Be willing to change your situation #21DayGoalChallenge

Sometimes we need to take time out to review our livesm find out what is going right, look at  areas of our lives where we seem to be stuck in a rut and try to find out ways of improving our lives for the better. The key is to be willing to change the things that we have control over and learning to live with the things we can’t control.

Take time to write down what areas of your life you need to change and then focus on at least 3 areas, and then take a few action steps each day to help you make the changes in your life that you so desire.




How to stop the same bad situation happening in your life #21DayGoalChallenge

The other day, I was thinking about certain things that keep repeating  in my life, and why they kept happening. I researched and  read a few articles about this online, I realised it was really down to what I was saying and my belief

This kept repeating in my life.

I am self employed and one of the problems I have had for years is that I will do work for clients, but when it came to them paying me, I had to keep chasing them and threatening to take legal action.

After reading various articles on the subject – of why the same things keep happening to  you! I discovered that the clients who paid me on time, where the once I was happy to do their work with no problem and I kept saying how good it was to work with them because they always paid me on time.


The clients who had a history of paying me late mainly did this because I had no proper payment terms with them, and some I no longer enjoyed the work I was doing and resented the fact they paid me late. I was also having serious financial setbacks which was causing me stress to the point that I was just taking work on just to be able to make ends meet.


I had to make some changes as I was getting I very frustrated with the while situation. I started to belief that my clients will pay me on time because they appreciated the great work I was doing for them and where happy with my work. I started to say “ I have good clients who  have the money in their account to pay me well before their due date of payment


I also made some practical changes:-

  • I gave notice to the clients who where constantly paying me late.
  • I put in place my payment terms which I sent to every client
  • I made sure every new client paid a deposit
  • I added interest will be charged for late payment of my invoice


The key to break the “same problem” cycle is to recognize and acknowledge your mistakes, learn the lesson, and move forward.  Whether you are younger or older, you can always learn something new. Problems are only life’s way of teaching you a lesson.

Check this article -4 Steps To Remove Recurring Problems From Your Life


How to write down your goals #21DayGoalChallenge

Why you should write down your goals

A study was done by Gail Matthews at Dominican University which found that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams, simply by writing them down on a regular basis.

Here are some examples of how to write your goal as if it has happened.

Goal – to loose weight

It’s 21st July 2018 and I am so excited and happy as I have lost 20 pounds and I feel energised and confident  wearing my  lovely dress which fits me very well and everyone is complementing me..

Goal to go to the gym

It is 21st of July 2018 and I feel really proud that I have been waking up at 6,30 am each morning going to go to the gym 3 times a week, and now I feel energised and have signed up to do a 5k race.

Goal to be debt free

It is 21st July 2018, I feel relieved and happy that I have finally been able to make a list of all the people I owe, contact them and they have agreed my proposal to pay off my debts

Action Plan

When you don’t have a plan, you don’t know how you will reach your destination.

Once you have written down your goal, write a specific three-step plan on how you will achieve this goal. Taking small action each day  will help you to achieve your  goal, and it breaks the goal up into smaller manageable chunks making it seem much less daunting and much more achievable.

For example, if your goal is to lose 20 pounds of weight by 21st July 2018, you could write:

– I will walk for 45 minutes every day

– I will only  eat junk food and sweets only twice per week.

– I will drink 2 litres of water each day

If you missed my first blog about this topic check it out –  How to achieve at least one of your goals #21DayGoalChallenge

Do let me know what your goal is in the comments or email to me –


How to achieve at least one of your goals #21DayGoalChallenge

We are halfway through the year, and if you want to achieve more in your life,  I want you to make up your mind that in the new month of July, you are going to focus your energy and strength just to achieve one of your goals. I shall be doing the same. I believe in you and know that you too have all it takes to achieve that one goal in July.

Last month, I successfully completed my 21 day challenge to achieve one of my goals of putting my One Woman Variety Show on stage. Check reviews about the show here

I had no money to do this, but by using the techniques below, I managed to put the show on with sponsorship and support from so many people. I know it works, so do join me as I want to see you too achieve one of your goals in July.


Things you need to comit to do for you to achive your goal

  1. Be clear about what you what to achieve and write it down as if you have achieved it with a date . Remember to be realistic so you can set yourself up for success.
  2. Get images of what you want to achieve and make a vision board of you achieving this.
  3. Comit to spend at least  30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night doing some of the thigs I have suggested – call this your 30 minutes energiser or whatever name you feel. I
  4. Write down some positive affirmations that will help you to achieve your goals, and repeat these first thing in the morning and last thing at night.
  5. Write down all the things you are grateful and thankful for each day and spend a few minutes first thing in the morning and last thing at night to say them out loud
  6. Write down new habits that you are going to take on to help you achieve your goal
  7. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, spend a few minutes imagining that you have achieved your goal.
  8. Read about others who have achieved what you want to achieve sot that you can learn from them.
  9. Get someone who you can be accountable to – this person will support and encourage you.
  10. Try not to  complain  if things are not going how you expect them to, instead focus on the positive
  11. Make a list of things you need to do to achieve  your goals and then enjoy crossing them out and celebrate as you achieve the,
  12. Network with people who are doing what you want to do so you an learn from them and share experiences
  13. Give yourself 21 days to work towards achieving your goal starting 1st Juky 2018


It’s over to you now,  for it is time for you to push yourself because no else is going to do it for you.  You can follow me on twitter for my daily inspirational tweets @confident_queen


How to review the first 6 months of this year.

