Please help us fund our #HappyCommunityCar

I have this big dream of getting a happy bus which I can use as part of my mission of doing my bit to spread happiness and good vibes to as many people as I can. For now the dream is to get a happy community car which I can use to deliver food to those in need and gifts to people who will be nominated as a way of making them feel good and have a reason to smile.


. This need for the Happy Community Car has come because I am currently a volunteer driver delivering lunches and gifts to help those in need around the gravesham area. The residents of one of the sheltered housing complex, all say they look forward to me coming especially as I put on various bright costumes to cheer them up and they always wonder what I will have on the next day.

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My plan is to have my yellow car covered with smiley faces and other fun stickers so that as I drive around people can notice it and smile.. I will also deliver little treats, cards and inspirational messages to make people feel good.

I would really be happy if you could help me make my dreams become a reality by donating what you can towards The Happy Community Car. 

Please donate here






Improve your wellbeing with the #Laughie

The Laughie – A new smartphone concept which has been shown to significantly improve people’s overall wellbeing through encouraging them to laugh.

“Laughing with the Laughie is a quick and easy exercise to add to your daily routine.” (Freda)


What is a Laughie?

The Laughie works in a similar way to a Selfie, but instead of taking a photo of yourself, you record record your own joyful laughter for one minute,

Research and Development of The Laughie

The study was conceived and conducted by Freda Gonot Schoupinsky, an online MSc Health Psychology student at the University of Derby, and supervised by Dr Gulcan Garip, to investigate the impact of laughter on wellbeing, and to answer calls from the medical community for a practical laughter prescription.

Read more about this research

Conclusions of the research

“Laughter is a universal sign of joy. Laughter is contagious and this study is the first to show that it can also be self-contagious. This enables us to use our own laughter to benefit our health and wellbeing. Laughing with the Laughie is a quick and easy exercise to add to your daily routine. (Freda)

How to create your #Laughie

How to use your #Laughie

Laugh with your Laughie whenever you can and watch as your happiness, well-being and positive outlook to life increases.


How to make your own Laughie


Do let me know how you get on with creating your own Laughie.


You can also order your own signed copy of my practical self improvement book Crown of smiles £4.99 + Postage. Email



Starting your day with good vibes.

I just love waking up early and going for a run whilst enjoying my local environment here in Gravesend Kent.

This is also in preparation for my 10k run next week for the charity Gingerbread.

Relax when things don’t go as planned

If you have really tried everything possible to get a certain thing you want to achieve, and it just hasn’t worked out as planned, you need to stop trying so hard even though you may be feeling disappointed.

How to address being disappointed:-

  • Acknowledge that you are feeling disappointed and the reasons why you are feeling this way.
  • What can you learn from this disappointment?
  • How can you adapt and move forward from this disappointment?
  • Find out from your network of friends and family or from using Google how others have coped with a similar disappointment.
  • Have faith that this is all for your good
  • Avoid dwelling on things that you can’t change, and focus on what you can.
  • Challenge any unhelpful thoughts  For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I will always fail,” then you can challenge this untrue and unhelpful thought. Try telling yourself something like, “Things might not always go my way, but if I keep working towards my goals then I will achieve them.


Moving forward

Maybe the timing’s not right. Maybe it wasn’t in your best interests. Maybe while one door seems to be closing, another is opening.  It’s time for you to accept and adapt to whatever is happening now.

Life is not a straight and easy path. It is filled with twists and turns. Each day we are learning how to adapt to our daily lives and challenges.





The not so Happy Mr Happy

Today, I had another  request to cheer someone  whom

I was told was a very miserable person to work with.

I geared myself up, and as I approached to where the  man was sitting, I noticed he was drinking tea from his Mr Happy mug (  in my mind I thought he cant be that miserable to have such a mug)  I smiled and greeted him,. He just gave me a blank look and said rather harshly “what do you want”? I explained I was around to see how he was getting on with work etc. He then spent what to me seemed ages to explain why he hated his job, and that the only happiness he has is when he goes home.

I tried to put a positive spin on the conversation – he just said, “don’t waste your time with me, I enjoy being a misery and I don’t like people like you who think they can come and make me  laugh when I don’t want to. You better go back home and keep taking your happy pills”

I was a bit taken aback by his response, but  just smiled and said “It’s ok, I appreciate this may not be right for you now,  I hope you have a good day.”  It made me realise their is a time for every purpose .

