Vote #HappyGenny #first – Vodafone First



Hello friends, please, please vote for my Vodafone first – happiness tour Thank you



The aim of my Vodafone is to help people to feel good by delivering to them happiness Gifts and Cards which they can refer to at any time they feel low and want to boost their confidence and happiness levels.

My Vodafone First  #first

                       Delivering Love, Joy, Peace, Happiness and Smiles.


Happiness Activity Sessions to include:-

One Minute Smilence Challenge

Happiness Paper Plate Dance

Escape to Happiness Island to relieve stress

Make your own Gift of Happiness Gift Box

Learn the Happiness Boom Boom dance and song

Learn 7 Daily activities to boost your happiness and well being


My team and I will deliver Happiness Gift Boxes  and Feel Good Cards

To lift people’s spirits, help them smile and feel good













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