Learn the lessons from things which keep happening in your life.

Remember if something happens once, it may be a coincidence or insignificant. If it happens twice PAY ATTENTION and try to do something about it.

“I have a rule in my life. If something happens twice, I pay attention to it. This type of awareness has allowed me to to stay present in my life without being overwhelmed. I may not always like the situation but I do pay attention so that it does not become a mess that I can’t handle.” unknown

Stop complaining and going over your problems

For many of us, complaining is the biggest reason we continue to encounter the same problems. We talk about them too much and stay focused on the problem, not the solution. Choosing to stop complaining sounds easy in theory, but it is often a habit that needs a little thought to break. The best way to stop it is to find someone who can call us out when we are complaining. I think we will be surprised at much complaining has infiltrated our day. https://www.powerofpositivity.com/5-reasons-problems-keep-happening/









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