Tips to help you wake up eager to #Exercise #HealthierMe

If you are struggling to exercise like I was especially during the past 3 months, I share with you how I have got my mojo back and I really enjoy waking up each day, eager to go out and exercise.

Lets begin

  • Write down all the reasons why you want to start exercising.
  • Imagine how you would feel once you have exercised.
  • Have a mantra to say each morning – I love to exercise and I wake up each morning fuel with anticipation, excitement and eager as I go out to exercise and feel good.

  • Choose an exercise regime that you would love.
  • Choose a time of the day that will fit your  life schedule
  • Choose how many minutes you want to exercise for
  • Decide how  many times a week you are going to exercise and record it in your diary.

,My experience – I have over the years done a combination of exercises but this February, I decided to go back to the gym. I decided to stick to Powerwave Gym because it is for 20 minutes of High Intensive Training  and even though this first month,has been tough on my body, I am happy I have stuck to going 3 days a week minimum. I do the morning sessions because I am an early riser and it  means its over and done with and I can fuel my day with energy and good vibes.   I am also going to go back to jogging every other day for an hour.  My BMI is quite high and I would like to reduce that and maintain a healthy weight.

  • If you do decided to go to a gym, do a taster session first


  • Get a gym/.exercise  buddy so that you can encourage and support each other


  • Reward yourself at the end of each week as you celebrate exercising for the week
  • Don’t beat yourself up if you have some days that you don’t feel like exercising, it’s all part of life, but make sure you get back on track and keep going remembering the best gift you can give to yourself is good health.

I did it – completed 6 weeks #fitnesschallenge #fittergenny

6 weeks ago, thanks to ,Sarah Knight of  Gravesham Borough Council, I embarked on a journey towards becoming healthier and fitter by making use of the free 6 weeks membership of the leisure facilities provided by Gravesham Council.

 Their have been days when I did not want to go to the gym, but somehow managed to stay motivated by using various methods such as:-

  1. I planned each week the days and times I would go to gym
  2. I started to develop the  mindset that exercise and eating healhier was good for me
  3. Asking my face book friends and family to encouraged and support me
  4. My children who are very sporty footballers encouraged me
  5. I had  daily mantras and use visualisation to imagine my self being fiifter and healthier
  6. I read stories on the internet about various people who had changed their lives through exercise and eating healthier.
  7. .I wore inspirational Tshirts as well as colourful outfits at time
  8. I made short fun videos at every opportunity
  9. The team at the leisure centre were very supportive  and encouraging.
  10. I had an exercise programme to use in the gym which I  found easy to follow
  11. Whilst doing my exercise at times I listened to music, ot watched the TV or practised mindfulness to help me focus.
  12. I also did a variety of classes including yoga, zumba and konga

I will now pay for membership of the  leisure centre because of the wide variety of classes I can include with going to the gym. I am also making an investment on my health as I so want to be around to watch my children entre adulthood and to also be able to have good times with my family and friends.

I am also going to train to be a fitness trainer  by the end of 2019

I am also working on a healthier eating plan

I hope you too are inspired and motivated to take care of you and your health.

Special thanks to the services offered by these organisations which all helped to make my journey of getting fitter and healtheir such an enjoyable one.



Mindful walking #gravesend #fittergenny

I really enjoy walking as a form of relaxation and I used to be part of a monday walking group called Love Walking which combined walking and other exercises at our local gravesend promeande, one of my friends called Surbs.

Recently I have been introduced to mindfulness and came across mindful walking

Mindful walking simply means walking while being aware of each step and of our breath. It can be practiced anywhere, whether you are alone in nature or with others in a crowded city. You can even practice mindful breathing and walking meditation in between business appointments or in the parking lot of the supermarket.

Mindful walking allows us to be aware of the pleasure of walking. We can keep our steps slow, relaxed, and calm. There is no rush, no place to get to, no hurry. Mindful walking can release our sorrows and our worries and help bring peace into our body and mind.

In a world of busyness, its great for us to take time to notice things around us as we walk each day. I finfd it very therapeutic and refreshing.

Read more hear

Mindful Walking in my local area – #Gravesend Promenade

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Enjoying the waterfall






Trying yoga for the first time #fittergenny

As part of my new passion for getting fitter and healthier, I decided to try try yoga at my local Cygnets Leisure Centre.  I was initially put off when I realised it was from 11,.30am to 1pm, I just could not imagine myself staying still for so long,


Funny start

I was a few minutes late to get to the class as it took me a while to find out where it was in the centre. As I opened the door, I was greeted by everyone already seated on their mats, and I looked around to see where I could sit.   I then hear a  voice saying  “You need to take your trainers off and get yourself a mat. “


Smelly feet

I felt a bit worried as I was no sure if my feet would smell, or whether I had two odd socks on,  Anyhow I did what she said .  Looking at my socks, I smiled as one had a hole in it.


Being distracted

The instructor then went through with us breathing and doing some stretching followed by meditation which I  found difficult as during this quiet period as I found my mind wondering as I was being distracted my noises around and someone’s phone went off!!  The  instructor reminded us all to switch off our phones – and I found myself being told off for trying to go and switch off my phone in the middle of a session


Yoga positions

I did the best I could with the various positions, but at times felt I could not do some fully as I guess it wasn’t really a beginners class and the instructor was trying her best to make sure everyone was ok.



