Confident Queen tips for reducing the stress of being a self employed single parent


As a single parent of 2 wonderful children, I decided to work for myself so that I can have the flexibility of being able to take my children to school, attend some of their activities, as well as having time to do other things I love.

The main areas of stress I face at times are:-

1.Juggling doing paid work when my children have important activities in school and feeling guilty for not being able to be their.

2.Times when there is actually no work

3.Not able to meet my day to day expenditure because clients are not paying on time

4. When I feel unwell, and can’t work More


How your smiley cup can help relieve stress at work #StressAtWork


We all at times have days at work when we feel totally overwhelmed and stressed out, to the extent that you even feel guilty to have a lunch break!  Over the last few years, I  have learnt to see my smiley cup which has various items inside, which I use to relieve stress and have  instant good vibes in less than five minutes  which in turn helps me to continue with my work.



Smiley Cup – Use it to drink water which is good and refreshing for you to have regularly throughout your day.Happy Cup1Smiley sticker – To remind you to take a minute out of your day to do the one minute Smilence – this is where you think happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute.



Bubble Wrap – Get Popping Research as show that one minute spent popping bubble wrap relieves as much stress as a half-hour massage.

02_14_12-bubble-wrap2Sweets – to remind you to treat/ reward yourself for all your hard work

hariboColoured Paper – For you to write down why you are grateful for you job because of the things it allows you to do.




The prefilled cup cost £5 each inclusive of UK postage. Please complete attach to put in your orders in any of these colours Red, Purple, Green, Red, Yellow and Blue



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