Tears of Happiness during the festive season

This has been quite an unusual year for a lot of us as we try to take one day at a time coping the best we can with the effect of COVID19. A lot of us have shed so many tears of sadness. Now with the festive season, it’s time for us to take in this season of hope and joy. Lets shed tears of happiness knowing that better days are coming. #KeepHopeAlive #KeepSmiling


A friend of mine explained to me that she was not in the mood to celebrate, as the business she has worked hard to develop for nearly 15 years is in the brink of her closing it as she has got no orders for her products and looking at her cashflow projection it seems all doom and gloom. She was in tears. I felt so bad as I did not know how to help her or what to say. She said it was ok that I could just sit down and listen to her vent out all her anger and frustration at the situation.

That night going home, I felt so bad for her, I could not even sleep as I tried to think of ways to help her. In the early hours of the next day I called her to see how she was doing. She was in a state as she had spent the night drinking herself to sleep. I was able to call one of her children who I know to go and check on her as she lived closed to her mum, but was not aware of how bad things where. My friend is now trying to take care of herself and getting help from her grown up children and coach to help her through this period.

Like many other self employed, I shed a tear as I saw the blank diary with not much paid work for a while. But I have decided to take December as month of taking stock of my businesses and to fill my days doing voluntary work and making time for my family. and friends, Doing voluntary work helps me a great deal as i get to help others and give them hope and a reason to smile during this festive period and beyond.

I will still dress in my Christmas outfit and go about spreading Christmas Cheer

Tips on how you too can shed tears of Happiness during this period and beyond,

  1. Know that this situation you are in will pass.

2. Focus on the things that you can do something about

3. If you can, volunteer your time to help others – can be a simple thing like sending cards of hope to your neighbours,

4. Do something each day to make you feel goo – I have created my own advent calendar so that each day I am doing something to make me and others feel good.

5. Join a safe online group where you can connect and network with others

6. Create a playlist of your favourite songs, and have a part just for you – woohoo! Now dance ance like nobody’s watching

7. Get in the festive move – put the Christmas Tree with lights on and make your home look festive

8. Wake up everyday and do the One Minute Smilence – this is about recalling happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute

You can also order some of my festive goodies to bring smile to your face – Prices from £5 to £10 do complete the form below with your order.


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