Order these mood lifters today #Gifts

Glick on this llink to order your gift set https://www.paypal.com/instantcommerce/checkout/ATHXHA9QQ24HJ

Inflatable Crown – The crown is a great choice to help you regain your confidence and smile.  Simply inflate the crown with air and put on your Crown and strut your stuff round like the Queen or King you know you are. Say out loud “Feel Confident, Feel Confident, everyday I feel confident. I am  unique, special and happy to be me. Wooohoo”

Novelty Glasses in four different colours – Fun glasses – Put it on and look at the bright side of life.

Gratitude Jotter – everyday take about five minutes just to relax and write down all you are grateful for now and be grateful for the things yet to come. The more you are grateful, the more life will give you things to be grateful for.

Crown of Smiles self-improvement book a pick me up especially if you are feeling a bit low. Read my story of overcoming my challenges and learn from some of the things I did to help me regain my confidence and have a reason to smile each day.


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