His supervisor who was nearby thanked me for trying and then I went on to do a taster session to some other of their employees who gave positive feedback.




Fun stuff to help you feel good #happierme



Get a small group and make your own happy choir singing the boomboom song

Take part in my I smile back campaign – where a Tshirt or  a badge so that people will know its ok for them to smile at you for you will smile back too.




Contact me to  get your own signed copy of my inspirational book Crown of Smiles with practical tips on how you too can live a happier and contented life.

I can still play football #booklaunch

This my 2nd children’s book is about a boy Abu who was a very keen football player since he was 3 years old, but at the age of 8 he was involved in a car accident which crushed his leg. As a result the leg had to be amputated which left him feeling very sad as he felt he could never play football again with his friends.

His hope to play football again was restored by his friend who helped him to regain his confidence with the help of the ” I Can box” given to his brother by Confident Queen – who is the Queen of teaching children how to be more confident.


Some of the proceeds of the book will go towards supporting the Confident Children Holiday Acivity Club in Gravesend and the work of Melqosh Mission in Sierra Leone working with disabled children and families whose legs and arms where amputated during the war in Sierra Leone..

BOOK  PUBLISHERS – Mindset Makeover Mission Kent

Why I need to get a happy bus #HappyBuskent

My dream is get the Happy Bus Kent – so that my self and team happy could go around different places in kent, delivering our happiness and wellbeing activties to help people feel good and take care of their mental wellbeing.
Our activities will inclue using arts and craft, drummming, singing,dancing and laughter yoga.
We will also deliver little bags of happiness to cheer up people who are nominated.
We also aim to collaborate with existing organisations in the area of happiness, and mental wellbeing so that we can sign post people to services available.
The happy bus will also do outreach to isolated communities as wel as taking part in major events aroumd kent where we will have our bus, and gazibo so that people can come and find out about our services as well as engage in some of the activities we put on.

I was so happy when  Jackie Lloyd who is my mentor bought  me a small toy bus which really helps me to see that my dream can true  very soon.  So if you know how I can do this, please feel free to contact me   genny @   confidentqueen. co. uk

Please also visit my facebook page –


How to prepare to give up something for Lent

How to prepare for Lent


What is lent

During the weeks leading up to Easter,  Christians prepare for it by taking their spirituality particularly seriously.  This period is called Lent.  It lasts just over six weeks.

Lent is a season of forty days, not counting Sundays, which begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Holy Saturday. Lent comes from the Anglo Saxon word lencten, which means “spring.”   In Lent, many of us Christians commit to fasting and praying , as well as “giving up” certain luxuries in order to “replicate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert for 40 days.” Even if you are not a christian you can decided to use this period to give up something. The interesting fact is that most religions have  a period of fasting, praying and seeking divine guidance.


Decide if you want to “give up” something. Lent is based on sacrifice, so most of us  who believe in lent choose to stop eating a favourite food or pursuing a favourite activity. Whether you give up or start something is completely your choice, so choose wisely.


Questions to ask your self before you give something up for Lent.


  1. Is this something I like?
  2. Is this something I enjoy doing/eating?
  3. Is this something that’s important to me?
  4. Do I think this will be a challenge throughout Lent?
  5. Will I appreciate this when I can have/do it again on Easter?
  6. Am I giving this up because I have to (someone is making me), or because I want to?

How to keep going and don’t give up

  • Remember the reasons why you are giving this thing or activity up
  • Imagine how better you will feel or look when you come to the end
  • Prepare in advance how you are going to celebrate you achieving this.
  • Get yourself someone who you know will encourage and support you
  • Write down some positive encouraging affirmations that you can read out each day
  • Pray each day for strength to carry on till the end

Best wishes and do let me know how you get on.

Do something fun on #BlueMonday #Gravesend #Northfleet #Kent

Just because the 16th January is defined as Blue Monday, themost depressing day of the year,    you dont have to be down and blue! One of the best things you can do when the blues hit, is to hit them back with activity.  So here are 3 activities you could join if you are around  gravesend/northfleet Kent (UK)







For more details email .   You can just turn up on the day!

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