Why I love being an author #NationalAuthorsDay

I love to read and listen to stories

Growing up as a child, I used to love listening to stories told by various family members as these stories taught me great life lessons. I used to love all the songs l that went with some of the stories. In school I loved English Literature which opened my mind to great authors. As a teenager, I fell in love with  the Mills and Boom stories about  love and romance. As I got older, I started to read all the Agatha Christie murder mystery stories  as at one time, I thought of being a detective.

 Why I started to write my books for children and adults

I decided to write my ” I Can” books based on confidence building as I remember various  incidences in school, college. and work l when I was bullied and suffered from low self esteem.  I did not want my children or other children to go through the same.  I wanted to use my life experiences and things that I had been taught which helped boost my confidence to help others.
I also created my persona Confident Queen as someone who has special powers to help people unwrap their gift of confidence which is within them. Also Confident Queen is a black character as I wanted black children to also relate to my character as I felt their was not enough black characters in children’s books.


Why I started to write my books for adults

I started to write self help books for adults having recovered from a period of low self confidence and depression due to a dark period in my life when I found it hard to cope with some challenges I was going through.  These books too are based on life lessons learnt and the various techniques I used to cope with my life.


I love being an author as it has really helped me bring my ideas to life and it is wonderful to go to schools to read my stories and to get feedback from children on how they enjoy my stories.. 

If you would like to get any copies of my books do email me genny@confidentqueen.co.uk



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