Confident Queen tips for reducing the stress of being a self employed single parent


As a single parent of 2 wonderful children, I decided to work for myself so that I can have the flexibility of being able to take my children to school, attend some of their activities, as well as having time to do other things I love.

The main areas of stress I face at times are:-

1.Juggling doing paid work when my children have important activities in school and feeling guilty for not being able to be their.

2.Times when there is actually no work

3.Not able to meet my day to day expenditure because clients are not paying on time

4. When I feel unwell, and can’t work More

Go out and share a smile. World Smile Day 7th October #WSD2016


As we look forward to celebrating another world smile day this year,  part of my mission is to  encourage as many people as I can to have a reason to smile each day though the simple acts like sharing a smile and  doing a random act of kindness.

facts of smiling


Find out more about how world smile day started,  and how you can be involved check this link


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