Experience 31 Days of Smilence in August


What is the One Minute Smilence
The one minute Smilence is a simple way for us all to take time out of our busy and stressed out schedule, and spend a few minutes thinking about things that make us smile, and then spend a minute smiling and appreciaiting the fact that so long as we are alive there is hope and many reasons for us to smile.

Why I created the One Minute Smilence
One minute Smilence was created by me Confident Queen. Initially this was something I did for myself at times when I found it hard to even smile because life seemed overwhelming at a time when I was in financial difficulties and just could not see light at the end of the tunnel. I find that by me dedicating some time at the start and end of each day to focus on reasons for me to smile, I started to feel better, and realise that Life is a gift, and that though life has its ups and downs, their is always, always something to make you smile each day.

How to do your One Minute Smilence
In this month of August, I thought it would be a good idea for the next 31 days to take time out each day and do your one minute smilence. Get a note book to write down each day the reasons why you smiled each day. To make it fun why not get 31 blank paper plates and each day write the reasons you smiled on the paper plate and then hang it up so that by the end of each month you can then have all the 31 paper plates hanging up. I bet you will feel good after this. To start, you will need to find a quiet place so that you can focus better. You can do this anytime of the day though I find it better to do first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Now it’s time for you to do your One Minute Smilence
1.Sit down in a quiet place take time to slowly breathe in and out.
2.Relax and start to recall and say what you are grateful for and thankful for in your life right now (you can write these down if you wish)
3.Now write down on your note book, paper or paper plate, the things that make you smile. You can use pictures and images to help with this.
4.When you have finished, set your timer for a minute and now just spend a minute focussing on things that make you smile and keep smiling for the whole minute .
5.After the minute has gone – just shout excitedly “ WooHoo BoomBoom2
6.You can also take a selfie and post on twitter #oneminutesmilence
7.Now do this everyday for the next 31 days of August
8.As you go our each day remember to collect moments that make you smile and share your smile with as many people as you can.

Follow me on Twitter – @confident _queen and do let me know how you get on.

Jump up Jump up and Feel Confident – Charity Song

Charity Song for Beat Project

I am so excited that my song has now been remixed as a charity song to help raise funds for the work I do in partnership with the beat project. The proceeds will help us raise funds which will help us in our continued vision of making a difference in our community.


About the song

Song  featuring Lynieve Austin on vocals, Genny (Confident Queen) vocals and original song, The Scorchers playing the music and arrangement.
Mixed and produced at Big Jam studios

Time to Jump up and Dance


WooHoo, please just dance and sing to this wonderful version of my song!!! Jump Jump and feel confident!

Well you can download the song here https://soundcloud.com/scarle…/feel-confident-charity-single and then Donate here – https://www.charitycheckout.co.uk/1096856/Donate



ON BGT – I was so happy when I performed this song on BGT in April 2012 and had such a laugh and even got to hug and smell Simon Cowell! LOL

Confident Queen on Britiain's Got TalentMore Talent!


Instant Happiness Activity Sessions

Session Length: Maximum 1 hour

Number of participants needed – Minimum of 5

Costs: Please call us for prices to suit your budget

Activities Includes:-
-A taste of laughter yoga
– Learn some fantastic tips to help you feel happy everyday.
-Sing and Dance to the Happiness Song
-Take home with your own small Gift of Happiness Box with affirmations

At the end of the session, you should feel:

Our sessions can be customised to suit all ages and all types of organisations!

To book us to run a session please complete this form

Which hat shall I wear today?



Confident Queen at your Event



Host a Gift of Confidence Party

Host a Gift of Confidence Party – With Confident Queen
Featured on Britain’s Got Talent and BBC Genius

Our Gift of Confidence party and our Gift of Confidence tool box will equip and empower you with tools to help you break through all barriers and fixed notions you have about yourself and life in general and move forward in life. It will help you improve on and raise those confidence levels just the way you want.

What is a Gift of Confidence party
A fun and unique way of getting a small group of people to discuss and learn how to be more confident and happier in life in a safe and friendly environment

Party will cover:
• Getting to know each other
• Take the Confidence Test
• Practical fun tips on how to build your confidence
• Making of your own Gift of Confidence Tool Box
• Learning the confidence song and dance routine
• Eat, Fancy Dress, Dance and have loads of fun and laughter!
• Dress up and perform in our confidence bamd!

Benefits of a Confidence Party
Share experiences within a small group
Instant feel good
Practical tips you can start using instantly
Fun and informative
Gift of Confidence tool box to take home

Length of party 2 hours mimimum

What we provide All the resources , music, mobile confidence store and much more

What you provide Venue Guests and Refreshments

What each person takes home with them
Gift of Confidence positive affirmation Box
Confidence song on MP3 ( this has to be purchased)

Costs – Please contact us for costs we know you can confidently afford

Every time someone tries to give a blow to your confidence, just think what David Brinkley said: “A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her”.

Stephen Mulhern is sexier says Confidence Queen – Britain’s Got More Talent

Genny Jones – Confidence Queen: She really does know how to boost someones confidence. One of them acts that you can’t help but smile at. Stephen tells her he’s feeling low in confidence, she gives him some ‘confidence boosting glasses’ and they sing a song. After her audition and having a good old sniff of Simon Cowell, Stephen asks ‘how does he (Stephen) smell??’ to which she replies ‘Sexier’ … She’s got it in one there!! 😉
Extracted from:Team Mullers http://teammullers.blogspot.co.uk/

Simon Cowell says Yes to Confidence Queen

I am relieving the wonderful moments I had on Britain’s Got Talent 2012 Audition in Cardiff. I really loved the reaction from the growd and all the judges!

Simon Cowell: Occasionally I go slightly nuts because I am also going to say yes and I don’t know why.

David Walliams: You know, what you have brought here today is actually a spirit, a sense of hope, a sense of happiness and a sense of confidence.

Alesha Dixon: Genny you have lightened up my day, it’s a yes from me.

Some of the Words to the confident song
I try to sing, I try to dance, I try to make you have a laugh.
Confidence Queen, that’s who I am. Listen to me, listen to me.
Everybody listen to me. Every day just be confident.
When you wake up in the morning feel confident.
When you’re on Britain’s Got Talent feel confident.
If Simon says ‘no’ feel confident.
Feel confident, feel confident, every day feel confident.
Jump, jump, jump.

Confident Queen on Britain’s Got Talent

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