 Theme: MAKE IT HAPPEN


All around the world, International Women’s Day represents an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

Make It Happen is the 2015 theme for our internationalwomensday.com global hub, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women.

Each year International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8. The first International Women’s Day was held in 1911. Thousands of events occur to mark the economic, political and social achievements of women. Organisations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women’s groups, corporations and the media celebrate the day.

My Ideas, Creations and Innovations


Ladies Go For Gold – Launch on 4th May 2012


Please join us on Friday 4th May at Riverside Centre Dickens Road, Gravesend DA12 from 10am to 1pm for the launch of our excting networking and social group. You can also book a stall for £15. if you run your own business this will be a great opportunity to show off your products or promote your services

Ladies Going for Gold” is aimed at helping local women that have a business idea, but just don’t know where or how to start promoting their product or service. Through experiences of other business women and Professional advice on the day,… this open morning will give them the confidence to put their dreams into reality. It is also a great opportunity to see other people’s products and services and learn from their experiences. Those that already have started a business can also bring along their product and promote their business on the day, from the complete beginner to the more experienced

Be confident with your bookkeeping and accounting information

As a business owner you have to make sure you are in control of your finances on a day to day basis, It is no good to wait until the end of your financial year and wait for your accountant to tell you how well your business performed. .

Bookkeeping systemThe first thing you need to have in place is an effective bookkeeping system, so that you will be able to generate useful and accurate accounting reports. You can have a simple manual bookkeeping system or a computerised system. Even when you have a computer system you need to understand how it works and what the reports mean. I am going to attempt to summarise some key points which you may find useful

Cash flow forecastAll businesses should try and monitor their cash flow at least on a monthly basis. Although when money is tight you could do this very week. A cash flow is a simple way of recording when you are due to receive money and when you are due to make payments. It will help you to recognise times when you will need to spend less or even chase your customers for payments. This can be done by creating a simple excel spreadsheet.

Credit controlOn a regular basis you should review your payment terms to your customers. I remember I had a contract which was going to generate a lot of income for my business, but I realised that the company would take 60 days to pay me and meanwhile I had to pay staff and other expenses every month. It meant that, if I just relied on this one customer I would have a serious cash flow problem, so I had to also get smaller contracts where the payment terms where between 7 and 30 days. I also changed my trading terms so that where I had large contracts I would ask for a deposit and for payments to be in stages.

Profit and Loss Account
As a business you should also regularly monitor your profit or loss., which has two parts.

Gross Profit
Gross profit is sometimes referred to as your trading profit. This is calculated slightly differently if you have a service businesses or whether your have stock that you are buying and selling. Simply gross profit is your sales minus the direct cost of what you are selling or providing.

Net ProfitThis is your gross or trading profit minus all your regular expense or overheads such as Telephone, Gas, and Electric etc

Balance sheet – So how much is your business worthOne of the key to business success is to regularly monitor how much your business is worth. Having a positive bank balance does not mean that you have made a profit. An example is a business owner who had £30,000 in their bank account, and forgot that £25,000 of that had to be set aside for payments to supplier’s he owed.

LiabilitiesThis is a list of all the companies or individuals that your owe.. You could also break down your liabilities into two headings, your current liabilities, these are companies you owe but have to pay back within a year e.g HMRC.. The long term liability will be debts that you have to pay over a longer term example a business mortgage.

AssetsThis is a list I things that your own. Fixed Assets – example: Equipment, Motor Vehicles. Current Assets will be things like: a positive bank or cash balance, your debtors – people who are you, and the value of your stock etc

Current minus current liabilitiesThis figure is very useful to calculate as it will tell you whether you have sufficient immediate cash to pay your debts that you have to pay back within a year.

Your networthThis is where you subtract the liabilities from your assets; this amount is your net worth. When someone is referred to as a millionaire, this is the number that people look at. It is possible to have a negative net worth. If you have a negative net worth this means that you owe more money than you have. So as a business you will need to have a financial review and look for ways to increase income and maximise your expenditure.

Please feel free to add your comments and questions

Genny Jones – FMAAT

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