Bitter Sweet Christmas

This morning I woke up feeling a bit sad as I recalled on Christmas eve being stuck in traffic as I was driving behind a horse driving hearse and it was the funeral of a young boy. As I drove slowly, I found the tears flowing down my cheeks as I thought about this young child gone too soon. I thought about his parents and family the pain they must have been going through. I could not just imagine it especially at this time of the year.

Later on that day I went home to hear the devastating news of the death of a very close family friend whose whole family was such a blessing to me and my children when I was going through some hard times, this again made me cry and felt sad as this man was such a tower of strength for his family. On Christmas day woke up to the news of the death of one of my aunty’s aged 93. I felt happy in a good way that she has lived a very good live and at 93, painful as it is to loose her, she had lived her life to the fill. All these deaths got me thinking about life, and the fact that we should live each day to the full, and show love and support to one another, and create memorable moments.

Our own family Christmas was very low key as it was also the first year without my stap dad who passed this year and my mum bless her tried to be happy but at various moments I could hear her cries and see the tears in her eyes. It’s was not easy, but I am glad the day has gone and we made the most of the day the best we could.

The good bits of Christmas is the fact that one of my son’s cooked us all Christmas dinner and just being around my son and mum made me appreciate the gift of family. It was also good to scroll down my social media and see photos of friends and family enjoying themselves.

Good memories of 2021

Though this year has had it’s challenges and set backs, and some of us can’t wait for it to come to an end, we can find some peace in the fact that their where some good moments too. So this morning, I really enjoyed recalling some of the happier moments. I hope you can too.

Do feel feel free to share some of your happier moments with me.

Remember life is what you make it, always look on the bright side of life, even though some days we have to look harder.

Prepare for a better 2022

I do believe that despite the uncertainties of the new year, we can still prepare to make it a better year. So why not join me for 2 hours as we share tips and go with an action plan ready for the new year

Click here to book your free space

Sharing my story of hope and resilience #LifeGoesOn

It has been an honour and privilege to share my story with an up and coming TV presenter and host Melvin Metzger – I hope my story will inspire and encourage you to have hope, pick yourself up and plan for your come back.

Plan for a better new year #NewYear2022

My free gift to you- why not book now and plan to have a better 2022 despite the uncertainties we still must have hope.

Every year, I do spend time to review my year and then plan for the new year. I find it very therapeutic and I want to share this process with you as well as the template I use to do this.

After the two hours, I hope you too will be motivated and excited for the new year. This is my free gift as my way of doing my little bit to help as many people as I can to have hope and not to give up.

The Laughing Accountant #Laughter

“The laughing Accountant” this is the name giving to me my friend in laughter Peter Cann Aka The Laughter Man who uses laughter yoga to help people feel good and energised,

” Genny Jones – She is a laughing accountant who has made it her mission to be happy and help other people get happy through laughter. Genny’s energy and laughter are infectious check my interview with here on my podcast ”

Taking part in the UK Laughter Championships

Check out this article about it in our local paper –

My Happiness Journey as the Laughing Accountant

I have been working in the accounting profession for 25 years in various roles. Over the years I have overcome a period of work burn out, depression and low self esteem to developing my unique happiness and wellbeing sessions aimed at businesses to help employees manage their stress levels so that they can be more productive.

In accounting there is the concept of the duality of transactions, which also applies in life. On one hand I have the serious professional head of an accountant, and on the other hand I have created a  bubbly persona ‘Confident Queen’ with a mission to share joy and happiness, which I was able to do when I appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the audience and judges who gave me “Yeses”

I work to help people not to take themselves too seriously by having time for fun and laughter. I specialises in using laughter and humour to help people cope with everyday issues mixed with African Dance moves dancing ourselves happy to the beat of the drums.

MY sessions are very practical and I share techniques which helped me as well as those she learnt from others in my journey of inner peace and happiness,

Organisations I hae worked with
Kent County Council
Kent Police
Rethink Mental Health Charity
Age UK Lambeth
Women of Faith

Happiness and Wellbeing sessions

My unique sessions can be from 15 minutes to an hour long. There is also a half day activity called “Save Our Happy Island” which can be used for team building.

About the sessions

The sessions are fun packed, interactive and can include: –

  1. Tips on being happier
  2. Visualisation
  3. Laughter Yoga
  4. Singing and Dancing
  5. Arts and Craft

Benefits of the session

At the end of the session participants will: –

  1. Have better understanding of the need to have time for fun
  2. Feel good
  3. Be more productive
  4. Have a positive outlook to life
  5. Take with them a simple booklet with practical tips to cope with everyday life

Happiness and Wellbeing Toolbox

I have also developed my Happiness and Wellbeing toolbox which has various items and tips which can be used to boost one’s happiness and wellbeing.

