My fun time On Good Morning Britain – Arnold’s Armchair

I am so grateful that I was selected to appear on Good Morning Britain on the Arnold’s Armchair with the amazing entertainment guru Richard Arnold.

Here is the clip with friends and supporters of our Happiness Project Kent which aims to give hope and reasons to smile to those who are feeling low or just going through challenges in life.

Spreading Happiness on Good Morning Britain

I am so grateful to all at ITV for giving me the opportunity to being part of today’s show with the amazing and fun Richard Arnold and the wonderful production team.

Thanks to Graham Long Gravesend Town Centre Manager for providing some props and supporting us. Balloons by the lovely Sharon Taylor and Bumi – two local business owners of #Gravesend #kent

School of Confidence Courses




The Chicken Dance is a tradition at weddings, childrens’ discos and family events. In order to get some practice in, take some time on Chicken Dance Day to learn to do dance like a chicken and celebrate chicken dance day

Who created the song?

The “Chicken Dance,” also known as the Birdie Song. The song was composed by accordion (Handharmonika) player Werner Thomas from Davos, Switzerland, in the 1950s

For more information check out


Benefits of dancing



Being on Good Morning Britain



Wednesday 26th February was an amazing day as I got to appear on Good Morning Britain discussing about mobile phone security and getting some valuable advise.


It was such a good experience from when the taxi collected me from home, going to the studio and getting my make up done and then meeting all the presenters.

One of the funniest moments was when I saw the regular Dr Hilary in person, I was so excited as he smile at me and said hello.  He is even much better looking in real live.

I loved meeting Laura the weather lady too, and she was so warm and friendly.

I really loved the other presenters  and the crewe as they made me feel very relaxed and welcome


2014 A Great year


Fun Sunglasses – Gift of Happiness Box

One of the other tools we have in the gift of Happiness  box is this special  fun glasses check it out. As you put the sun glasses on, you’ve you gotta say to yourself “I am happy  and I’ve got many reasons to smile.


So glasses on, “I’m happy and have many reasons to smile” and keep smiling and be happy,



My week on ITV’s “Who’s doing the dishes”

Brian and team

I have had an amazing week being one of he guests on ITV’s “Who’s doing the dishes”  with my aim of spreading happiness and smiles. You can catch this now on youtube.

Please continue to vote for me to spread happiness and smiles as part of my Vodafone First Happpiness Tour – You could also win a video camera and please share through your network for me.


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Monday September 22, 2014


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Tuesday September 23, 2014)


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Wednesday September 24, 2014)


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Thursday September 25, 2014)


Who’s Doing The Dishes (Friday September 26, 2014)


Who’s doing the dishes?


I am feeling so excited to be involved in this amazing new show on ITV on Monday 22nd September to Friday 26th September from 4pm to 5pm


Who’s Doing the Dishes? is a brand new show coming soon to ITV hosted by Brian McFadden

Who’s Doing the Dishes? is a brand new daytime series for ITV presented by Brian McFadden! Each week, we follow four guests as they attend five dinner parties secretly hosted by different mystery celebrities… in their own homes.

Each day the celebrity prepares their favourite starter, main and dessert. As the diners tuck in and deliver their culinary verdicts, they must try to work out who’s cooking! There are clues in the food, as well as around the house. The guests don’t know each other, but they must work together to try and figure out who their host is.The guests won’t get to see who’s in the kitchen until the end of the night.


Big Lunch – Gravesend kent

Big Lunch - Gravesend kent

Come and Join in the fun – take part in the laughter flashmob starting 1pm-


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