Celebrating today – Business Women’s Day

Business Women’s Day celebrates the contribution that women make in the business world and focuses on ways to give women more equality.

Why I started my business
I Started my business when I became a single parent in 2003, as I wanted the flexibility of being able to attend the events my children had in school as well as earning money.

My main challenge has been getting regular customers as well as getting customers to pay me on time. This at times has led me to major finacial challenges which included my house nearly being repossed 5 times as well as having frequent visits from the ballifs.

I felt like giving up

Their have been times when I felt like giving up as the pressure was two much, brining up two children, paying the mortage and trying to make ends meet.

How things changed for me:-
Things changed for me when I decided to meet other women and joined various networking meetings. This helped me to meet other women, learn from their experiences, support and encouragement which in the end helped me to develop my own success plan.

Changing my mindset
I wanted regular income so had to take a part time job to help, as well as apply for tax credits (UK) which helped boost my income. I also had to develop the mindset that i was offering a valuable service to my clients, and that it was ok to charge withought feeling guilty.

Awards and Nominations

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