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Confidence Queen

Genny Jones, a 49-year old woman of African descent living in Kent, England turned her life around after experiencing a severely “devastating” divorce. She sought counseling following her heartbreak and ultimately succeeded in discovering a well spring of Self-worth, which boosted her confidence exponentially.

So much so that she started a new business called Confidence Queen and ended up showcasing her unique brand of self-empowerment on television. She is now appearing on a BBC hit comedy series, Genius, where contestants seek to convince a panel of comedians and a guest audience that their particular Genius idea is the best.

What is her Genius Idea and the secret of her successful transformation? Queen Jenny maintains that the secret to self-assured happiness is the Confident Song that she made up.

“It started out as a fun thing I did for my kids, who I got to make up the lyrics. I’d dress up and sing for them, she explained. “I then started doing it in schools and found the kids loved it. I remember one child, Joe, coming up to me after a visit and saying he had gone swimming and been too afraid to dive. He’d remembered my song and started singing: ‘I’m a confident kid’ and was able to do it.”

The success of her message spurred her on to make her song public. She started by posting a one-minute version on YouTube. Then she contacted Britain’s Got Talent rapper DJ Talent, who advised her to approach the show Genius.

So she did. “I’m there with around 20 or 30 others who all have these mad ideas. I had to get up and teach them the song and the dance. It was a bit embarrassing but I met some wonderful people and as we were leaving they were all coming out singing my song” she crowed with glee.

“It was all good fun and hopefully it will help a few more people to find confidence.”


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