Be an encourager

Every morning I wake up part of my routine includes reading UCB Word for today, which really helps to lift my spirits as i meditate on the passage of the day. Today’s message of being an encourager reminded me of all the people especially during this year who have really encouraged me to keep going with my dream of helping to make people feel good and happier each day through my Escape to Happiness Island sessions using your imagination to feel good and relieve stress.

I have extracted this from today’s message which said “In a world plagued with negativity and bad news, everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. So make a conscious effort to speak sincere words of affirmation, support, and inspiration to those within your circle of influence”

I encourage you today to rise up, put on your invisible Crown of Confidence and focus on achieving at least one of your goals. Don’t let anyone stop you, Don’t be put off by COVID19 and the negativity around it as despite it life goes on the best we can. I don’t have enough paid work at the moment, but it is not stopping me from using this period to plan, learn, develop and network with others who are helping me to move forwards

I love this song – Ain’t no stopping us now…. go on sing with me now!

.Please connect with me for more good vibes and positivity on these platforms. Thank you.

Twitter: –!confident_queen

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