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Come and join us to celebrate the International Wwomen’s Day 2017 campaign theme: #BeBoldForChange organised by Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen and The Grand Healthy Living Centre.

It is going to be a morning of inspirational speakers, fun and network followed by light refreshments and presentation of Inspirational Women’s Award celebrating the wonderful women in Gravesham.

We also have a selction of raffle prizes.

Please bring your business cards/leaflet to promote what you do!



Confidence to achieve your goals in 2016

Wishing you all a happier 2016 a year you take action and work towards achieving your goals.


As you set your goals for the new year remember the words of Michelle Obama “One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am. “



Some tips on how to plan to achieve your goals

•Work to develop your inner peace and joy, and then all of the outer things will follow

•Spend some quiet time to think, write down and visualize the kind of life you would like to experience..

•Develop a strong belief and passion that you will achieve your goals with time, dedication and Passion

•Write down a daily mantra “ Yes I will achieve my goals in 2016”

•Prioritise and work on one thing you want to achieve at a given time.

•Set yourself timescales to complete things

•Get yourself someone who can work with you to help you achieve your goals


•Stay focus on what you want to achieve and don’t let people, things or situations distract you.

•Follow through your ideas and avoid procrastination.

•Do not over commit your time, money, resources and energy on things that will not help you achieve your goals.

•Take time out in the morning and night to be still and focus on you having all the resources you need to achieve your goals.


•Obstacles and challenges will come your way, but see them as opportunities to learn and grow.

•Make sure you plan your schedule so that you can have a good work life balance

•As people help you to fulfill your dreams, remember to help others too.

Be grateful, appreciate and celebrate all you have achieved so far

If you need help with this email me genny @ confidentqueen . co . uk

Building Self-Discipline




A few weeks ago, I was searching the internet for information about how I could be more disciplined as I realise that sometimes I tend to be busy doing so many things and yet still I don’t seem to complete some of the most important things I should. I came across this great article by Alexandra Merisoiu and got in touch with her so that I could share with you as it will help us in our journey to being the best we can.

Alexandra Merisoiu

With Woman’s Day around the corner what better time to talk about Self-Discipline. Self discipline is a weapon I believe everyone should have in their life, especially women who wear some many hats and deal with so many things: mother (sometimes taking the place of the father as well), daughter, sister, aunt, entrepreneur or CEO and whatever other roles you may play in your life.


Whether it’s related to health, business, diet or fitness self discipline or self control is what will get you the consistent results you are looking for and you deserve. And it will also keep you sane.

But no one is born disciplined. It is a behaviour we can learn, develop and use for success in any area of our lives.


And as with anything else we can also lose it in time if not practiced regularly.


  1. Makes it easier to create and follow a plan. A plan may be related to fitness, nutrition, a project or a business, or a product of your business. Self disciplined individuals stick to the plan and make progress.


  1. When you are disciplined you are in control of your world and life and you can make more rational decisions without feeling stressed, upset, frustrated or fall into depression.


  1. Self disciplined people get the results they are looking for. As my mentor Amanda Watts, founder of Clients in Abundance, always says: consistency is key. When you are self disciplined you are consistent with your work, your training and your goals day by day, week and month. You let nothing get in your way.


  1. Self discipline is training or control of oneself and one’s personal growth. It’s one of the 20% skills that contribute to 80% of results when applied to the right habits or areas of our lives.


  1. Daily chores will be less stressful and frustrating. Everything will become easier, faster and less stressful on the body and mind.


Here are some easy ways you can start to discipline yourself.


After you get the hand of these you can apply similar rules to some of your other areas of your life

  1. Make a schedule for the first hour after you wake up. For example mine is 20 min practicing Qigong or another type of exercise, 20 min working on my to do list and 20 min reading.


  1. Wake up at the same time every morning. No snooze button.


  1. Plan a to do list, decide how much time you will spend on each task and do them. Turn off any phones, laptops, email, facebook etc for 30 min or 1 hour you decide to work on your task. If you are not used to this level of discipline then instead of starting with 1 hour slots start small, 15 min for example, and slowly build up.


  1. To build discipline I ask my clients to do food diaries. Besides the fact that we look at their nutritional habits we also build self discipline which helps us later when we work on natural movement, meditation and personal development as part of the Six Essential Principles of The Merisoiu Technique


  1. Sign out of your facebook, email, twitter, linkedin accounts etc and only check them 3 times a day for 1hour maximum, or around those lines.