Awards and Nominations

  • Nominated for the ITV Meridian ‘Pride of Britain’ Award for the work she does helping people to feel happier.
  • Listed on Independent on Sunday List of top 100 Happy people in UK making a difference.
  • Finalist of the Happy Team Award at the National Happiness Awards

To book an introductory chat: – Email:

Evaluate your life

Taking time to review your life is one of the most empowering activity you can do. Answer this question –Are the things I am doing each day moving me closer to achieving my goals and aspirations? If they are not, I encourage you to get piece of paper and pen, and take about an hour to just focus and answer these questions honestly as they will help you to evaluate your life and help you stay committed and motivated to take daily actions which will in turn help you to achieve your goals and aspirations.

Issue – What issues am I currently face with?

Goal – What would I like to happen about each issue??

Reality – What’s happening now in my life in relation to the issues I face?

Obstacles – What obstacles do I currently face that are stopping me from achieving my goals?

Options – What options do I have to overcome the obstacles I face?

Solution – Which of the options can I take on board?

Action – What things am I going to do to reach my desired solution>

Celebrate – How am I going to celebrate once I have resolved this issue?

Commitment – How committed am I to take the actions I have set,
Accountability – Who can I share my goals that will help to motivate and encourage me?

Mantra – What is the sentence I am going to say each day till I achieve my desired result?.

” Remember! Don’t expect different results if you keep doing what you have always done.”

You’ve come this far. It’s okay to pause, reflect and take a break, but never stop believing in your dreams. Celebrate yourself because you’ve come this far, so you can achieve your goals. Be encouraged to do what you love, despite the occasional set backs and your consistency and determination will ensure all is well in the end.

At the end of each month, make it a lifestyle choice to take time out to evaluate and celebrate your life.

If you do need help to evaluate your life and prepare a plan for you to do this, do contact me for a free initial consultation.

Stay committed to being fitter & healthier

If you really want to make a change you can, but your first have to believe you can, develop the “I can” mindset, start seeing yourself as what you want to be, and take consistent actions to achieve whatever you set your mind on. Making a commitment to be fitter and healthier is one of the best thing you can do, as the saying goes “Health is wealth”. I don’t believe in going on and off diets, or starting and exercise routine and not sticking to it. What I believe is that we should make being fitter and healthier a life style choice and do things everyday to help us achieve it as the more you do something in a consistent manner it becomes a habit.

I decided to pay more attention to my health when I got a letter from my doctor that I was on the border line diabetic and had to attend the pre diabetic programme, and this shook me up as I know of friends and families who are diabetic and what they have to go throuh. Also turning 60 this year, and loosing my step dad, has really got me thinking about life in general. All this helped me to make the decision to continue my journey of being fitter, healthier and happier taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

I can’t tell you it will be easy, but I can tell you I sure will be worth it. Even on the days when I don’t feel like going to exercise, I give myself a pep talk and remind myself why I made the commitment to be fitter, healthier and happier.

Since 11th May, I have been consistent in exercising at least for 30 minutes 5 days a week full body workout in the gym, walking, dancing and connecting with nature.

I am also drinking more water and eating healthier cooked meal. I also practise meditation and visualisation by creating a programme called Escape to happiness island using my imagination to enjoy inner peace and happiness.

I feel vey good about life right now. So I want to encourage you. “Don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe the sweat off your face and turn that can’t into CAN”

Celebrate World Smile Day

World Smile Day  is the First Friday of October each year and was created by Harvey Ball a commercial artist from Worcester, Massachusetts who created the smiley face in 1963. It is a day devoted to smiles and kind acts throughout the world.

I created this One Minute Smiilence as a way for me to relax and feel good, This is my part of my morning routine and also at various time during my day. I hope you can also try this and let me know how you feel.

You can also download this certificate and send it to people who g out doing random acts of kindness and making people have a reason to smile each day.

How to maintain your happier lifestyle

Right now you might know me as the fun bubbly and colourful person, but their was a time in my life after my divorce in 2003, when I hit an all time low and for 5 years was locked in a period of sadness and depression. Sometimes I felt I was stuck in in deep hole with no way out. I lived my life on automatic pilot. To the outside world, friends and family, I looked and acted ok, but each time I went home, when the children slept, I would just sit down and cry. In the midst of it al, hearing the laughter of my children when they where playing gave me hope to carry on and be the best mother I could.
As time went on. I was slowly able to pluck up the courage to reach out and to get help from various individuals who had gone through similar challenges I was going through as well as various organisation’s.

