100 minutes dance challenge #CaptainTom100

About Captain Tom 100 – “During the pandemic Captain Tom stepped up to support the NHS Covid-19 by taking on his famous walk and inspiring millions to donate. We are offering the chance to raise funds in the spirit of Captain Tom for the charity of your choice.”

I have chose to do 100 minutes of dancing to help raise funds for single parent Charity Gingerbread who has helped my children and I since 2003 and have been helping so many other #singleparents. Since 1918, they have been at the forefront of shaping policy and services that support single parents and our continued support will help them to continue to do more amazing work.

Note from Gingerbread

“At Gingerbread, we think single parents do a brilliant job. We’re the leading charity working with single parent families, supporting, advising and campaigning with single mums and dads to help them meet their family’s needs. 1 in 4 families in the UK are now headed by a single parent, however many single parent families continue to experience poverty, disadvantage and stigma. By supporting Gingerbread, you’ll be helping single parents across the country to receive expert advice, practical support, as well as get their voices heard.” https://www.gingerbread.org.uk/what-we-do/about-gingerbread/

To donate please check my Just Giving Page – https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gennys-captain-tom-100-challenge-for-gingerbr


Preparing for the Big Fun Run for the Charity Gingerbread

Through my 15 years as a single parent, The National Charity Gingerbread which supports  parents like me,  has always been their providing support,advise, and encouragement.  In appreciation of all this,I try and do what I can to help raise funds for the amazing work they do.

Big Fun Run London Victoria Park

I love waking up and going out for an early morning run,and doing the Big Fun Run will help me to raise funds and meet other people. So in the last few months I have been  preparing combining walking, jogging and running outdoors. I am hoping to raise £200 and I am nearly halfway their and very grateful for the support.




For more information on the work of Gingerbread please check their website

Advice and practical support for single parent families in England and Wales. Meet other single parents. Single parent charity. Support for your family. Free advice & information. Services: Helpline, Online information, Single parent groups

New book inspires children, raises money for war #amputees

New book inspires children, raises money for Melqosh Mission International

Author Genny Jones is back with the second instalment in her “I Can” series of children’s books, with “I Can Still Play Football,” the story of a young boy named Abu, whose leg is amputated after he’s involved in a car accident. The boy, who loves football, must regain his confidence and re-learn the game so he play with his friends again.


The book shows how Abu’s friend James helps him, using items in the “I Can” box given to his brother by Confident Queen, a character who helps children to develop their inner and outer confidence and have the “I Can and Will Try” mindset.

Jones, an accountant, mother of two, and contestant on “Britain’s Got Talent” in 2012, has adopted the persona of Confident Queen in real life as a way of helping children to develop their self esteem through her confidence programme.

“I wrote the book having being inspired by a lady called Faith who runs a project helping those whose limbs were amputated during the civil war in Sierra Leone,” Jones said. “This made me think about my own two children, who love to play football, and how they would feel if they had an accident.”

Jones said she wants to use the book to bring hope to others about disabled kids and their ability to do things, despite their disability.

All profits from sales of “I Can Still Play Football” will go directly to support the work of Melqosh Mission International, which, she said she hopes “will one day have their own football team, and help both children and adults to enjoy the great game of football, or any other sport they wish.”

About Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen
Genny Jones, known as Confident Queen, created the Confident Queen and set up her community project, the Confident Children Club, in 2008. With her team of volunteers, she has, over the years, worked hard to help children aged 5-11 years to believe in themselves and to become more confident by undertaking various activities which lead them to obtaining their bronze, silver and gold medal and then become confidence champions in their school and community.

On Stage BGT

Jones, dressed up in her Confident Queen outfit, wowed the audience and judges when she appeared on “Britain’s Got Talent” in April 2012, demonstrating her confidence and bubbly personality. She has since appeared on various TV and radio shows talking about confidence and happiness.

Editors: for more information, contact Genny Jones by phone on

– 07429 407981 or email- genny@confidentqueen.co.uk
Her website

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