Being nominated as one of Gravesham’s Peace Makers

The other day, I was feeling a bit down, but as I looked through my emails, my spirit was lifted and I started to cry as I read the email below!!

Dear Genny,

Recently, we began a public search for today’s PEACEMAKERS of Gravesham, as part of Pocahontas’ 400th Commemorative Anniversary in Gravesend (see more details about this programme on Peacemakers are the individuals or groups who truly promote and demonstrate acts of peace, friendship and community spirit, in the borough.  We asked the public to nominate the unsung heroes, the community givers and the caring friends who go that extra mile.

We understand that you play an important role in Gravesend’s community because you have been nominated as a Peacemaker. You received a couple of nominations from different people, who both recognise how much joy and positivity you bring to the local community, especially through the groups that you run.

We would really like to thank and acknowledge your community spirit and dedication that you give to the town –  particularly supporting individuals to find their confidence, happiness and well-being.  We would like to invite you to be a guest at the Gravesend’s very special Pocahontas Day on Tuesday 21 March, from 12.45pm onwards.

Jo Dyer   |   Artistic Director Animate Arts Company 

I just feel so humbled, honoured and thankful to all who nominated me and my fellow peace makers, as we do the things we do out of  our love and passion to make a difference in the life of others. I also go to know that some people from RETHINK a project I work with, took time to make my feather which depicted happiness and wellbeing which are the things I am passionate about.


Pocahontas @400 celebrations in Gravesend

Princess Pocahontas was a native American who in the year 1607 intervened to save the life of pioneer Captain John Smith. Later she left her home in Virginia to travel to England, where she married an Englishman and became a regular in the court of King James. She became the first of her nation to convert to Christianity.

Pocahontas died on a ship anchored off Gravesend before she was able to return to the country of her birth. It is popular belief her remains are interred somewhere in the vicinity of the church, having been removed for reburial after the previous church was destroyed by fire.

It was wonderful to be able to be part of the celebrations, thanks to Annimate Arts Company who worked so hard with all the children and others to make the event a success.

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