Sheri Adegbesan Chair, Life Changers AwardsCongratulations and thank you. You are a true hero and deserve to be called a Life Changer, the Team is very thankful that you are able and willing to join the Life Changers Alliance.
It’s your hard work and dedication which makes you stand out, which is why individuals like you are assets to the community, your project and business ideas are amazing and have an immense contribution to community development. Congratulations in receiving the most prestigious and deserving award.

Marilyn Keating – Director Council for Voluntary Service North West Kent (CVSNWK)
I first met Confidence Queen Genny approx 3 years ago when she approached Council for Voluntary Service North West Kent (CVSNWK) to provide some of her Training Services in Confidence Building, Life Coaching and Assertiveness.

I was inspired by her confidence and self esteem – she was a positive, happy individual whose skills were transferred onto others. Since then she has developed the Confident Children Club where young people are taught confidence, etiquette and self esteem. The classes are always very entertaining.

Her newly found fame as the Confident Queen, with her record and performances on TV and Radio always make me smile. There is never a dull moment with Genny around.

Jo Olinic
Confidence Queen Genny is for me, and in general, for other people: unconditional help, smiles without reservation and plenty of encouragements, positive attitude towards actions and people, Great mother and friend, Inspiration for all of us, example to follow, and the list can continue for the rest of the day! Thank you Genny for everything and God bless you and the children! ”

Diljeet Nota- HOPE project Since Confident Queen Genny has been invited to events that I have organised, all I hear is “wow was she good!. “Even in a short time she has changed my way of thinking” ” I definitely feel more confident”

She is able to adapt to a diverse audience, young, old, men women, Black, Asian, White etc.

Keep going CQ your pink hat and boots the people of Dartford and Gravesham love you!!!


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