Happiness Services

Having gone through a period when I  suffered from depression, anxiety and unhappiness, I am now on a mission to help others who may be going through similar  situations with my  unique services which aim to help you  have many reasons to wake up each day with hope and reasons to smile no matter what life throws at you.


Check below my nomination for the Pride of Britain Awards for the work i do in making others happy through the happiness project I sett up and the various tools I have developed.

Services Include

Happiness Courses for organisations


Happiness at work for Leaders – using the “Escape to Happiness Island model©”

Happiness at work for your staff – using the “Escape to Happiness Island model©”


Happiness Hour Tour



Happiness Island Activity sessions to relieve stress



Smile Gift Box


Our Special Smile Gift Box will help you in your journey to a happier life which starts with a smile. Keep the box in a place where you can see it everyday, and take a few minutes each day out of your busy schedule to write down moments in life that make you smile and keep in the smile container so that you can go back each day and remind yourself that no matter how challenging your life may be right now, their is always, reasons to be alive.





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