Wellbeing sessions for Accounting staff

Are you feeling the pressure and stress of work taking a toll on your health and well-being?

Stress is widespread in the accounting profession. 2021 research from the CABA showed that 2 in 5 accountants felt too emotionally drained to keep up with their work. 

Introducing ‘Escape to Happiness Island’ – a series of sessions designed specifically for accountants to help you stay calm and happy during work. Our sessions equip you with tools and techniques to manage stress, improve mental health and overall well-being.

About our Happiness Island Facilitator

Genny Jones has been working in the accounting profession for 25 years in various roles. Over the years she has overcome a period of   work burn out, depression and  low self esteem  to developing her unique Happiness and wellbeing  sessions aimed at businesses to help employees manage their stress levels so that they can be more productive.

In Accounting there is the concept of the duality of transactions which Genny applies in life. On one hand she has the serious professional head of an Accountant and on the other hand she  has created a  bubbly persona Confident Queen with a mission to share joy and happiness, which she was able to do when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the audience and judges who gave her “Yeses”

Genny works to help people not to take themselves too seriously by having time for fun and laughter. Genny specialises in using laughter and humour to help people manage stress and to be resilient,

Genny’s sessions are very practical and she shares techniques which helped her as well as those she learnt from others

About the sessions

The sessions are fun packed, interactive and can include: –

  1. Tips on managing stress and avoiding burnout
  2. Visualisation and meditation
  3. Laughter Yoga and breathing
  4. Singing and Dancing to our double entry song
  5. Creative arts and craft

Benefits of the session

At the end of the session participants will: –

  1. Have better understanding of the need to have time for fun
  2. Feel good
  3. Be more productive
  4. Have a positive outlook to life
  5. Take with them a simple booklet with practical tips to cope with everyday life

Photo by cottonbro studio on Pexels.com

Happiness and Wellbeing Toolbox

Genny has developed her Happiness and Wellbeing toolbox which has various items and tips which can be used to boost one’s happiness and wellbeing.

Awards and Nominations

  • Nominated for the ITV Meridian ‘Pride of Britain’ Award for the work she does helping people to feel happier. https://vimeo.com/75320740
  • Listed on Independent on Sunday List of top 100 Happy people in UK making a difference.
  • Finalist of the Happy Team Award at the National Happiness Awards

Join us and take a break from the daily grind, and escape to a place where happiness reigns virtually or at your office

Send your enquiries now for the Escape to Happiness Island Experience to make you feel good and energised,


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