I started to develop my daily routines to help me have the courage to face each day. I decided to make happiness a life style choice as I got to realise that I was responsible for my own happiness. I have been able to use my experiences and information from courses, and help I received to help others to also develop daily happiness routines. It’s always a pleasure to get feedback weeks later to see the progress people are making.

Being happy is a lifestyle choice, so no matter what each day unfolds, make time to do something that makes you and someone else feel good. Remember that you are the captain of your own life. No one can give you happiness. It doesn’t come from money. It doesn’t come from fame. It comes from within you, not from your outside circumstances. You don’t have to have a “perfect” life to be happy. The really great news is that you don’t have to be young or old or wealthy or successful in order to be happy. Instead, you can develop a mindset of happiness.

To develop happiness as a lifestyle. I have daily routines which help me to start and finish my day with positivity and gratitude for being alive.

My Morning Routine to fuel my day

My morning routine which fuels my day, I tend to wake up a 6am every day as I am a morning person, and spend up to 90 minutes each morning. I have done this for so many years that it has become a habit. You need to create a routine that will fit your life.

Afternoon routine for me to Pause, Recharge and Refresh

Their was a time when i used to work flat out without a break and as time went on i became burnt out and not very productive. I have learnt to take at least 45 minutes from my busy work schedule to just pause, reflect and recharge. It has now become part of my working week, and I always feel better for it. Even when I do visit clients on their premises, I always schedule my day to include breaks, though most times they seem to eat their lunch at their desk whilst also working. I do try and encourage them to have a break away from their desks.

My evening routine to unwind and relax

After a busy day, it is good to just take time to unwind and relax as this will help you have a good nights sleep.

We are each responsible for our own happiness. This means not blaming others for your unhappiness. It means figuring out ways in which you can be happy despite others’ (negative) behaviours and despite the external circumstances which are beyond your control

Tips to help you maintain your lifestyle of happiness


If you would like help to develop your own happier life, do contact me for initial free consultation via zoom or telephone.

Advise to parents when your child first goes to University

Once your child moves out to uni their is that feeling of redundancy and that your job as a parent has finished Their is also that sense of satisfaction that you have done your best and equip them with life skills that will help them in this next phase of their life. You should also see it as a time for you to focus on you and planning how you can do things that will help you to enjoy this new freedom.

These are some of the things you will have to deal with
Excitement – as you prepare your child to go
• When you drop your child off at uni – Tears of Joy
• Going back home after you drop them
• Coping with the Empty nest syndrome
• First visit of your child has settled

1.Excitement – as you prepare your child to go

  • Be positive! And confident they will be ok
  • Create a list of essentials in advance. …
  • Pack a survival kit. Including first aid kit..
  • Make sure you go through again how to manage their finances
  • Make them aware of the advise, support and facilities in their un.
  • Make sure they know the basics – laundry, cooking basic things, using gas/electric cooker, changing the bulb.
  • Bulk cook and out in containers so that at least they are eating good food for the first couple of weeks

2. When you drop your child off at uni – Tears of Joy

  • Give your child the hug that says, I am here for you, just call me any time of the day
  • Last words to your child – remind them to focus, study hard, have some time for fun and socialise with others but

3.Going back home after you drop them
There is that feeling of emptiness as you look in their bedroom, you even lie on the bed crying tears of joy – remember that is ok

4.Coping with the Empty nest symdrome

  • Find a new interest. Having invested so much in your child or children you may find yourself with some free time on your hands. …
  • Get to know your partner again. Or if single find the new you …
  • Keep in touch with your child but don’t over do it .
  • Pat yourself on the back .for raising your child this far and equipping them with the tools they need to deal with in their journey through Uni and life after.
  • Keep in touch with you child but don’t overdo it. You have given them wings so let them fly.

5..First visit of your child has settled
• Don’t just turn up un announced plan it
• Pack your home cooked food that your child likes.
• Don’t prolonged your visit
• Don’t try and re arrange/tidy their room
• Ask about their general welfare
• Top up their provisions by asking what they need don’t assume and buy unnecessary things.

The above is based on my own experience when my son went to Uni.. He is now starting his 3rd year and is so independent and has learn so may life lessons. Please feel free to share your own experiences.

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