I just cannot believe that we are half way through the year! It seems that time is flying so quickly these days. and before your know it we will be back again trying to make new year’s resolution.

I really encourage you to start today by taking stock of where you are currently in your life, where you would like to be, and start to plan how you are going to get their.

I challenge you to get a book  or folder and complete the tasks below:-



What have been the low points so far this year ?

What have been the high points so far this year?

If you made  new year’s resolution this year, have you kept them?

If you haven’t kept them what are the reasons?

What experiences have you treasured so far this year?




What things would you like to happen in your life by 31st July 2018??



Thanks for taking time to answer these questions – come back and read my blog this Wednesday 27th June so that I can explain your next steps towards achieving one goal by 1 July 2018.

Day-21 (21) Congratulations on completing #21daygoalchallenge

WOW, I am so happy that we started this journey together and now we can celebrate even the smallest achievements.

My Achievements

As for me, this 21 weeks has really helped me to focus and clarify the things I want to achieve.  My goal for the 21 days was to get sponsors for my One Woman Variety Show.  These are the things I did.

My belief

I believed that I would get sponsorship


I took action each day

I made a leaflet with all the sponsors logo’s and hung it up to I could see it each day.

I imagined each  morning and night the people sponsoring me, and me thanking them

I wrote down how much I needed to raise – The very act of writing your goals can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to go up. You feel good when you’re going after something that inspires you!

I then looked through my friend’s   and sent a sponsorship package to them all – and guess what each of them sponsored me.

I created and repeated my positive affirmations   on a regular basis – eg, I would affirm “ I am so grateful and thankful for all the people who are able to sponsor me “



Please let me know how you have got on so I can celebrate with you.


Your next steps

Even if you have not achieved all you wanted to, you got to keep going and take action every single day, and know deep down you too will achieve your goals


Day-20 (21) Live your life with passion #21daygoalchallenge

It takes courage to follow your passion as   you never know what will happen. I guess, it’s easier to live out our life within our comfort zone. Every day the same, warm glaze covering our daily experiences, nothing ever all that exciting, but realy that is not the way to live your life.

3 steps to finding your passion

  1. Make a list all the things that you love doing. Thing you can keep doing on and on without ever getting bored.
  2. From this list pick those things that you are actually good at. If you love playing golf but aren’t’ very good at it, you certainly won’t be very successful at it. Therefore, find the things that you love doing and from that list, figure out the ones that are your core strengths. Things that you are really good at.
  3. Find out how to provide value to people around you by doing what you are good at and love to do.


The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.  – Neil Gaiman

Congratulations on sticking with the 21 day goal challenge which I hope has helped you to take action towards achieving your goal. If you don’t achieve your goal  during this period, don’t beat yourself up, instead, review your plans, make changes. Do let know how I can help you.


Day-19 (21) Make your not to do list #21daygoalchallenge

It’s easy so easy for us to keep taking on things to do and commit to new opportunities, but we must remember that we only have twenty-four hours in the day, which means .that something’s got to give!

Are all of the things that you are trying to do worth your time?

Though it is good to have a to do list, we should also have  a not to do list which will help us to stay focussed, avoid distractions and stop wasting valuable time.

My experience of taking too much on

I am naturally a person who loves helping others, but sometimes I find that I have taken on so much, that I become overwhelmed, or I have so many things clashing that I sometimes I have to disappoint people or I find I don’t have time to do the things that are my priority. Deep down I really find it hard to say no and feel guilty when I say no.   Over the last few weeks, I have been working on this, and know that it is ok to say no and not feel guilty.

Now I want you to sit down and spend a few minutes to think about some of the stuff you do,and see if they really help you as you strive to achieve your goal or whether they are a distraction.  Now write down your own not to do list, put it somewhere you can see it and remember not to do those things no matter how tempted you areto do them.



Day-18 (21) Develop a supportive commumnity #21daygoalchallenge

Most of us have a need to be part of a community that shares love, commitment, security and connections. We can all create our own “chosen family”, by consciously choosing whom to become more intimate with and investing our time and energy into these relationships. It’s the people in our lives who make good times better and difficult ones easier.

Take some time out to look at your community which is made of acquaintances, friend and families -see if they are made any of these type of people who are going to help you achieve your goals. Some people may have more than one of the qualities below. The key is to have a community of people who is going to encourage and support you.

Proactive – This person is doing things to get themselves on a path of personal development and is proactive in changing their life for the better.

Appreciative – This person consistently appreciates and values your relationship as well as your gifts, talents and strengths.

Communicative – This person is committed to respectful and non-defensive communication, constructive and honest (always with love), the kind of communication that brings a relationship closer together instead of further part.

Attentive – This person pays attention to what you say, listening without judgement, and caring about what you need to feel safe.

Honest – This person is committed to integrity and telling the truth.

Accountable – this person takes full responsibility for their part in the relationship and is always willing to work to look at and deal with how they need to grow.


How did you get on with th above?


Would you benefit from my free coaching sessions to help you achieve your goals? if so do email me


Instead of only surrounding yourself with where you’ve been, why not surround yourself with where you’re headed Make a VISION BOARD of your DREAMS, GOALS & ASPIRATIONS to help you stay FOCUSED.

Day-17 (21) stay focussed on your goals #21daygoalchallenge



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