Confidence to be Awesome – Celebrate International Day of Awesomeness

Day of Awesomeness

A day for celebrating all things awesome, and everything awesome that you, your friends, and everybody else does. Take a moment to consider everything that you’re awesome at, and to recognise feats…


Being awesome, by definition, means putting yourself out there, no matter how scary that is. However remember not to show off too much, like bragging for instance, for people might think you’re being a show-off.

Being awesome will not happen overnight, but if you start to practice it on a regular basis, you will begin to change as a person. More than likely, you will begin to become the person you truly want to be.


Be awesome and help others become awesome too.

1, Every opportunity you get, use it to build others up through encouragement, support and constructive feedback. Be considerate to others.


2. Be yourself and make connections with people who do love and accept you as you are, Unique and Special. Learn from you mistakes and move on with your life!



3. Stop waiting for things to be perfect before you take action, because things are never going to be perfect. Whatever you know you need to do, just do it, get it over with so you can get on with your life. Remember there is someone out their who can be the final piece in your life’s jigsaw – so always be confident to ask for help and support.


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You too can develop the confidence to be AWESOME!


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