Be inspired to start your own business by this 13 year old entrepreneur

13-year-old Mikaila Ulmer, who turned her fear of bees into a fascination with them, and an idea to help save them: Me & the Bees lemonade, sweetened with honey instead of sugar or artificial sweetener.

She tarted her business at the age of 4 and now has her lemonade sold in 200 stores across the country,

What an inspirational 13 year old entrepreneur Saving the Bees With Her Buzzing Lemonade Business- and her advise to those wanting to start up a business is – “Be fearless, Believe in the impossible and Dream like a kid



Confident Sessions for children #PrimarySchool

I am Genny Jones AKA Confident Queen. Since April 2008 I have been delivering practical confidence building sessions for primary  school aged children throughout the UK.  My sessions are fun and interactive based on simple activities which I have used with my own children as well as others over the years,

As a child I was bullied in both primary and secondary school  and  did not have the courage to speak up as I did not want to get others intro trouble. Having my own children, I was determined to make sure they  developed both inner and outer confidence, to believe in themselves as well as having the Confidence to speak out and not be intimidated by anyone.

My “Feeling Confiden” Sessions are fun and be as part of your school assembly or run as one of sessions. They are also suitable as part of after school club activities.


 Gift of Confidence Course for primary aged school children

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This is a practical course which will equip and empower children with the tools, skills and and tips they need to have both inner and outer confidence which will help them in their journey through adulthood.  I will work with each  child on an area they want to be more confident as part of their 21 day confidence challenge.

Each child will work towards their Bronze, Silver and Gold medals, with the option of becoming Confidence champions in the community as well as being  role models and mentors to other children in their school and community.

The course covers:-

The confidence quiz—find out how confident you are now

Self confidence—tips to help build inner and outer confidence

Self esteem— tips to help you believe in yourself

Speak out— tips on standing up for yourself and others

Confidence challenge—  21 day practical challenge to help build confidence in a particular area

Gift of confidence tool box—with items to help maintain confidence levels

Confidence Awards—presentation and celebrations of achievements

Course  options

One to one from the comfort of your own home via Zoom with parent supervision

Courses can also be run for your  school or after school club  in 45 minutes over a term


For more information email

Workshop to boost Children’s Confidence

The aim of my workshop is to equip and empower children from an early age with the tools they need to grow up to be confident adults so that they can cope with life’s challenges and be the best version of themselves. The workshop involves creating a Gift of Confidence tool box which has special items they can refer to when they go back home and these will help them to sustain their confidence and happiness level. Having too young children myself, and having been bullied when I was in school, I understand the importance of developing  our Self Esteem and Confidence.


The workshops are customised to suit all ages of children and its  fun, creative and engaging!





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