Pocahontas @400 celebrations in Gravesend

Princess Pocahontas was a native American who in the year 1607 intervened to save the life of pioneer Captain John Smith. Later she left her home in Virginia to travel to England, where she married an Englishman and became a regular in the court of King James. She became the first of her nation to convert to Christianity.

Pocahontas died on a ship anchored off Gravesend before she was able to return to the country of her birth. It is popular belief her remains are interred somewhere in the vicinity of the church, having been removed for reburial after the previous church was destroyed by fire.  http://www.stgeorgesgravesend.org.uk/history/pocahontas1.php

It was wonderful to be able to be part of the celebrations, thanks to Annimate Arts Company who worked so hard with all the children and others to make the event a success. http://www.animateartscompany.com/

Visit Gravesend http://www.visitgravesend.co.uk/whats-on/pocahontas-400/

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