International Fun Day at Work day friday 30th January

International Fun at work day friday 30th January


Fun at work day is all about enjoying yourself; dress up silly, partake in office-based mischief, or just crank the music up loud while you work

Other Things you could do

Book Confidence Queen Genny ( Seen on BGT 2012) to spread some happiness:-

Part 1) Britain’s Got More Talent 2012 – Series 6 Episode 3: via @YouTube


½ Fun Time with Confidence Queen

Session includes

  1. One Minute Smilence – Share happy thoughts and share smiles for a minute
  2. Dance to the Paper Plate Dance
  3. Sing to the BoomBoom song
  4. Learn different types of laughter
  5. Enjoy some refreshing water or juice from your own happy cup
  6. Take funny selfies using our assortment of fun accessories

One Minute Smilence

One Minute Smilence

Give your employees a minute to think about things that make them happy and get them to smile for a minute.


Make a Happy Company News Box

This is a fun box where you can call put in good news, things that make you smile, etc

Company song

Get everyone to be creative and come up with a fun company song and dance

My company has talent

Put on a fun talent show


Take a “Happy team” selfie and upload to twitter #funatworkday



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