How to cope with grief during christmas

Two day’s ago, I heard the devastating news that 2 of my friends had died. This really shook me to the core as they where both very kind people who made a difference to so many people including me. Reflecting back it reminded me that we tend to have a lot of family deaths during this time of the year, this brought a flood of tears as I started to recollect then names of our family members. I was so scared I could not sleep properly yesterday as I remember the word sof a little girl – ” Daddy will be having Christmas in Heaven” words failled as I could only feel the pain of a little girl missing her daddy

I was then prompted to write down these few ideas that I hope may help you. Please feel free to share your comments too.

Here are some of the things you could try to help you cope:

  1. It’s sad, and we have to slowly accept and adapt to the fact that Christmas will never  be the same – let the tears roll
  2. Let others know how you are feeling
  3. Accept that other members of your family may have different ways of mourning
  4. Honour your loved one – they are with you in spirit
  5. Look after yourself
  6. Do what’s best for you without making others feel bad:- example

*Visiting the Cemetery if you can

*Recalling those happy moments and know its ok to cry

*Do some voluntary work – help someone else

*Go out for a walk


Listen to some relaxing christmas music


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