One Minute Smilence T-Shirt

It is that time of the year, when the sun is shining and you need to put on a T-shirt that looks fun!

So here is my T-shirt for you to wear as you do the One Minute Smilence.

It comes in Small, Medium, Large, X-large and XX-Large in just this bright yellow. Cost £5 (postage will be added for delivery)


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Delivering the Gift of Happiness

One of my aims this year is to get a small car or van to deliver Gift of Happiness just to cheer people up and make them feel good. Last year, I tested my idea and was able to deliver a few gifts, but it was a bit of a challenge as I did not have a car.

With the car/van, the idea is that myself and my team of happiness makers can go to various places and:-

Run Happiness activity sessions suitable for all ages and organization
Run Happiness lunch time session at you place of work
Deliver Happiness Hampers,feel good cards to cheer people up
Take our mobile happiness store to events

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Nominated for Halifax Extra Award


Nomination details:-

The Giving Extra Awards gave you the opportunity to recognise someone who goes the extra mile and makes a positive difference in their community.


Nominated for Sage One Accounts Competition

Thanks to Tanya Stephens for nominating me for the Sage One Accounts Competition.

Message from Sage “To celebrate the launch of Sage One Accounts Extra we are offering you the chance to say
thank you’ to the person or people who helped you most with your business.”

Why I nominated Genny – By Tanya Stephens on 3/12/213D
Genny J, aka Confident Queen, has been a real inspiration to me. Genny has demonstrated that you can overcome adversity to get your own business off the ground and she has been a great source of support.

Genny put me in touch with a business coach who initially helped me to explore my dreams and ideas and then, thanks to advice from Genny, I was able to secure funding for my start up costs. Genny loves to help other people promote their businesses and goes out of her way to spread the word within the community and her can-do attitude has encouraged me to look past obstacles that I might otherwise have stumbled over. Her ability to increase confidence in other people has made a real difference to me and it is largely because of her that my dream has now become a reality. Thank you Genny!

Genny Jones on BBC Radio Kent with Dominic King

Dominic King “Our special guest on today’s Drivetime was Gravesend community worker Genny Jones, who was nominated for a Pride of Britain award. She’s been bringing a smile to all of our faces, listen to find out why”


On my nomination as unsung hero – Pride of Britain


Being Nominated as an Unsung Local Hero category for the ITV Meridian region for Pride of Britain’s award is really an honour and a privilege for me, as there are so many other people going the extra mile to make a difference in the life of others.
“When the researcher from ITV told me who nominated me, I was quite chuffed because I thought it’s not just for me it’s for everyone else who makes my work happen.”

“There are so many amazing people out there sacrificing their time and energy just to make a difference. It overwhelmed me.”
I really enjoy making a difference in people’s lives. I have gone through various life challenges and at each time, different people and organisations have been their to encourage and support me, especially my family and friends. My mission, vision and passion in life is to try and bring a smile to people that I come in contact with as well as share words of encouragement and support.

Who Nominated me
My sincere thanks to Ayhan and his wife for nominating me for this award. I met Ayhan about 15 years ago when he was one of my students at a bookkeeping course I was teaching at the One Love Centre in East London. He showed so much potential, that I made him my assistant during the lessons. I stayed in touch with him after the course and when I was leaving my job as a tutor in Greenwich community college, I recommended him to the college to take over my role, which he did brilliantly. Since then, I have mentored him through his journey in the accountancy profession and I am proud to say that he has gone on to set up his own successful accountancy services – ASR Accountancy. I am so appreciative of Ayhan and his wife

On the web:
ITV Meridian…/2013…/keep-smiling-are-you-as-happy-as-genny/‎
Gravesed Messenger


Why I nominted Genny AKA Confident Queen for Pride of Britain- Ayhan Koya


After her divorce, Genny went through a period of depression and unhappiness as at around that time too she became redundant, was in a lot of debts and her house was going to be repossed and she faced the journey into the unknown of becoming a single parent with toddlers to look after.

With the help of family and friends, she managed to get some additional help and support from various organisations such as Gingerbread, Mind, and her church.

When she regained her self confidence, she decided to help others to become more confident and happier with themselves using her own life experiences and the training she undertook to become a life coach.
Since 2008, she has been using her life changing experiences and time to teach children and adult how to be more confident and happier in themselves.

She set up the confident children holiday project with the help and support of volunteers who she recruited and she then uses her own skills and life experiences to teach children how to be more confident, stand up to bullies and be good citizen.
She also set up a support group for local parents after she became a single parent herself and recognised that their were issues which single parents needed help and support with.

When she recovered from a period of depression and low self esteem, she set up the Happiness Project in Kent, and uses her own time and resources to run courses and provide support to help people to develop ways to cope with life challenges so that they can be happier. She organised the United Nations Happiness Day in Gravesend Town Centre where she managed to get various organisations to come out and do various fun activities such as doing a conga round the tow centre.

She helped rally people during the Olympics when she organised a street event, ran an event for children and was also a local organiser.
Genny also took her passion for helping people to be happier and more confident, when she entered Britain’s Got Talent in April 2012 dressed up as a character “ Confident Queen” and got even the judges to give her amazing comments and sing “ IF you are happy and you know it clap your hands!

Genny is amazing as she can be seen volunteering herself as various charitable events in the local area Gravesend where she is well known by the general public and the local council, newspapers and radio.

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