I was so relaxed that at one point I could hear myself snoring.]

My feedback

The session was not bad, but I really did not feel any connection with the instructor , who did not even asked me how I got on as it was my first session. I have   tried other classes and the instructors have always asked new people how they got on.  Their was only one other person who was also new, and she  was quite friendly as I spoke to her after the session. The others seemed ok too though Idid not have time to speak to them.

I think I will try another class with a different instructor and see how I get on


I wear what I like to the gym – #fittergenny

When I go to the gym, I just like to wear what I feel comfortable in, and tend to mix match my outfits. I do love wearing Tshirts/tops with insirational messages to help motivate and encourage me.

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Never give up exercising #fittergenny

I finished my gym workout and decided to do the 10 minutes circuit and I must say though it was challenging, I kept going, thanks to the fitness instructor who kept encouraging me. 3 weeks into me trying to get fitter and healthier, I still enjoy going to the gym as I can already see the improvements in my life.

Have fun whilst exercising #fitter genny

I am really  enjoying working on getting fitter and healthier, and I hope my blogs will help and inspire you too to do the same.

When I am at the Gym, I make sure I do fun stuff, like closing my eyes and singing to the songs blasting out, not caring if anyone around me is watching or listening.  Most people tend to have their head phones anyhow! Here is a shot clip of me having fun on the bike.


D0 let me know what you do to make exercising fun and if  you are based in gravesend kent, why not buddy with me at our  local gym


Trying the power blast HIT class #fittergenny

Today I decided to try the power blast class which is 30 minutes High Interval  Training with pumping music and audio cues at my local fitness centre


Watching the end of  a HIT session

I arrived very early for the session, and as I watched, I could see mostly young ladies in their skinny gym wear moving energetically to the music as they did the work out.  At this point I started to panic and wanted to change my mind about doing the session as they made me feel very unfit.

Once their session finished, the fitness instructor came to get me to join in the next session. I timidly told her to be gentle with me as I was beginner. She was quite nice, asked me a few health questions and told me to go at my own pace, which made me feel a bit better. I noticed that everyone in the first session, stayed on to do the next session. My thought at this time  “OMG, they must be on some high, how could they do a double session of HIT”?

My thought about the session

As I got into the routine of things, I started to enjoy the session and I did not care that I could not keep up the pace, nor that I could not do some of the moves. What was important to me, was that I did my best and did not give up. I am now looking forward to adding this HIT session as part of my weekly getting fitter routine.


Shrink and Inch lifestyle club #fittergenny

As part of my plan for getting fitter and healthier, I decided to attend the Shrink and Inch lifestyle club run at our Outline Health & Fitness to meet other people and learn more about nutrition and health.

I was quite inspired having read this about the club “Shrink an Inch is a healthy lifestyle club which involves a weekly weigh-in and waist measurement and a non-compulsory 20 minutes exercise session. Each week a different topic of nutrition will be covered with information leaflets to take home and there is a question and answer session. If you want to lose weight, then exercise alone is not enough – Shrink an Inch will help you shape up and slim-down.”

My first impression
I arrived at the session a few minutes later, and was greated by a group of ladies of all ages and one man, sitting on chairs in a semi-circle and a large mirror in front. I looked around the room quickly and was happy to note the different sizes of each person which gave me some reassurance.

I met a friend who introduced me to the others and I felt very welcome. I had to complete a medical questionnaire and then got weighed! I believe I was heavier as I had not long eaten some Pizza and chips.

The session was great as the nutritionist gave us some very useful tips on general health , and did a presentation about the usefulness of protein in our diet. I enjoyed the fact that she engaged with us and asked us questions as well as allowing us to raise any concerns or questions we had.

Exercise time
We also had a few minutes of light exercise. This was a bit tricky for me initially as we had to follow an exercise routine, which made me feel as if I had two left feet! On the whole we had a good laugh.

Motivated to go to the gym #fittergenny


I am motivated to go to my local outline gym at  Cygnets centre  because there are a wide variety of machines, Highly qualified Fitness Instructors  available at all times to lead members through inductions and fitness programme design and I am determined to get healthier and fitter.


The fitness instructors are very helpful, friendly and show a general interest in helping me achieving my goals. I have benefited from my own personalised fitness programme, which is uploaded into a Pulse Smart Card and also helps me know which machines to use.


Equipment available

The Fitness Suite at Cygnet is built over two floors, it boasts 88 stations including * A stairmaster * Free Runner * Treadmills * Crosstrainers * Upright and recumbent bikes * Rowers * Steppers * Arm bikes * There is a Functional Training area with * Trojan rig * Punch bag * Power bags * Battle Ropes * Kettlebells * Core boards * Vipers * Plyometric benches * Medicine Balls * Dip Station * Pump Set and more. There is a separate Weight Zone with * Free weights (including Dumbbells up to 50kg) * Plate-loaded weight machines*Some equipment is fully accessible for wheelchair users.


10 minutes workouts

I do love the free 10 minutes of intense exercises every hour, which though at the moment are challenging, I enjoy the fact that it makes me work harder.



There is also the MYZONE heart rate tracking which is available around the gym and can also be found on the cardio equipment, in the Aerobic and Group Cycle Studio. Whilst working out, I can check my progress as the details are displayed on the screen.


My daily affirmation


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