Life is a gift never take it for granted #EnjoyYourLife

Dear friends and family, life is fragile. Let’s value, love, cherish and appreciate one another while we have the time and opportunity to do so. There comes a time in life when ALL we have is each other.

Kyrzayda Rodriguez, a popular Instagram fashion blogger from the Dominican Republic, died died few days ago after announcing her Stage 4 stomach Cancer. May re soul Rest In Perfect Peace.

Below are her words during her last days and it is very inspirational.

“I have a brand new car 🚗 parked outside that can’t do anything for me, I have all kinds of designers clothes, shoes and bags that can’t do anything for me, I have money in my account that can’t do anything for me, I have a big well furnished house that can’t do anything for me.

Look, I’m lying here in a twin size hospital bed; I can take a plane any day of the week if I like but that can’t do anything for me … So do not let anyone make you feel bad for the things you don’t have – but the things you have, be happy with those; if you have a roof over your head who cares what kind of furnitures is in it… the most important thing in life is LOVE. Lastly, make sure you enjoy the ones you love”. Kyrzayda Rodriguez RIP




Have a Happy Christmas!

Hello and thank you for taking time out to read my blog

Christmas is a time when their is a lot of love and happiness in the air and people are generally in the mood to give and just have a good time.

For those of us who have lost loved once during the year, it can be sad as we think of them and feel sorry that they are not here to celebrate with us. I think of the young children I know who have lost their parents and this will be the first Christmas without their parents.

No matter what the situation, I believe that it is ok to grieve for those special people who are no longer in our lives, and its ok to shed a tear . It is also important that we try focus on all the wonderful moments and times you shared with that person. I will always remember my friend Joy – I loved the way she encouraged me when I started calling my self Confident Queen. She was a very happy person and her name “JOY” suited her very much!

This Christmas, in your quiet moment, just be grateful that you have “The Gift of Life and Hope for a better tomorrow”. Celebrate all the good things in your life right now, and just have faith and belief that life can get better if you Believe and are willing to take action to change your situation. If you need help with this, please book your fee Email coaching with me Confident Queen.

Now join me and say!

“I am unique, special, and original and not a copy”
“Right now I choose to focus on being happy”

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