Ladies, I wish you a great Woman’s Day and I would like to offer you a FREE 1 hour Skype call as my gift to you.


Please click here and book a FREE call with me. We will talk about your biggest health, wellness, fitness struggles you are facing right now and come up with a solution to help you find the right family-personal-professional life balance. I call this your personal Sweet Spot in life.

So book your free call and let’s find your Sweet Spot, the right balance in your life.


Alexandra Merisoiu

I am the Founder and Coach at Urban Women Fitness where I work with professional women in their 30’s and 40’s to help them relieve stress and overcome depression.

I do this by taking them through The Merisoiu Technique and its Six Guiding Principles: Earthing, Zanshin (awareness), Natural Movement, Nutrition, Personal Development and Habits Transformation.

I take my clients from exhaustion and overwhelm to feeling excited, enthusiastic and transformed in just 12 weeks.

UWF is about technique and smart coaching which enables women to push boundaries for physical, mental and spiritual growth and development.

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Which hat shall I wear today?



Host a Gift of Confidence Party

Host a Gift of Confidence Party – With Confident Queen
Featured on Britain’s Got Talent and BBC Genius

Our Gift of Confidence party and our Gift of Confidence tool box will equip and empower you with tools to help you break through all barriers and fixed notions you have about yourself and life in general and move forward in life. It will help you improve on and raise those confidence levels just the way you want.

What is a Gift of Confidence party
A fun and unique way of getting a small group of people to discuss and learn how to be more confident and happier in life in a safe and friendly environment

Party will cover:
• Getting to know each other
• Take the Confidence Test
• Practical fun tips on how to build your confidence
• Making of your own Gift of Confidence Tool Box
• Learning the confidence song and dance routine
• Eat, Fancy Dress, Dance and have loads of fun and laughter!
• Dress up and perform in our confidence bamd!

Benefits of a Confidence Party
Share experiences within a small group
Instant feel good
Practical tips you can start using instantly
Fun and informative
Gift of Confidence tool box to take home

Length of party 2 hours mimimum

What we provide All the resources , music, mobile confidence store and much more

What you provide Venue Guests and Refreshments

What each person takes home with them
Gift of Confidence positive affirmation Box
Confidence song on MP3 ( this has to be purchased)

Costs – Please contact us for costs we know you can confidently afford

Every time someone tries to give a blow to your confidence, just think what David Brinkley said: “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her”.

Stephen Mulhern is sexier says Confidence Queen – Britain’s Got More Talent

Genny Jones – Confidence Queen: She really does know how to boost someones confidence. One of them acts that you can’t help but smile at. Stephen tells her he’s feeling low in confidence, she gives him some ‘confidence boosting glasses’ and they sing a song. After her audition and having a good old sniff of Simon Cowell, Stephen asks ‘how does he (Stephen) smell??’ to which she replies ‘Sexier’ … She’s got it in one there!! 😉
Extracted from:Team Mullers

You are a lioness – Be strong and regain your strength

Over the last few month’s I have been inspired by a very wonderful lady Jackie Lloyd from City Praise centre and the amaze women events. I was blessed to meet her one day when I felt low and just needed someone to talk to. I really admired the warmth, love, advise and support she gave to me. It was so refreshing, and though when I went to her I felt weak and vulnerable, by the end of our discussion I felt strong and energised. I left with her words “remember you are a lioness”.

I just woke up this morning remembering her words “ you are a lioness” and came across this article below which I am sharing with you!

With the lioness energy within you, you will become a great provider, able to go out into the world, successfully meet the challenges of life and bring home the bounty for yourself and your loved ones. There is no need to worry about whether you will succeed, for you are the lioness.

The lioness will bring you the gift of perfect timing. She will teach you when to lie low and blend with the surroundings and when to leap out and go after what you desire. Your intuitive side will strengthen as you develop the skill of sensing what is around you and knowing exactly when to make your move.

The lioness is also very strong physically, fast and agile. Breathe in deeply and feel her power within you, healing you and bringing you physical strength.

And once home, let her teach you to relax completely, enjoying the company of others, nuzzling and purring as you build a community of safety and abundance. How blessed you are to be the lioness!

Information extracted from:

Abundance and power are yours, for you are the lioness

This christmas give yourself or a child you know the Gift of Positive affirmations in a box and a special letter from ne Confident Queen. Check out my website

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