Tips to help you wake up eager to #Exercise #HealthierMe

If you are struggling to exercise like I was especially during the past 3 months, I share with you how I have got my mojo back and I really enjoy waking up each day, eager to go out and exercise.

Lets begin

  • Write down all the reasons why you want to start exercising.
  • Imagine how you would feel once you have exercised.
  • Have a mantra to say each morning – I love to exercise and I wake up each morning fuel with anticipation, excitement and eager as I go out to exercise and feel good.

  • Choose an exercise regime that you would love.
  • Choose a time of the day that will fit your  life schedule
  • Choose how many minutes you want to exercise for
  • Decide how  many times a week you are going to exercise and record it in your diary.

,My experience – I have over the years done a combination of exercises but this February, I decided to go back to the gym. I decided to stick to Powerwave Gym because it is for 20 minutes of High Intensive Training  and even though this first month,has been tough on my body, I am happy I have stuck to going 3 days a week minimum. I do the morning sessions because I am an early riser and it  means its over and done with and I can fuel my day with energy and good vibes.   I am also going to go back to jogging every other day for an hour.  My BMI is quite high and I would like to reduce that and maintain a healthy weight.

  • If you do decided to go to a gym, do a taster session first


  • Get a gym/.exercise  buddy so that you can encourage and support each other


  • Reward yourself at the end of each week as you celebrate exercising for the week
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have some days that you don’t feel like exercising, it’s all part of life, but make sure you get back on track and keep going remembering the best gift you can give to yourself is good health.

Boditrax machine says I am 10 years older #fittergenny

Being the second week of my 6 weeks getting fitter challenge, I decided to check the Boditrax Segmental Body Composition Analyser at my local Cascades fitness centre which is part of Gravesham Community Leisure.

According to the information I read,  it states  “  The Boditrax is perfect for providing an instant analysis of your health and fitness status with a 97% accuracy Using this machine will allow you to monitor your own progress, it allows you to set goals and shows you how much your body is changing. The analyser will give 20 clinically validated measurements in 30 seconds.”

My shocking results

I initially had a problem logging in the machine, but thankfully one of the fitness instructor was passing back and gave me some help.

I stood on the Machine, held the two handles and within a few seconds I got the result which the fitness instructor went through with me. I was expecting most of the feedback but was shocked that the machine gave my age as 10  years older than I am.

Although I was quite upset and felt really concerned, the fitness instructor reassured me that as I was now doing the 6 week challenges, it would help me so that when ai come back in  4 weeks time, the results would have changed for the better. I must say this sort of encouraged me and motivated me to stick to my plan and not give up. I am looking forward to doing the check again next month.


More information on the Boditrax Segmental Body Composition Analyser


My getting fitter mantra



Some tips on getting fitter

Make getting fitter a lifestyle and not a goal or a phase.

Developing good habits of getting fitter and healthier can seem very challenging, but with time, consistency and allowing your body to  adjust naturally,  you will find it becomes easier and almost automatic to stick to these good habits which will help you become fitter and healthier.

Always have in mind all the wonderful benefits of  getting fitter and healthier.

Over time, getting fitter will become easier

Create a regular getting fitter routine and stay consistent with your plan

Make up your own getting fitter  mantras

Create a playlist of songs that will motivate and inspire you as you exercise

Get a getting fitter friend or join a group for mutual encouragement and support.

Choose a getting fitter routine that you will enjoy and suitable to your needs and daily routine. I am making the most of 6 weeks membership at my local gym as it seems to have so many activities that I can choose from.


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