Day 8 (21) How to stay focussed on achieving your goal #21DayGoalChallenge

Your focus can be likened to a direct command given to your mind. This tells it what to think about next, and it’s important we give the commands that lead to a better life.

If you choose to focus on reasons why you can achieve your goals and dreams, you will find them.  Likewise, if you choose to focus on reasons why you can’t achieve your goals, you will find those too.

Thoughts are things, So remember to always , keep your goal on your mind. Start visualizing your goal constantly. The more you think about it, the more avenues will present themselves for you to achieve your goal.

Be careful of what you say about your goals and make sure what you say, how you think, and what you do aligns  with your goal.


Examples of what to focus on

If you are fit and healthy and want to run the marathon then you can focus on yourself running and completing the marathon;.

If you have a successful business and want to increase sales, you can place your mental focus on the feeling of increasing your sales; .

If you are an avid traveller and want to experience a great travelling adventure, you can mentally focus on your next exciting destination and being . careful not to say negative things about it-

Do let me know how you are getting on, and if you need some clarification on support. I really want to help you achive your goal so do get in touch.


Give yourself permission to take 5 minutes every morning and before you go to bed each night to focus on your vision board and imagine in detail you having achived your goal.








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