Completing Race for life on Sunday

About 9 weeks ago, I  could not even run down my road without being breathless. Thanks to my friend Christine, whom I decided to join to do race for life in memory of her dad  as this  motivated me to start on an exercise programme, as well as the fact that my doctor had said I needed to do some exercise to help lower my cholesteral.



I then started on a journey of preparation, which involved completing a healthy weight and  exercise plan run by our local health living centre The Grand gravesend

I then came across the couchto5k programme and incorporated it as part of my daily exericse routine.  To motivate myself I took pictures each morning and posted on social media, and my friends would comment with words of encouragement. I also joined aldies group who meet in our local park so and took part in their daily exercise programme. I also tried to wear fun outfits each day to motivate me!


Race for life 2016

It was such a fantastic day, and quite emotional as I was reading the reasons why people where taking part. I felt very humble and great that i too could do my bit for a special little girl Stacey Mowle who we lost just in her fight againts cancer as well as some family and friends.

6 weeks later I can run 5k #LoveToRun


6 weeks ago I could not even run down my road, but now I can run 3 miles every morning at my own pace, I feel much more energised and alive.  My body is now out of shock and responds well to me running.






My #jogging achievements in 4 weeks #raceforlife

I am so excited that since I started my jogging routine using the Race for life six weeks plan, I am still feeling motivated and excited to wake up early morning and jog. I just have so much energy!



My achievements at the end of the 4th week ( two more weeks to go)

  1. Motivating others to start jogging
  2. Being able to jog from one end of my road to the other
  3. Being able to jog for 3 miles (from this week) without stopping at a nice slow space
  4. Being able to fit into a dress I wore last year  as I have now lost some weight


My morning motivation before I start to jog


Some of my pictures


How I motivate myself to wake up early and Walk/Jog/Run/Exercise!

Usually, I am not  someone who wakes up early in the morning and thinks of doing any form of exercise. I am motivated to change this, because I decided to join my friend Christine and our other team members to run race for life 5K in Blackheath London on 3rd July in memory of our family and friends especially one lovely little girl i adore Stacey Mowle.


I first joined the healthy weight programme run by our local healthy weight centre the Grand – which means amongst other things  I can go to the  NRG gym every Monday and use their equipment to exercise for 10 weeks as part of the programme.


To motivate my self not to give up half way I decided to:-


I wake up and focus on the family, and friends who have lost their lives because of cancer as well as those who are battling with cancer in their lives. I think especially of one beautiful girl Stacey Mowle  who was just a strong and amazing fighter, and I am now happy to be one of the patrons of the charity set up by her family Warren, Samtha, Jake



When I run, I imagine they are looking down at me saying “run Genny run, you can do this”


I told my friends and families on my Facebook page, what I am doing so that I cam accountable to them and they can support and encourage me each day.



I follow the race for life  6 weeks routine  and also use The Magic Mile, which is a unique tool to help us determine realistic running goals and help us to progress, get faster and stronger.

african american family jogging. healthcare concept. benefits of running icon. isolated on white background.

Health benefits

I visited my doctor who said I was overweight, with high cholesterol and BMI – this really scare me, and motivated me to do something about it as I want to live a healthier life so that I can be their for a long while to look after my children and complete my mission in life of making as many people as I can have a reason to smile each day.

Support Group

As well as jogging/running on my own each morning, I also decided to join a group of ladies who I see exercising regularly in the park near me. They inspire me so much, and each day  I go they encourage me to keep coming and not give up. Most of them are over 60 and our instructor is 70 years old.

 Fun and interesting

I make my morning routine fun, as each day I wear different Tshirts and fun accessories and then take picture and upload on my social media. I also change my running routes.

If you would like to donate to our just giving page here is the link

The Dimples Ladies team – Christine  Vivienne, Kerry, Sonal, Julie, Emily and myself


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