#Stacey Mowle – Girl with the beautiful smile.

The Stacey Mowle Story – http://www.thestaceymowleappeal.co.uk/1.html

A beautiful princess, taken away from us as such an early age.

Even though my heart is breaking, the pain is hurting, the tears keep flowing, the memories of your warm personality, funny pictures and videos  that capture wonderful happy memories, turn my tears of sorrow into tears of laughter.



Day 8 Happiness Challenge – Girl with the beautiful smile


We dedicate this day to Gravesham’s own Princess Stacey Mowle who, passed away peacefully in her sleep with her usual signature cheeky smile at 06:30am on March 6th 2015. (The Stacey Mowle Appeal)

Words cannot explain the pain we feel right now but  “It is now time to celebrate our Princesses life that she had with us. The tears will come but they should be promptly be replaced with the memories of laughter, smiles, the photos, videos, the events – all the memories”  @staceymowleappeal

Please lets show support for Dan who is going to abseil for #staceymowle pls donate here https://www.justgiving.com/Dan-Alexander-Smith1/ thank you



The Girl with the Pink Bandana

'The Girl with the Pink Bandana'.


‘The Girl with the Pink Bandana’. A children’s book written by Roberto Di Falco and illustrated by Silvia Hoefnagels. This book has been especially to raise money and awareness for one special little girl, Stacey Mowle. Stacey is 8 years old and has the advance stages of neuroblastoma cancer. The UK hospitals have done everything they can to help her so now her last chance of hope is an expensive pioneering treatment that is only available in the US. The book will be out very soon and when it does there will be a donation to The Stacey Mowle Appeal for every book sold. Please spread the word so when book launch day comes we can get a big donation together for Stacey.

Thank you all for your support

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