Motivated to go to the gym #fittergenny


I am motivated to go to my local outline gym at  Cygnets centre  because there are a wide variety of machines, Highly qualified Fitness Instructors  available at all times to lead members through inductions and fitness programme design and I am determined to get healthier and fitter.


The fitness instructors are very helpful, friendly and show a general interest in helping me achieving my goals. I have benefited from my own personalised fitness programme, which is uploaded into a Pulse Smart Card and also helps me know which machines to use.


Equipment available

The Fitness Suite at Cygnet is built over two floors, it boasts 88 stations including * A stairmaster * Free Runner * Treadmills * Crosstrainers * Upright and recumbent bikes * Rowers * Steppers * Arm bikes * There is a Functional Training area with * Trojan rig * Punch bag * Power bags * Battle Ropes * Kettlebells * Core boards * Vipers * Plyometric benches * Medicine Balls * Dip Station * Pump Set and more. There is a separate Weight Zone with * Free weights (including Dumbbells up to 50kg) * Plate-loaded weight machines*Some equipment is fully accessible for wheelchair users.


10 minutes workouts

I do love the free 10 minutes of intense exercises every hour, which though at the moment are challenging, I enjoy the fact that it makes me work harder.



There is also the MYZONE heart rate tracking which is available around the gym and can also be found on the cardio equipment, in the Aerobic and Group Cycle Studio. Whilst working out, I can check my progress as the details are displayed on the screen.


My daily affirmation


Boditrax machine says I am 10 years older #fittergenny

Being the second week of my 6 weeks getting fitter challenge, I decided to check the Boditrax Segmental Body Composition Analyser at my local Cascades fitness centre which is part of Gravesham Community Leisure.

According to the information I read,  it states  “  The Boditrax is perfect for providing an instant analysis of your health and fitness status with a 97% accuracy Using this machine will allow you to monitor your own progress, it allows you to set goals and shows you how much your body is changing. The analyser will give 20 clinically validated measurements in 30 seconds.”

My shocking results

I initially had a problem logging in the machine, but thankfully one of the fitness instructor was passing back and gave me some help.

I stood on the Machine, held the two handles and within a few seconds I got the result which the fitness instructor went through with me. I was expecting most of the feedback but was shocked that the machine gave my age as 10  years older than I am.

Although I was quite upset and felt really concerned, the fitness instructor reassured me that as I was now doing the 6 week challenges, it would help me so that when ai come back in  4 weeks time, the results would have changed for the better. I must say this sort of encouraged me and motivated me to stick to my plan and not give up. I am looking forward to doing the check again next month.


More information on the Boditrax Segmental Body Composition Analyser


My getting fitter mantra



Some tips on getting fitter

Make getting fitter a lifestyle and not a goal or a phase.

Developing good habits of getting fitter and healthier can seem very challenging, but with time, consistency and allowing your body to  adjust naturally,  you will find it becomes easier and almost automatic to stick to these good habits which will help you become fitter and healthier.

Always have in mind all the wonderful benefits of  getting fitter and healthier.

Over time, getting fitter will become easier

Create a regular getting fitter routine and stay consistent with your plan

Make up your own getting fitter  mantras

Create a playlist of songs that will motivate and inspire you as you exercise

Get a getting fitter friend or join a group for mutual encouragement and support.

Choose a getting fitter routine that you will enjoy and suitable to your needs and daily routine. I am making the most of 6 weeks membership at my local gym as it seems to have so many activities that I can choose from.


Bank holiday at the gym #fittergenny

Today being a bank holiday, I really did not have any intentions of going  to the gym especially when I woke up and looked at the grey dull skies. I decided to go back under the duvet, but after 5 minutes I became restless.

I then went to have some breakfast whilst watching some TV, but after a while, I got bored and started to do some housework,  On finishing my work, I looked at the clock and it was only about 8.30, somehow time seemed to be going so slow.

I went on my laptop and logged into facebook and after scrolling to see what  was happening to my friends and family.  I decided to put up a message which read “Please can you motivate me to go to the gym”  within a few minutes I had a number of friends writing encouraging stuff, which motivated me.

After a few minutes I decided to go  to the gym.


I  must say I really enjoyed it as I asked the instructor to do ,me a starter programme which I could follow, and this helped to motivate me as it was at a pace I could manage. After an hour, their was an Abs workout session which I joined,   The fitness instructor was very kind and caring as their were some exercises I could not do to start with, but by the end of the session he had succeeded in getting me to do more than I  thought.


Thanks to all my friends who helped motivate me to go to the gym.


Taking part in the #SmoothieChallenge

Great evening – at the launch of the #HealthyNewTowns- Ebbsfleet Garden City project! Commentary Jorga who is just so funny!

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