Christmas fun dance #gravesend #mamachristmas


Thanks to Graham Long for capturing this fun moment of me dancing with one of the members of the custume hire company Bustles and Breeches of gravesend.


Fun weekend in Gravesend kent #lovechritsmas thanks Jason Arthur photos for some of the pics.

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Some photos from my one woman pre christmas show

Thanks to everyone who managed to make it to my free evening of fun and laughter as part of my mission to give people reasons to smile.

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Mama Christmas – delivering to you the Gift of a smile #christmas

As Mama Christmas, my mission especially this Christmas period, is to  deliver to as many people as I can, words of encouragement to uplift those who are feeling down, gifts that will bring a smile to someone’s face and to sign post people to organisations who can provide help and support during Christmas and beyond.



My Christmas Activities



Getting into the #Christmas mood at our town centre in Gravesend kent

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Confident Queen – One Woman Pre Christmas Show

Hello friends, as part of my mission of helping you find a reason to smile each day, my early Christmas gift to you, is for you to join me for a free evening of fun, laughter and most of all being HAPPY.


Click here to book your free space through eventbrite

Confident Queen – pre Christmas show – on a mission to make you smile!

An evening of fun, and laughter and most of all being HAPPY

Hello friends, as part of my mission of helping you find a reason to smile each day, my early Christmas gift to you, is for you to join me for a free evening of fun, laughter and most of all being HAPPY.


 Do come and bring a friend with you.

Spaces are limited, so you need to register on eventbrite.


I really look forward to seeing you! Till then “May the Smile be with you”!

How to do the One Minute Smilence on #ChristmasDay



This christmas why not spend time thinking happy thoughts or recalling happy experiences in your life  whilst smiling for a minute. You can do this even if you are celebrating on your own, or if you are sharing with family and friends.  You can also do this if  like me you are missing loved once no longer with us this  christmas – recall the treasured  moments you shared.

facts of smiling

How to do your One Minute Smilence  this Christmas

* Find somewhere confortable to sit down, and if you are doing this with a number of  family and friends you could sit round the dinner table or even relax on the floor ( all age groups can do this)

*Get everyone  to slowly breathe in and out 7 times

*Set your timer for a minute

* If   you   are doing this on your own, spend   a minute recalling happy moments and thinking happy thoughts whilst smiling for a minute.

*If you  are doingthis with a few people  get everyone to go round sharing thier happy moments or happy thoughts for a minute  each whilst the   rest of the group is smiling also.



5.After the minute has gone – just shout excitedly “ WooHoo BoomBoom”

Remember to take time out on a regular basis to do your One Minute Smilence. You can also take a Smilefie and post on twitter using #oneminutesmilence


Affordable Feel Good Gifts at #Christmas

Christmas feel good hampersHappy miniactivity cup


Happy gifts to make someone smile #ChristmasGifts

 The Happy Gift Stall, with affordable gifts from  (£2 to £15) to brighten someone’s day Christmas and beyond. Collect your free smiles, dress up take a smilefie, and collect your free smile.
#ChristmasGift #FeelGoodHampers gifts to brighten someone’s day this #Christmas and beyond
Christmas feel good hampers

Are you dreading going back to work after the Christmas break?

dreadSo you have had a lovely long break  from work and now you are dreading going back to work?

Well here are some of my suggestions of what you get in the right frame of mine to get back to work and taken with you some of the Christmas happy vibes!


Start of by writing  down all the wonderful things you did  and experienced during the time you have had off.


  1.  Go to bed thinking how grateful you are to at least have a job and a salary at the end of each month.


2.   Wake up in a good mood determined to extend the Christmas spirit of happiness and good vibes to your colleagues,


3.  Before you  get to the office,  you could  buy a  box of  chocolates or  biscuits to  share with  your colleagues


4.  When you get to the office smile and wish everyone a happy new year



5.  If at any time during the day you start getting that “ I am fed up and hate my job ” feeling, stop, go out for a walk or short break and do the One Minute Smilence – this means thinking or recalling happy experiences you have had whilst smiling for a minute




I hope you have a wonderful day at work and hope that if you really hate your job, you will try and find ways to be happier at work or look for a job that would make you happier! Remember – The grass is always greener on the other side!


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