Workshop to boost Children’s Confidence

The aim of my workshop is to equip and empower children from an early age with the tools they need to grow up to be confident adults so that they can cope with life’s challenges and be the best version of themselves. The workshop involves creating a Gift of Confidence tool box which has special items they can refer to when they go back home and these will help them to sustain their confidence and happiness level. Having too young children myself, and having been bullied when I was in school, I understand the importance of developing  our Self Esteem and Confidence.


The workshops are customised to suit all ages of children and its  fun, creative and engaging!






Reserve your copy “I can blow up a balloon” teaching children to be confident

Loving the feedback from those who have reviewed my book ” I can blow up a balloon” great book and resource by Genny Jones to teach children to develop their Confidence. – Jane Wiliams – Mum of 2
Please reserve your copy – book will be published by 4th December


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